Issue 372 | October 28, 2021

“Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence.” – Lu Xun — Pen name of Zhou Shuren, 20th Century Chinese writer and essayist

Can you believe it? We're almost to November.

What will 2022 bring for you? Have you started thinking about your 2022 goals?

In the newsletter a few weeks ago, I shared about how future planning has become harder with increased uncertainty during COVID. 

What could help you plan? Start today!

What would it feel like to block off some time NOW on a day in November/December to take a mini-retreat for your career and business?


You could set goals, think about the gaps you need to address to get there, and spend some time researching strategies to fill those gaps.

You know, the stuff we are always encouraging clients to do.

Hmmm... watch your email, now my wheels are turning. Would you be interested in a "virtual co-working" time to work on your goals?

Reply and let me know and I'll put it on the calendar for our communities!

Already on the calendar is Career Jam -- an opportunity to learn and discuss the new and the next in careers and what that means for you. I look forward to seeing you there.

Marie Zimenoff
CEO, Career Thought Leaders

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Career Jam: Where Experts Forecast The New & The Next

November 15-19, 2021

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      • Salary: Why Women Don’t Negotiate
      • College to Career: College Zoom Boom
      • LinkedIn: How the Algorithm Works
      • Trends: People Feel Stuck
      • Interviewing: More Anxiety During COVID-19
      • Leadership: Global Leadership Forecast


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            If you are driven to be on the leading edge of the careers industry and thrive on collaborating with other industry professionals about strategies that are working now and what’s coming next, save these dates: November 16–19, 2021, for Career Jam!

            Career Jam is an opportunity to hear from experts related to the top trends and then spend dedicated time unpacking the trend and what it means for your work and your clients’ success – now and in the future.

            You can read the 2021 White Paper and share the link with your colleagues who might also want to be up on the new and the next.

            You can also hear the details around the 2022 Career Industry Trends in this live stream and tune in here to get a walkthrough of the 2021 Trends White Paper.


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            Salary: Why Women Don’t Negotiate Their Job Offers (Harvard Business Review)

            Although this article is a bit older, it is particularly relevant as so many conversations today focus on helping women close the gender pay gap via negotiation.
            Read More

            College to Career: The College Recruitment Zoom Boom Is Here to Stay (HR Brew)

            Read this article for the latest in trends and predictions regarding college career fairs and hiring going (and staying) virtual. Also see this bonus article about how career centers are adapting to the shifting career decisions.

            Read More

            LinkedIn: How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works & Optimizing For It (SEJ)

            This article goes through in-depth information around the LinkedIn algorithm and how to get more traction for your profile and posts.

            Read More

            Career Jam: Where Experts Forecast The New & The Next

            Learn, Connect, Prepare for 2022 & Beyond
            Sessions & Discussions November 15-19

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            Trends: People Feel Stuck Professionally and Personally (TechRepublic)

            People are overwhelmed with trends in the workforce and turning to AI for help in getting careers that fit their skills. Let’s chat about how we will continue to add value alongside technology and stay ahead of the trends during Career Jam!

            Read More

            Interviewing: Job Applicants More Anxious in Virtual Interviews During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Consumer Affairs)

            Stress and anxiety have increased for job seekers during the COVID-19 pandemic. This bonus article indicates that virtual interviews aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you haven’t looked yet, there is a large section on helping clients with stress and anxiety in the 2021 white paper you can download here.
            Read More

            Leadership: Global Leadership Forecast 2021 (DDI World)

            This link will take you to a few different reports on the trends in leadership, including the value of D&I programs, internal hires, and virtual leadership. This Forbes article walks through some of the key takeaways (remember, Forbes has a limit of 3 articles a month).
            Read More

            Colleague Earns Prestigious Credentials

            Kudos to Deborah Singiser who earned the Academy Certified Resume Writer credential from Resume Writing Academy. You have worked hard to perfect your writing, improve your strategy, and design effective documents. Welcome to this group of elite writers across the globe. We are thrilled to have you in the ACRW community!

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            November 15-19, 2021 | Kickoff at 6:00 PM ET
            Career Jam: Where Experts Forecast The New & The Next
            Be ahead of the trends by learning from experts in areas aligned with the 2022 trends in the careers industry. Share in structured discussions with colleagues to learn solutions colleagues are applying today and brainstorm opportunities for you and your clients in the future of work.
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            Marie Zimenoff

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