Issue 415 | September 8, 2022

"Even in the longest life, real living is the least portion thereof." - Seneca, Roman stoic philosopher

Summer is nearing its end here in the Northern Hemisphere and the 4th quarter of 2022 is upon us.

College campuses are busy with new and returning students - some realizing for the first time that they'll have to find a job this year!

This was always my favorite time of year on campus. Although the relative quiet of the summer had its perks, the buzz of students in the halls has a contagious energy.

A similar phenomenon happens at this time of year in my private practice as September leads to an uptick in activity and renewed focus for clients.

What are you looking forward to for the end of the year? What goals do you want to finish up for 2022?


One of the most transformational lessons I've learned in my life is to balance "action" or "input" goals and "outcome" or "results" goals.

The lesson came in an unexpected place -- my husband and I's fertility struggle, which lasted for nearly 5 years before we finally got pregnant.

In this struggle, as with many others, you learn that you don't have control over some things in life. What you do have control over? The actions you take and the your attitude and reactions to what happens to you (or doesn't).

I realized that I had to let go of the outcome and focus on the actions I could and was willing to take. One of my mentors calls this "committed, but not attached." I was committed to taking action, but not attached to the outcome.

This is a helpful stance in our goals for a few reasons:

1. We focus on the actions regardless of the outcomes, making us more consistent in taking the action and more motivated to do so regardless of the outcomes.

2. We can be flexible and better see evolving opportunities -- and perhaps even better outcomes than we could have imagined -- because we aren't caught up in a specific outcome.

While having a vision of the result can be motivating, continuing to evolve that vision and building strong action-based goals to get there can help maintain that motivation through challenging times.

In addition to looking toward the end of the year, we're in final preparations for the 2023 Symposium.

This effort has also required a focus on actions instead of outcomes. Over the last 3 years I learned the Symposium is not as predictable as it once was. I'm hopeful and yet planning adaptability and fighting a bit of hesitation to plan anything that far out.

We have speaker confirmations coming in ... watch your email on Tuesday for an exciting announcement!

Marie Zimenoff
CEO, Career Thought Leaders

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        • Workplace Trends: Moonlighting Concerns
        • Mental Health: Crisis of Belonging
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        • Digital Branding: Tech Can Tell You’re Lying
        • Diversity: Faith & DEI Dialogue
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                                      Workplace Trends: Return to Workplace May Ease Moonlighting Concerns in IT Industry (Mint)

                                      Moonlighting was a frequent topic of conversation in late 2020 and throughout 2021 when many people took on side gigs or worked at more than one job at a time. This article explores whether or not return to office (RTO) will stop it. If you have a global interest, this bonus video talks about moonlighting in India and legal concerns.

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                                      Mental Health: Our Crisis of Belonging: Our Deepest Motivation at Work (Psychology Today)

                                      This article talks about the need each of us has to feel included, accepted, appreciated, and valued, and how work may or may not be a place we feel we belong. This bonus article from MIT and McKinsey shares how today’s workplace can support important relationships and innovation.

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                                      Second Act: Best Gigs for Seniors to Make Extra Cash Without a 9 to 5 Job (Kim Komando)

                                      This quick read shares a few ideas for gigs people might consider if they are looking for a 2nd act. If you know anyone looking at two of the familiar options (resume writer or career coach), please point them our way!

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                                      Certified Digital Branding Strategist

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                                      Digital Branding:  Can New Technology Tell if You’re Lying on LinkedIn? (Fast Company)

                                      We’ve talked about the technology that can score your personality based on online profiles AND interaction, but what about identifying your white lies? This article shares more about the future of that technology. Ready to help clients take control of their online brand? Join us for the Certified Digital Branding Strategist program starting October 6!

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                                      Diversity: Faith Can Be a Core Element of DEI – And a Way to Convene a Dialogue Around These Issues (Triple Pundit)

                                      The topic of religion or faith is often missing in DEI conversations. This article talks about why it is important and how leaders can start the conversation.

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                                      Resume Writing: Resume FAQs: Career Change, Gaps, Ageism & More (CTL Video)

                                      What do you do in a LinkedIn profile if a client has two areas of focus? What can you do to help avoid ageism? I answer these questions and more in this video – with a few examples!

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                                      Last Faster, Land Better: Job Search Strategies for 2022 & Beyond
                                      Some aspects of job search have changed rapidly in the last few years with increased technology tools for recruiters and job seekers. Others, like the importance of referrals, have stood the test of time. Come and learn how you can guide your job seekers create a VOYAGE plan to land the job they really want, including our newest structure to make networking tangible and actionable for every client. Learn more and register today.

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