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Are you ready to work smarter in your practice and with clients?

If you’re looking for the best system to track projects and communicate with clients…

If you've heard about Google's new website requirements but don't know what that means for your business...

If you've been wondering if you should manage your social media activity with a tool, or what system is best for you…

If you thrive on collaborating with other industry professionals about what technologies might be best for you…

 Join us for our first annual Tech Jam!

Tech Jam is an opportunity to learn about technology you can use in your practice for project management, social media management, client communications, and beyond!

These are services and products used and recommended by your peers, and we are not specifically endorsing any particular resource. Our goal is to provide a variety of options for marketing and operating your business so you can select solutions that work for you!

Tuesday, June 8:

11 AM ET: The Strategy Behind Simple Website Design
5 Easy-to-Implement Actions You Can Take Today to Improve Your Website

Learn how to improve your website strategically to attract more of the right clients at the right times from web designer and digital strategist, Katie O’Brien. Plus, an inside peek at what you should know about Google’s new Core Web Vitals update.

1 PM ET: Project Management in WriteSea

Client management system built for resume writers and career coaches to better manage and scale their business.

Learn how to drive more business and increase revenue with this platform that offers businesses three portals to manage their business: an admin portal, a customer portal, and a writer portal.  Harness real-time chat with your customers to easily communicate quick updates. Analyze the numbers that matter the most to your business. Easily track every document version until your clients are satisfied. Simplify payments and tips under one roof and manage your team with agility. 

5 pm ET: Project Management in Dubsado
All-in-one client management software to handle all back-end business needs.

Dubsado provides an all in one tool that allows you to consolidate your business software use. Some of its distinct aspects are the high level of customization and branding, the automation capabilities, and our customer support options.


Wednesday, June 9

11 am ET: WintheView Interview Preparation
Create custom career portfolios that showcase job candidates skills and relevant accomplishments.

Add a service to your portfolio by walking the client through or reselling this tool that helps job seekers create high-quality marketing deliverables, including customizable digital career portfolios, video accomplishment stories, and interview presentations.

3 pm ET: Graphic Design & Video Editing for Small Business
Create a graphic design and video to use for your business right inside the workshop!

This step by step workshop will teach you how to create graphic designs using free tools like Canva and Video Editing use free video editing tool like Invideo.  This session will cover how to correctly choose colors to achieve color harmony and font combinations. For video editing, you will learn how to create videos, how to turn blog post to videos, and also how to add voiceovers to video. All of this without spending a dime for the tools!

5 pm ET: Social Media Management Discussion

Pre-recorded Presentations + Facilitated Discussion

Thursday, June 10

11 am ET: Website Content Development
Website Content: Beyond SEO

When we think of SEO, we often think about optimizing our website content for keywords to improve SEO. In this presentation, we'll dive deeper into how content improves website ranking (or not) and a few tweaks you can make today to improve your website ranking.

1 pm ET: Using AI in Career Services
Meet Bob - the AI career guidance coach who has helped 250,000 job seekers in France, Belgium & the UK.

Bob is a free online platform that provides job search coaching at scale, helping jobseekers assess and improve their employability with data-driven advice. The technology was created by Bayes Impact, a nonprofit focused on building citizen-led public services. We'll talk about how this technology can be a powerful partner for career service providers in education, workforce, and private practice settings.

3 pm ET: Video Interview Preparation
Prepare your clients for video interviews with tips from a company recruiters use to conduct them!

Learn about the videoBIO Practice from the creators of videoBIO Recruiter, a system recruiters have been using to conduct video interviews for the past five years. We'll learn about how the Practice system works and a bit of insider knowledge about Recruiter - an automated video interviewing system.  

5 pm ET: Course-creation System Discussion

Pre-recorded Presentations + Facilitated Discussion

Friday, June 11

12 pm ET: Meet CiCi

This new chatbot launching in the UK is powered by AI and machine learning. Jobseekers can search for job vacancies or find other suitable information, advice, and guidance sources. CiCi the bot directs you to the best opportunities based on the information you provide. It gives quality-assured careers and labour market information. It is quick and easy to use trustworthy careers information and advice, all in one place, available 24:7.  Career coaches are currently trialing the bot in their practice with clients.

2 pm ET: ViewPoint Interview Series + Affiliate Opportunity

Two years ago, the ViewPoint© series was launched and became an integral part of the long-established US At Work Network. With 100+ interviews and counting, it is an acclaimed success. The purpose of ViewPoint© is to position your client as an expert in their field.  The ViewPoint© article and professional zoom interview positions your client as an expert in their field. 

The Zoom interview with Fred Coon allows the viewer to see your client as a real person, thereby enhancing their possible consideration by companies and hiring authorities. It showcases their approach to problem solving.  Companies seek problem solvers. Companies seek “fit”, and the Zoom interview validates both. Our total distribution network exceeds 8M. An average distribution falls between 1.5 and 5.5M. Join us on the Tech-Jam and learn how this works and how you and your clients benefit from being on and sharing their ViewPoint©.

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