Issue 424 | December 1, 2022

"Mystery reveals itself to those who maintain an openness of character." - Robert Grundin, Swedish Actor

Last week in the US there was a lot of talk about the power of gratitude. While this time of year is a great reminder to bring gratitude to the forefront, it actually is powerful all year long :)

It's no surprise that we're seeing more clients right now who are stressed...layoffs are being publicized daily, talks of a recession continue to dominate the news, and we're headed into the holidays.

What tools are you using to help your clients and yourself remember to continue practicing gratitude, setting boundaries, and taking care of themselves?

Hit reply and let me know!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine and "PQ reps." I struggled with the idea of meditation until I found Positive Intelligence. I highly recommend listening to it for the full experience. He's also opened up his training again (no charge!). Definitely worth the investment of your time.

Gratitude markers. I talked about this in our annual "thank you" message last week. If you missed it, let me know and I'll forward it. In addition to talking about gratitude markers (choosing things or people that remind you to be grateful) it gives you 4 downloads to use in your work with clients.

Exercise. My senior thesis in college was a review of the literature on the connection between physical exercise and cognition. There are so many physical and mental health benefits to being active - whatever that means for you. As it gets colder here in the US I have to remind myself to get moving!

Do any of these work for you? What else would you add?

Marie Zimenoff
CEO, Career Thought Leaders

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                                          Job Search: How to Network to Find the Right Job Faster (Even After a Layoff) (CTL Video)

                                          Networking is hard. It is even harder for clients when they feel like they need something ... like when they've been laid off and need a job. Listen in and get ready to take notes as networking expert and Certified Hidden Job Market Coach co-instructor Kymberli Speight shares her wisdom. Kymberli is a natural networker who can break it down into steps and scripts anyone can use (even introverts like me!). Join us for the Certified Hidden Job Market class that starts at 1:00 pm ET December 1 (or self-paced through watching the recordings).

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                                          Leadership: Executives Feel the Strain of Leading in the ‘New Normal’ (Future Forum)

                                          Survey data from 10K+ workers shares their thoughts on executive experience, returning to the office, burnout, and what executives can do to solve these problems.

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                                          Workforce Trends: Indeed & Glassdoor’s Hiring and Workplace Trends Report 2023 (Hiring Lab)

                                          Based on Glassdoor’s economic research, this report talks about the future of work related to demographics, remote work, compensation and benefits, culture, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. This bonus article talks about a shift happening in the world of remote work.

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                                          Certified Hidden Job Market Coach Starts Today

                                          Structure for job search strategy, guides and scripts for networking in a way that works for your clients, and more!

                                          Starts Today – December 1

                                          Salary Trends: Which Countries Have the Best Salary Transparency? How 19 Nations Rank (Employee Benefit News)

                                          This article shares how different countries handle salary transparency and the benefits of salary transparency for companies and individuals.

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                                          Diversity: 2022 Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Survey (AON)

                                          This report shares the relationship between diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and employee engagement. This bonus article talks about one of the pitfalls leaders can watch out for when DEI initiatives are fake.

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                                          Career Directions: How Family Influences Our Career Choices & Mobility (Career Confidante Radio)

                                          What messages did you hear about the world of work growing up? Our family of origin has a large influence on what we see as career options and how we choose our career path. Listen in as career development expert Ellen Weaver Paquette helps you unpack the past experiences and emotions connected to your family’s dream for your career and how you might be influencing the career decisions of those around you.

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                                          Are you looking for tools to address the fears and barriers that stop job seekers in their tracks? The Certified Hidden Job Market Coach (CHJMC) program offers a structured approach to job search planning, networking, and proactive search. During this 6-week virtual class, you'll learn how to improve job search strategy, hone your coaching approach, and structure your services so candidates land jobs faster. Learn more and register today.

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