Issue 425 | December 8, 2022

"To descend into ourselves, we must first lift ourselves up." - Joseph Joubert, 18th Century French moralist and essayist

Are you a fan of the strengths-based approach?

Since learning about it at the beginning of my coaching career, I have been a fan. The idea of focusing on our strengths is alluring, but I especially like the idea of using our strengths to address weaknesses when needed.

Recently, my skills in this area have been tested.

My son (1st grade) enjoys math and it seems to come easily. Reading? Not so much.

But reading is important. We can't just focus on his strength in math and not worry about it.

I dug into my coaching toolbox to think about it differently.

What does he love about math? Could we apply that to reading? 

What makes math easier to learn? How could we translate that?

How do we make sure we don't overfocus on the weakness and invest time in building on his strengths?

One little "ah-ha" was that we do math more seamlessly in everyday life. Now we've started doing that more with reading. He's seeing the value and making strides!

This same strengths-based approach can be used in our business (here's my video on that from last week), our mindset, our career choices, our job search and so much more.

How do you help your clients capitalize on what comes easy and leverage those strengths to address weaker areas when necessary? How can you use your strengths more in 2023?

Marie Zimenoff
CEO, Career Thought Leaders

P.S. If teaching and training is one of your strengths you want to capitalize on for 2023 in your business, join us to create your workshop or course on December 14!

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          • Workplace Trends: Burnout’s Cousin: Burn-On
          • Social Media: Social Media Trends for 2023
          • Business: Strengths-based Marketing Plan
          • Leadership: Management Styles
          • Gig Work: Why You Should Start a Gig
          • Workforce Trends: Tech Layoffs & the US Economy


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                                        Dec 14 | Recession-Proof Your Business with a Course or Workshop

                                        A workshop or course – whether a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days – can open the door for new clients to deepen their understanding of your services while solving an immediate problem.

                                        During times of economic uncertainty, it can be tempting to discount services. This tactic can undermine your income for years to come and may or may not achieve the goal of increased revenue. Instead, consider value-add services that help your clients, bring in revenue, and create an entry point for buyers who may not be ready for your signature service offering.

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                                        • Complete a rough outline for your content and get feedback from peers. Learn and evaluate the possible delivery methods: webinar, mini-course, challenge, workshop/bootcamp, and more.
                                        • Understand the pros and cons of free versus low-cost offers and determine where you want to start. Compose your title options and learn a process for vetting them in your market.
                                        • Draft your key marketing messages and get feedback.
                                        • Get an overview of technology options and how to choose what is best for you to take registrations, deliver your webinar, and follow up.
                                        • Sketch out your plan for following up with attendees and sharing your offer for the next steps to work with you.

                                        If you want to step into 2023 ready to deliver, this workshop is for you!

                                        Registration includes the live course as well as lifetime access to the recording and resources.

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                                          Workplace Trends: Now They’re Diagnosing Burnout’s Never-Quit Cousin: Burn-On (World Crunch)

                                          If you have clients that don’t resonate with the term “burnout,” this new “burn-on” concept might be a good conversation starter. This bonus article talks about another new term – “career cushioning.”

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                                          Social Media: 5 Social Media Trends That Brands Have to Cope with in 2023 (Marketing Interactive)

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                                          Business: Creating a Strengths-Based Marketing Plan for 2023 (CTL Video)

                                          If you are tired of feeling like you *should be* doing certain things to market your career services business, listen in to this conversation about how you can build a plan that works for you. If workshops, webinars, or challenges are in your plan for 2023, join us for a workshop on workshops where you’ll create the outline, marketing plan, and more.

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                                          Leadership: 3 Categories and 8 Subcategories of Management Styles (Ladders)

                                          There isn’t one right way to be a manager or leader. This article outlines different management styles that can be used to be more effective. This is a great read for those new to leadership roles!

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                                          Gig Work: 70% of Workers Have Gotten a Side Gig Over the Past Year (Nasdaq)

                                          Gig work is one of the big trends for 2023. This article shares data around it and reasons your clients might consider doing the same. This bonus article shares tech tools they can use to find these types of roles – a few I hadn’t heard about before!

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                                          Workforce Trends: Tech Layoffs May Not Be a Bad Omen for US Economy at Large (CNBC)

                                          If recent tech layoffs have your clients anxious, this article provides a different perspective on what these layoffs mean for the US economy. This bonus article addresses a related concern: Is this a good time to ask for a raise?

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                                          During times of economic uncertainty, it can be tempting to discount services. This tactic can undermine your income for years to come and may or may not achieve the goal of increased revenue. A workshop or course - whether a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days - can open the door for new clients to deepen their understanding of the services you offer while solving an immediate problem. Join us for a hands-on session where you will create the outline, base content, marketing strategy, and logistics plan for delivering the webinar. Learn more and register.

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