Issue 423 | November 17, 2022

"Learning to adapt to the current circumstances is a key to being happy. Right now, it's like this." - Calm App Reflection

Evaluations from some of my early presentations were not great. They included comments that I was "quiet" and "introverted."

There was a moment where I wasn't sure this was for me. Where I struggled with not being like a few of my mentors who were entertaining and charismatic.

Then one night before a Colorado Career Development Association conference I had the opportunity to connect with a sought-after trainer.

He shared with me that he was introverted as well!

And he let me in on a secret: his introversion was a gift. Some of the most talented speakers and trainers are introverted.

Instead of focusing on their own performance, introverts can capitalize on a heightened focus on the audience. What will benefit them? How do you draw them into the story?

This is something I'm definitely still working on, and every time I go to a training on being a more effective trainer (oh, the irony!), they reinforce the power of storytelling.

Storytelling is the connector. Good storytellers don't simply tell a story, they engage their readers or audience to the point where they can put themselves into the story.

Of course, another key lesson here is that we have to be ourselves to connect with the audience. We must lean into our own strengths and ways of being. 

What's your strength in telling stories? Were you a born storyteller or have you worked at it? What makes you an engaging presenter, trainer, or coach?

Hit reply and let me know; I'd love to hear what makes you shine!

Marie Zimenoff
CEO, Career Thought Leaders

P.S. If you want to keep building your storytelling muscles, join Louise Kursmark, Deb Dib, and me for the Academy Certified Career Storyteller class that started yesterday (you get access to the recording to catch up and join us live Nov. 30 if you wish or continue on self-paced!).

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          • Diversity: Trickle-Down Effect from Board Diversity
          • Workforce Trends: Skills-Based Approach
          • Remote Work: End of Flexible Work
          • Career Coaching: Do You Need a Career Coach
          • Employment Trends: Hiring Rising & Falling
          • Storytelling: What it Looks Like in Resumes & Profiles


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                                            Diversity: New Study Finds Trickle-Down Effect from Board Diversity (JD Supra)

                                            Investors have been prioritizing board diversity for the last few years, and new research shows those efforts have implications for diversity across the organization. Read this article for more plus research from leading universities across the US. Hopefully increased board diversity can make more of an impact in future years; job seekers are still experiencing bias, as detailed in this bonus article.

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                                            Workforce Trends: Taking a Skills-Based Approach to Building the Future of the Workforce (McKinsey & Company)

                                            This article shares more about the skills-based hiring trend and the shift away from requiring degrees. This was one of the favorite topics of Career Jam as Tony de Graaf presented more on what this means for companies and for career services providers. Stay tuned for more insights from that presentation and more during Trend Tuesdays, the White Paper release webinar (save the date for January 10), or purchase the Career Jam recordings.

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                                            Remote Work: It Might Be the End of the Flexible Work Era (Entrepreneur)

                                            The number of flexible work postings has fallen in the last six months. What will this mean for your clients? Will the trend last? If clients are really wanting flexible work, they may think freelance is the answer. This bonus article shares why that may not be the best advice.

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                                            Career Coaching: Do You Need a Career Coach? (US News)

                                            This article clears up a few misconceptions about hiring a career coach. I especially loved the line: “his job isn’t to inundate his clients with a new information but to bring out latent talents, skills and energies. The best career coaches are the ones who help you get out of your own way.” In this week’s Career Confidante radio, Marcia Wall and I discussed a new coaching idea: coddiwomple. Listen in and let us know what you think!

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                                            Employment Trends: Hiring Is Still Booming in Some Industries – But Falling In Others (CNBC)

                                            This article details the “tale of two labor markets” and the complicated economic trends that our clients are navigating. While the tech layoffs dominate the news, read this for insight into other industries that are struggling.

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                                            Storytelling: What Storytelling Looks Like in a Resume or LinkedIn Profile (Career Thought Leaders Video)

                                            Louise Kursmark blends storytelling and practicality as she shares examples of resumes and profiles that incorporate stories to set your clients above the competition. You can still join us for the Academy Certified Career Storyteller class – listen to the recording of this week’s class and join us live November 30 (or do the class at your own pace).

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