Issue 367 | September 23, 2021

“You can lean over backwards so far that you can fall flat on your face.” – Ben H. Bagdkian, American educator and journalist

How do you communicate your value?

This is a topic we often talk about with clients. We want them to do their research and not undervalue themselves as they negotiate job offers.

But what about you? Do you diminish your value when you are talking with clients?

This can be a little less obvious, so here are a few other ways I see this appear in conversations with career services business owners.


First, is thinking that telling your client about additional services is salesy. What if they could really use that service and you don’t share the option with them?

One of my coaches talks about being “committed, but not attached.”

You are committed to serving your clients. That is a good thing! You openly share resources that might help them – free and paid. But you are not “attached” to their decision to purchase from you. This will bring a different feel to your conversations.

Second, the idea that if someone does not achieve their goal with the first service, we should offer them more for free.

Jan Melnik shared a great analogy in our Career Industry Authority Exclusive Training today of going to a hair salon. If we paid someone to cut our hair two weeks ago, we wouldn’t expect them to give us a trim or color today for free.

But I frequently see coaches offering additional services for free when the resume hasn’t landed the person a job in a few weeks.

It is important to check in and listen to their story and make sure we're understanding the problem. And, it often indicates new problems they need help with (focus, interview prep, job search coaching).

These services hold their own value and are not devalued by the fact that you wrote the person a resume two weeks ago.

One of my top tips for avoiding this “negotiation with yourself” (my husband’s great term for the mental process we go through when we start diminishing our value): have a pricing structure for ALL of your services, even if you don’t make it public.

You know the costs for interviewing coaching, a follow-up session on how to approach an interview thank you note…any service you offer has a price tag.

On this sheet, capture the value and benefits to your client. What does that thank you note mean for their search? What does it save them? Bring them? A few specific examples will remind you of that service’s value.

When you do that, you’ll be much less likely to falter in sharing the price.

This is one of my favorite aspects of our upcoming Digital Branding Strategist program. We spend an entire 90-minute session going through social selling, including naming and designing services and programs that speak to the value for the client…often challenging ourselves to get clearer and use more powerful language (just like we challenge clients to do!).

Do you have questions about the Digital Branding Strategist program? Hit reply and let me know!

Marie Zimenoff
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            Building a digital brand is no longer a "nice-to-have." It is a necessary step to building a sustainable business, advancing a career, and quickly transitioning in the global world of work.

            Digital branding for job search has also become more complex, with 66% of recruiters looking at Facebook, 25% sourcing or screening through Instagram, and technologies that scan all online activity to score candidates on personality traits.

            In the Digital Branding Strategist training program, you get new tools to help clients craft an integrated social media strategy built around the differentiation, power, and value of a personal brand.

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            You get done-for-you tools to implement with clients (and yourself!) right away:

            • Audience research tools to guide messaging that hits home every time
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            • Coaching tools for building visibility for clients online and in virtual meetings
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            Workforce Trends: Labor Shortage Leading to Robot Workers? How Businesses Are Trying Them Out (International Business Times)

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            Diversity: I Don’t Think My ADHD Is a Problem and Neither Should You (Community Centric Fundraising)

            This article gives insight into the experience of ADHD and how it is impacting job search via employer assumptions (also helpful for us as career professionals to understand). If you want more tools for working with neurodiverse clients, check out the Asperger’s/Autism Employment Coach Certification.

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            Job Search: Job Hunters Are Sharing Their Vaccination Status. Should You? (Market Watch)

            The share of postings on requiring vaccination rose 242% from August to September. If your clients are vaccinated, this article shares how going public with that information might help them. Read here for the latest on EEO laws around vaccination status as possible discrimination.

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