Issue 410 | August 4, 2022

"Ego says, 'Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel inner peace.' Spirit says, 'Find your inner peace and then everything will fall into place.'" - Marianne Williamson

When I graduated from college my first job was in the sport club office at Colorado State. I'd worked there as a student and had the opportunity to stay on as temporary professional staff for a year.

I loved guiding students to be creative as they raised and managed funds to operate the club, mentoring them as they learned how to lead and hire, and attending their events.

When they hired for the permanent role, it required a masters degree I didn't have at the time.

So I coordinated and participated in the hiring process for what was at the time my dream job.

Did you have a "dream job" before getting into the careers industry?


That same year I was accepted into the Sport Management program at the University of Tennessee. 

As I evaluated my options, I took stock about what made the sport club role so satisfying. Was it the sports? Although I do enjoy them, that wasn't it.

What I loved about the role was mentoring, coaching, creating problem solving, and building relationships with the students. Plus, a great boss who gave me space to do all of this fairly independently.

It was this realization that led me to apply to graduate school in the School of Education and eventually decide to pursue career work.

Dream jobs are funny that way. Identifying what really makes it fulfilling can be difficult. Teasing out the skills, values, and interests and weighing them to find the driving forces.

How do you help your clients weigh these factors in their career decisions? What role do you think passion, skills, values, and other elements play in career decisions?

Join me on Trend Tuesday next week to look at the trending conversations and the latest data around passion, purpose, and career fulfillment.

Marie Zimenoff
CEO, Career Thought Leaders

P.S. You can get tools to walk your clients through their personal brand foundation -- including strengths, values, purpose, passion, and more -- in the Certified Personal Branding Strategist program starting August 23.

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        • Workplace Laws: Gig Work Federal Laws
        • Salary Trends: Who Is Seeing Wage Growth
        • Diversity: How to Hire Disabled Workers
        • Future of Work: Fractional Work & Role-Sharing
        • Upskilling: The Future of Learning
        • Job Search: 6-Figure Job Search Strategies


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                                A vast majority of the working population are re-evaluating how work fits into their life. They feel like a career change might help them find more meaningful work, but they aren't sure where to start or what that even means.

                                This is putting pressure on leaders to retain talent in new ways, requiring a level of empathy and authenticity many aren't prepared for.

                                Thankfully, they have you! Career services providers, coaches, and writers are uniquely positioned to help these individuals unearth the compass to direct these life-altering choices.

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                                  Workplace Laws: Bill to Enshrine Gig Work into Federal Labor Law 'Would Effectively Get Rid of the Minimum Wage and Overtime Compensation' (MorningStar)

                                  A new category of labor law for app-based gig workers is proposed in a bill introduced in the House. Read this article for more information on the bill and its implications for us and our clients. Want more perspectives? Read further about the bill here. This bonus article talks about the most lucrative side gigs for the 50+ worker.

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                                  Salary Trends: Majority of U.S. Workers Changing Jobs Are Seeing Real Wage Gains (Pew Research Center)

                                  This article shares data around who is changing jobs, how long it is taking them to land a new job, and who is seeing an increase in real wages (after inflation). This bonus article shares more about wage and salary growth. What data point surprises you the most?

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                                  Diversity: Looking for Talent? Find Out How to Hire Disabled Workers (Forbes – Limited Articles)

                                  Individuals with disabilities are often left out of the diversity discussions. This article shares how hiring managers can expand their talent pool by hiring workers with disabilities. What insights can help your job seekers with disabilities?

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                                  Certified Personal Branding Strategist Program

                                  Get a process for guiding clients to discover and communicate their unique promise of value.

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                                  Future of Work: How Fractional Work and Role-Sharing Will Define the Future of Work (Insider Intelligence)

                                  We have talked about how the future of work is flexible, and this article talks about another aspect of that flexibility – fractional work and role-sharing. Are you seeing clients working in these types of roles?

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                                  Upskilling: The Future of Learning: Co-Creating Skills Development Strategies with Employee Preferences (Chief Learning Officer)

                                  Employee learning preferences are shifting and this article shares how learning and development leaders can adjust their skills development programs with a new model of co-creating experiences.

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                                  Job Search: New Rules for the 6-Figure Job Search with Trish McGrath (Career Confidante Radio)

                                  Listen in as Trish McGrath generously shares her secrets to speed up job search, including what has changed in job search, the 3 pillars of successful search, and much more!

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