Issue 368 | September 30, 2021

“When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.” – Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

Today we’re continuing our introduction to the Career Thought Leaders Board of Directors with a guest intro from Deb Dib.

Deb rejoined the board in 2017 when CTL brought the Reach Personal Branding certification programs under our umbrella.

I’ve been thinking about trends and community a lot lately.

It’s that time of year—the time when I research to update the Digital Branding class I teach with Marie (starts today!). CTL’s annual Career Jam is coming up too—that means more trend research and great times discussing the “new and the next” with the vibrant community we have here at CTL!


Trends fascinate me. I love discovering hints of trends before they are trends, predicting which will most impact our clients and our industry, thinking about ways to prepare, and plotting to transform what works now into what will work next. I love to share those ideas and to hear your ideas too.

Pioneering new products and processes, before the mainstream is ready, because my gut says they’ll work, is tough. It’s likely the same for you. But our passion drags us away from the safety of the known. It pushes us into the unknown, to a path that becomes ours, if we, as Brene’ Brown says, “dare greatly.”

A passion for being an at-home parent to my kids propelled me to gulp and open a part-time resume business in 1989 (with no experience and pre-internet!).

I gulped when a passion for my new craft pushed me to invest in professional development and certifications, when I started to write for senior executives, when I refocused my business after I became one of the first personal brand strategists, and when I spoke at conferences, submitted resumes for publication, and wrote books.

A few years ago, I gulped again and retired from client work. Now I happily contribute to my careers community by educating, coaching, and supporting Career Thought Leaders as part of the teaching staff and board.

What an adventure. Could I have ever predicted it? No way. I just gulped and did what passion pushed me to do.

What keeps you adventuring? If you want to REPLY and share, the CTL team will share your thoughts with me.

For me, it is curiosity and a passion for trend watching, professional development, innovation, service, and guts.

Those things move us and our community from the now, to the new, to the next! As members of CTL, that’s how we roll.

- Deb

We’d also love to hear what you want to learn about during the upcoming Career Jam! Click here to share your thoughts.

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      • Diversity in Hiring: A Networking Problem
      • Reskilling: 10 Popular Courses
      • Career Skills: Shift Mindset About Time
      • Job Search: Get Recruited Internationally
      • Leadership: Research on Effective Thought Leadership
      • Hiring Trends: Hiring in a Talent Crisis


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            Diversity in Hiring: Diversity Is Not a Pipeline Problem; It’s a Networking Problem (Wealth Management)

            This article talks about how hiring managers and recruiters can increase the diversity of their applicant pools. Great insights for how diverse job seekers could capitalize on the new efforts of hiring managers. This additional article also shares statistics that reveal how Hispanic workers are feeling.
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            Reskilling: These Are the 10 Most Popular Online Career Classes LinkedIn Offers (MarketWatch)

            If you have clients who are considering a course to improve their skills and/or marketability, this is a great list! Of course, you’ll help them research the gaps between where they are and want to be so they can find a course that moves them forward. Here’s another list of places they can look for just the right training.

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            Career Skills: 3 Unexpected Benefits to Shifting Your Mindset About Time (Fast Company)

            This article talks about how shifting your thinking to long-term can bring value to your career, business, and life. My added tip: resist the temptation to focus on “how” when you are first thinking long-term; start with the what and the why.

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            Job Search: Thinking of Moving Abroad? Here’s How to Get Recruited Internationally (CNBC)

            If you are working with job seekers who have international ambitions, this is a great article on how to make those a reality. Also check out this session on writing international resumes, with tips from resume pros who work across the globe! This bonus article shares some stats on how Canadian businesses are leading the way in WFM policies.

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            Leadership: LinkedIn Shares New Research into Effective, and Ineffective, Thought Leadership Approaches (Social Media Today)

            With a name like “Career Thought Leaders” we often take flak for the overused term “thought leadership.” This article explains what it means and how to do it well. If you want to increase your visibility and credibility, join our digital branding class and learn how to do this for yourself and your clients!
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            Hiring Trends: Hiring in a Talent Crisis: Money, Perks, and Rapid Onboarding (Chief Learning Officer)

            This article shares how hiring managers are sweetening the pot for new hires and what they are doing to improve the onboarding processes.
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