Issue 369 | October 7, 2021

“If you have achieved any level of success then pour it into someone else. Success is not success without a successor.” – T.D. Jakes, American author and filmmaker

During the Symposium earlier this year, Alexandra Levit shared that part of her drive to become a futurist was an early career stumble that she hoped trend tracking would help her avoid in the future.

For me, it has roots in growing up with income uncertainty and never wanting to depend on anyone else for financial security (a false belief that I work to overcome now as asking for help is critical to all our success!).

The world often puts us in our place, and the beginning of 2020 was a dose of reality in the inability to predict the future. CTL's 2020 plans were decimated and I wasn’t even close to being one of the first to see it coming.


Have you noticed that future planning has become more of a struggle for you or others recently?

During our CPBS course this week we were encouraging students to set 3- and 6-month goals for implementing what they had learned. In the moment it felt like it might be helpful, so I shared the following:

A few days ago I heard a trainer mention that leaders needed to stop being reactive and planning everything last minute.

This hit home. It has been hard to plan due to the uncertainty. But, that creates even more uncertainty for others when I announce a class last minute or stop communicating about our upcoming Symposium *stilled planned in Philadelphia in April 2022* because the fear of another 2020 is fresh in my mind.

Perhaps I’m alone here, and I thought I’d share this in case it is helpful for you and your clients. It’s okay to get back to planning. Yes, things are uncertain. But they always were. The events of the past year have made us more aware of that, but it was always true.

So, you’ll be seeing more about the 2022 Symposium and other upcoming events. I look forward to seeing you there!

And we will be closing the early bird discounted registration for the Symposium Oct. 15, so get in now if you want the savings.

Marie Zimenoff
CEO, Career Thought Leaders

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      • Workplace Trends: Belonging Matters
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            Give Your Input for the 2022 Trends

            PLUS: Save November 16-19, 2021, for Career Jam

            Share What You See as the Top Trends

            Interviewing: 8 Tips for Conducting an Excellent Remote Interview (Harvard Business Review)

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            Marie Zimenoff

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