Issue 421 | October 27, 2022

"Don't be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. One person gets only a week's value out of a year while another gets a full year's value out of a week." - Charles Richards, Author of The Psychology of Wealth

The mission of Career Thought Leaders has been clear from the beginning – to raise the visibility and credibility of the industry by keeping careers industry professionals up on the trends, creating opportunities for networking, and providing industry-leading educational experiences.

We have a big job to do in the careers industry. Often times we speak to clients who aren’t familiar with what we do and try to educate them on our value so they will invest (time and/or money). Without this investment, they won’t see results.

Even when they invest, results often don’t come as quickly or cleanly as everyone hopes. Job search is messy. Career change is a looping, spiraling process – not the straight line most envision it to be.

This is why CTL and RWA do what we do. You need the latest data, tools, and strategies to best serve your clients. While it can help, no amount of marketing can change perception of our industry. We change that perception as each of us have positive interactions with clients and demonstrate to them the power of what we do.

We also want to create opportunities for you to shine, advance your career, and build visibility. This is one of the reasons we piloted creating quotes for Career Jam attendees last year and will build on it this year.

You’ve heard over the last few weeks why I’m so passionate about Career Jam, but here are a few reasons your colleagues have enjoyed attending throughout the years…

Marie Zimenoff
CEO, Career Thought Leaders

P.S. Career Jam registrants and speakers join us from across the globe (which is why the times are all spread out!). When you register for Career Jam you get access to the live events that work for you AND all the recordings PLUS all the benefits mentioned below...

Career Jam Starts November 7

Hear about career trends from across the globe, share your insights with colleagues, and get quoted in our annual white paper!

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          • Career Jam Starts Nov. 7
          • CTL Associate News & Opportunities


          • Salary Trends: Pay Transparency
          • Diversity: Communication Tips for Ageism
          • Mental Health: Gig Workers Reporting Poorer Health
          • Workplace Trends: Saudis & the Kingdom’s Vision 2030
          • Leadership: Interim Executives
          • Diversity: Remote Work Helps People with Disabilities


                    CTL & RWA Events

                          • Trend Tuesday Live
                          • Career Jam: Where Experts Forecast The New & The Next
                          • Academy Certified Career Storyteller

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                                    NOV 7-11 | Career Jam Registration is Open

                                    If you are driven to be on the leading edge of the careers industry and thrive on collaborating with other industry professionals about strategies that are working now and what’s coming next, join us November 7–11, 2022, for Career Jam!

                                    Career Jam is an opportunity to hear from experts related to the top trends and then spend dedicated time unpacking the trend and what it means for your work and your clients’ success – now and in the future.

                                    You can read the 2022 White Paper and share the link with your colleagues who might also want to be up on the new and the next.

                                    You can also hear the details around the 2022 Career Industry Trends in this week’s trend discussion live stream.

                                    We'll announce a few more speakers next week, and here are the ones we have confirmed so far:

                                      Meet the Speakers

                                      Digitization and Employment - Lorraine Charles

                                      Lorraine Charles is a social entrepreneur and a researcher. She is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Na'amal, which links forcibly displaced people with remote work opportunities. She is the Digital Solutions Specialist for Finn Church Aid. Lorraine is also a Research Associate for the Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge. She is also a member of the MIT ReACT Advisory Committee and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) Technical Advisory Committee for ReBuild, their East Africa livelihood programme.

                                      The New Retirement &Transitions of Older Workers - Kari Carindale

                                      Kari is the SVP of Digital & Alumni Strategy at the Modern Elder Academy. She helps design and deliver unique digital programs to build a community movement online. Kari is a master host with a knack for creating deep connections both live and virtually, with 25 years experience as a driven social entrepreneur in creative strategy, instructional design for live or virtual events, professional hosting, facilitating and training, and private consulting to bring out the best in thought leaders. She has worked with hundreds of experts around the world.

                                      The Rise of Entrepreneurship & Gig Work - Rosaria Cedras

                                      Rosaria Cedras also known as Madam X, is a Leadership and Communication Specialist who is passionate about coaching high-growth entrepreneurs and corporate executives. She holds a Bcom Marketing Management Degree and has over 10 years of experience in Marketing, Sales, and Branding. She founded Madam X and Co. as a result of losing her job in 2021 and has since formulated strategies and tools to assist her clients in becoming the Influential and Impactful Leaders. She is also a Public Speaking Coach, Corporate MC, and Entrepreneur. Her passion stems from wanting to inspire others to their highest level of greatness.

                                      The Rise of Entrepreneurship & Gig Work - Petra Zink

                                      Petra Zink is a certified Personal Branding & Digital Strategist, Speaker, Coach & Consultant - most recently, the Author of the book “Trusted Authority”. She specialises in working with change agents & innovators on future-proofing their careers and businesses by establishing themselves as the Go-To in their field, through trust, not title. Besides, Petra is the Founder of impaCCCt and The360Talent.Co - both companies are designed to future-proof individuals and organisations by becoming the voice of authority in their field through coaching, training, and keynotes that make long-lasting change. 

                                      Career Jam attendees receive:

                                      • Access to 7 presentations (live and recorded) from experts in Hiring & Job Search Technology, Older Workers / New Retirement Models, Rise in Entrepreneurship, Burnout / Disengagement, and Rise in Skills-Based Hiring.
                                      • Access to 2 recorded sessions from Career Jam 2021 on Hiring & Job Search Technology.
                                      • Access to the live discussions with peers following these presentations to process and learn what each other sees going on in our work and what strategies we are employing in response.
                                      • Access to the recordings of the presentations, including transcripts.
                                      • Access to submit quotes for the White Paper regardless of attendance at the live sessions.
                                      • Listing as a contributor to the White Paper.
                                      • And, of course, the priceless value of connecting and building relationships with your peers globally in the small group discussions you attend live.

                                      This is one of my favorite events of the year and I look forward to seeing you there!

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                                      On Tuesday, November 8th from 2:30-4:00PM ET, I'll be presenting a virtual MACCA Preconference Sponsor Session on "The Future of Career Services Work." Learn more and join me via Zoom!

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                                      Salary Trends: The Push for Pay Transparency (SHRM)

                                      More states and municipalities have joined the movement toward salary transparency. This article explores pay inequity issues and legal woes driving the transition.

                                      Read More

                                      Diversity: Communication Tips for Combatting a Forgotten DEI Topic: Ageism (PR News)

                                      Our industry talks about ageism frequently, and this article still offers value in how we can make sure our messaging (and that of our clients) activates positive concepts of aging. How would this apply to the work you’re doing with clients? This bonus article shares how it might apply to a post-retirement LinkedIn profile. Oh, and we’ll be talking about this during our Career Jam sessions on the #2 trend for 2023 – The New Retirement!

                                      Read More

                                      Mental Health: Gig Workers Report Poorer Health Than Salaried Employees (Safety and Health Magazine)

                                      It would be interesting to see the diversity of roles surveyed for this data, and it highlights an important challenge for gig work to discuss with our clients who are interested in joining the increasing contract workforce. This bonus article shares more around why we’re having a hard time moving past COVID and what leaders can do. Elisabeth Sanders-Park will be addressing how to get your MOJO back during her Career Jam session!

                                      Read More

                                      Career Jam: Where Experts Forecast The New & The Next

                                      Be part of predicting the 2023 trends, learn from global experts, and get published in our annual White Paper.

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                                      Workplace Trends: Are Saudi Workplaces Working for the Kingdom’s Vision 2030? (Gallup)

                                      Read this article for a global perspective on worker happiness, burnout, and setting a vision for the workplace of the future.

                                      Read More

                                      Leadership: The Stock Slump Means Interim Executives Could Become a Fixture in the C-Suite (Fortune)

                                      This article gives insight into a new trend of companies hiring interim executives. Are your clients ready to fill these interim roles? How will this change your work with them – from their resume to networking and beyond?

                                      Read More

                                      Diversity: Remote Work Helps People with Disabilities Land Jobs (SHRM)

                                      The rising employment numbers for people with disabilities is encouraging and disability advocates credit the rise in remote work. This article shares the data, how return-to-office movements might impact it, and why remote work may benefit those with disabilities.

                                      Read More

                                      CTL & RWA EVENTS

                                      November 1, 2022 | 4:00PM-4:30PM US ET
                                      Trend Tuesday Live
                                      Join us Live every Tuesday at 4 pm ET to talk about the latest trends in career services, leadership development, and all things career. We’ll be sharing some of the insights from the latest trends white paper based on our annual Career Jam event. You’ll also get updated on the very latest in the industry and trends in job search, LinkedIn, branding, resume writing, coaching, business development, and more. RSVP to get weekly reminders.

                                      November 7-11, 2022 | Various Times
                                      Career Jam: Where Experts Forecast The New & The Next
                                      Be ahead of the trends by learning from experts in areas aligned with the 2023 trends in the careers industry. Share in structured discussions with colleagues to learn solutions colleagues are applying today and brainstorm opportunities for you and your clients in the future of work. Learn more and register today.

                                      November 16, 2022 | 3:00PM-4:30PM US ET
                                      Academy Certified Career Storyteller
                                      If you are ready to write materials that captivate readers, differentiate clients from the competition, and open the door to conversation, this advanced program is for you! In this program, instructors Louise Kursmark, Deb Dib, and Marie Zimenoff will share a step-by-step process for gathering stories and writing content that connects with your client’s target audience: from resumes and cover letters to profiles, professional introductions, formal bios, and more. Learn more and register.

                                      Marie Zimenoff

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