Issue 321 | October 29, 2020

"Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear."- George Addair, Late Founder of The Omega Vector

Starts Monday, November 2

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  • Well-being: COVID-19 & Life Satisfaction
  • Hiring Trends: Hiring During COVID Is Different
  • College to Career: Hiring Plans for Class of 2021
  • Career Trends: Job Seekers Behavior in an Uncertain Economy
  • Career Change: Resumes, Roadblocks & More
  • Colleagues Earn Prestigious Credential


CTL & RWA Events

  • Assessments, LinkedIn Career Explorer & CCTC Q&A
  • Certified Career Transition Coach
  • Trend Tuesday Live
  • Career Jam: Where Experts Forecast The New & The Next

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NOV 2 | Certified Career Transition Coach Program Starts

Grow your confidence and improve candidate outcomes through 9 hours of training and hands-on activities to use with candidates. Get resources for career coaching – from exploration through decision-making and starting the job search process.

The training, resources, and worksheets you receive include:

  • Activities to guide clients in identifying their key career drivers.

  • Tools to improve your process of debriefing and creating action plans from career assessments and activities.

  • Structures for helping clients see the progress you are making together and connect activities to outcomes.

  • Processes for researching career options and target organizations to speed their decision-making and job search.

  • And much more!

This class won’t sit on your shelf… our interactive program will guide you in integrating the concepts into your independent coaching practice, workforce center coaching and workshops, or college career services.

Approved for 12 ICF CCEs, including 7.5 Core Competency Credits.

NOV 16-20 | Save the Dates for Career Jam + The 6 Megatrends for 2021

We’ve announced the 6 Megatrends and the schedule and new layout for Career Jam: Where Experts Forecast The New & The Next, which will run from November 16–20, 2020.

Immerse yourself in a 90-minute deep-dive program each day with experts on the industry’s most relevant subjects. You can choose which sessions to attend live to join the discussion and get the recording of every session with the presentation and discussion recap.

Emerging Technology & Jobs
Featured Experts: Tim Salau & Adrian Choo

Remote Work
Featured Experts: Debra Benton & Petra Zink

Virtual Job Search
Featured Experts: Gillian Kelly & Marie Zimenoff

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Featured Expert: Chris Moreland

Older Workers 
Featured Expert: Laura Walker

Mental Health
Featured Expert: Jordan Friedman


Welcome New CTL Associates

  • Audrey Cushing, Connecticut USA
  • Isaac Johnson, Texas USA
  • Leanne Rodd, Massachusetts USA
  • Deb Squire, Virginia USA

CTL Associates, be sure to check the Associates area of the website for details on the following opportunities:

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Be on the Lookout: Watch for emails from CTL with invitations for various writing, coaching, media, and publishing opportunities. Emails go out to all CTL Associates several times each month, so be sure to check them out!

Well-being: Addressing the High Cost of COVID-19 on Life Satisfaction (McKinsey)

This article shares data around the mental health impact of COVID-19, especially in Europe, and the priorities of companies and governments to assist with well-being recovery. This is an important topic for us all right now, and we’re excited that stress coach Jordan Friedman is joining Career Jam to share trends and a few stress reduction tools you can use and share with your clients!

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Hiring Trends: Why Hiring During COVID Is Different Than in Previous Downturns (Harvard Business Review)

Many are concluding that we are back to an employer’s market, but data shows the situation is a bit more complex. Read this article, join us for our weekly Live trend sessions, and/or join your colleagues for Career Jam to dive into this data and what it means for our clients. 

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College to Career: College Graduate Hiring Plans Flatten Out for Class of 2021 (NACE Web)

Read this for an uplifting picture of the outlook for Class 2021 and what companies are doing to hire recent graduates, the salary trends, and more.

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Certified Career Transition Coach

Starts November 2, 2020
Process & Tools for Career Exploration Thru Transition

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Career Trends: Job Seekers Change Careers, Relocate in Uncertain Economy (HRDive)

This article compiles data around who is looking to make moves in their career – data we can use to understand where to market career change services, help clients make transitions, and plan our services for 2021.

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Career Change: Career Change Resumes, Roadblocks & More (CTL Video)

Over the last few weeks, we’ve compiled this video library of strategies to help clients through career change, write effective resumes for career changers, and guide clients through the inevitable “messy middle” (as CCTC student Jennifer Vancil says!).

Read more

Colleagues Earn Prestigious Credential

Congratulations to Renee Mesh & Emily Wong who earned the Certified Career Transition Coach credential from Career Thought Leaders. You have demonstrated your commitment to coaching and expanding your knowledge with practical tools to improve outcomes for your clients. Keep up the good work!

Please reply to this newsletter with your kudos, upcoming events, or latest happenings so I can share them with everyone!


October 30, 2020 | 1:00PM-1:30PM US ET
Assessments, LinkedIn Career Explorer Overview & CCTC Q&A

Join our community for Career Service Providers on Facebook to ask your questions and share resources for helping clients with career change - including LinkedIn's newest Career Explorer tool. We’ll also answer any questions you have about the Certified Career Transition Coach program that starts Monday. Join the community for access to the Live or recorded session.

November 2, 2020 | 11:00AM-12:30PM US ET
Certified Career Transition Coach

Do you wish you had proven processes to walk candidates through career exploration and transition? Join us for the Certified Career Transition Coach program. This training – used by practitioners in university, community college, workforce, and private practice settings – provides resources and processes and leads you through integrating them into your work so you can coach with more confidence and achieve better outcomes for candidates. Approved for 12 ICF CCEs (7.5 Core Competency)! Learn more and register.

November 3, 2020 | 4:00PM-4:30PM US ET
Trend Tuesday Live

Join us Live every Tuesday at 4 pm ET to talk about the latest trends in career services, leadership development, and all things career. We’ll be sharing some of the insights from the latest trends white paper based on our annual Career Jam event. You’ll also get updated on the very latest in the industry and trends in job search, LinkedIn, branding, resume writing, coaching, business development, and more. RSVP to get weekly reminders.

November 16-20, 2020 | Various Times
Career Jam: Where Experts Forecast The New & The Next

Check out the new flexible schedule for this unique event focused on learning, sharing, and predicting the strategies career service providers need to know. If you love to be on top of the trends and thrive on collaborating with other industry professionals about what strategies are working now and what might be coming next, learn more and register.

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