Issue 409 | July 28, 2022

"Slow movements help slow the mind, so it can enjoy its reunion with the body." - Therese Jornlin, therapist and transformational coach

'Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.' -- Ferris Bueller

As we near the end of July (only a few weeks of summer remaining here in the Northern Hemisphere), it seems like time is flying by.

What have you accomplished that you set out to achieve in 2022? What still remains on your to-do list for the year?

As you evaluate your goals at these month-end milestones, remember that goals are clay. They can reform and change as you learn, circumstances change, and your life evolves.

While setting goals is important, we don't want them to become bricks that weigh us down.


As we look forward to the next season, and soon the next year, we'll see more people re-evaluating their careers.

How can we help them take the positive from their past with them as they recreate their careers toward the future?

How can we help them avoid feeling like they have to start over or hide their past (which we know they can't) as they build their story toward the future?

This is where the concept of personal branding comes into play. Although many people talk about personal branding in the context of self-promotion, reputation, or online footprint, personal branding goes much deeper.

At the core, personal branding is about understanding who you are. That confidence radiates forward. When you pair confidence with a deep understanding of your audience and how your unique background adds value to them, you have a powerful story!

When clients slow down to build this understanding, their stories resonate, their community grows in a way that supports their goals, and they realize how to leverage who they are and what they've done into a new role.

In this video, you can get a preview into personal branding foundation elements you can use with clients.

What aspect would you like to talk about more with your clients? Reply and let me know!

Marie Zimenoff
CEO, Career Thought Leaders

P.S. You can get tools to walk your clients through their personal brand foundation in the Certified Personal Branding Strategist program starting August 23.

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      • Leadership: Benefits of a Kind Leadership Style
      • Social Branding: LinkedIn Adds Carousel Option
      • Job Trends: Recruiters Still Seeing Job Growth
      • Future of Work: Remote Work Will Survive Recession
      • Career Success: How to Stay Cool
      • Career Change: Activate Your Career Dreams


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                              Leadership: 7 Out of 10 C-Suite Leaders and Workers Say Kind Leadership Style and Culture Results In These Outcomes (Yahoo!)

                              How important is kindness for leaders and job seekers? This article provides data on how leaders and workers view kindness and its growing importance in the workplace.

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                              Social Branding: LinkedIn Adds a Carousel Option Below the Post Bar (Digital Information World)

                              A few months ago LinkedIn released that downloads were the top form of content and now they are rolling out a native carousel option. Have you posted any carousels? We’d love to hear how you’re using this feature! If you want a process for determining and building your digital brand, put the Certified Digital Branding Strategist class on your calendar … October will be here before you know it.

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                              Job Trends: Worried About Layoffs and Downturns? Recruiters Aren’t (CNBC)

                              Hiring data is showing a ‘normalization’ in the job market, according to this article that shares recruiters are still busy as 46% of companies plan to increase hiring through the end of 2022. They are also still offering additional perks to job seekers in many industries. If you want a quick run-down of the tools recruiters use to do their job, check out this bonus article.
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                              Future of Work: 4 Reasons Remote Work Will Survive a Recession (Business Insider)

                              Economist Nick Bloom shares his insights on the future of remote work in this article that also includes the current state of remote work. There’s a bit more information on the topic in this article featuring Bloom and other economists.

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                              Career Success: How to Stay Cool When You’re Put on the Spot (Harvard Business Review – Limited Articles Monthly)

                              This article walks through the steps to take for a proactive, persuasive response when you or your client are confronted with a challenging interaction at work.

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                              Career Change: How to Activate Your Career Dreams & Make That Career Change (Career Confidante Radio)

                              Get inspiration from Madelyn Mackie – who has made four career changes – to help your clients make that career change a reality! You can also still get the recording for our career change resumes session from last week.

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                              Congratulations to Danielle Gundrum who earned the Certified Hidden Job Market Coach credential from Career Thought Leaders. They are now among a growing group of coaches who’ve created more structured processes for job seekers to achieve their goals even faster!

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