Issue 408 | July 21, 2022

"Before you try to increase your willpower, try decreasing the friction in your environment." - James Clear, Writer, Entrepreneur and Behavior Science Expert

Yesterday morning as I was about to hit "record" for our Master-E-Session on career change resumes, I heard water pouring into the laundry room in the basement.

Ah, the wonders of home ownership! Turns out a broken sprinkler pipe was dumping water into the basement...

Many individuals participating in the Great Resignation are considering starting a business. 

Perhaps we can draw some parallels between home ownership and business ownership.

There are perks to home ownership -- building equity and having more control over your living arrangements, to name a few.


And there are times when your brand-new-to-you house starts flooding. Did I mention that our house in Salt Lake also flooded in the first 4 days we lived there??

Likewise, business ownership is not for the faint of heart. You have to find products or service offerings and customer problems that motivate you. You have to step out of your comfort zone and overcome your demons daily to market your business and serve your clients. 

And, when the waters come flooding in, it's up to you to clean it up quickly and keep moving to stay afloat.

Of course none of us or our clients are alone in this journey! Thankfully, my spouse is pretty handy and not too long after the Master-E-Session was finished he'd found the broken pipe and stopped the flooding.

Who is in your corner to support your business growth? How are you supporting your clients as they step into business ownership?

Hit reply and let me know! We're building up resources to help you guide clients who are starting business and I'd love to hear what challenges you are facing and what resources you need.

Marie Zimenoff
CEO, Career Thought Leaders

P.S. If you're evaluating or re-evaluating your motivation for business or looking for tools to help clients do the same, put the Certified Personal Branding Strategist class on your calendar - it starts August 23!

P.P.S. Despite the flooding, we had a great class on career change resumes and profiles and you can get the recording plus the 60 pages of samples here.

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                            Tuesday, 4:00-5:00 pm US ET – Trends in Candidate Sourcing Technology

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                            Thursday, 5:00-6:00 pm US ET – Improve Efficiency with Technology

                            We all know that technology should make things easier, but it doesn’t always feel like it. Join us for a general session with technology guru Eran Bucai to talk through how to make technology actually work for you, your clients, and your business.

                            Friday, 11:00 am-12:00 pm US ET – Communication Skills Coaching with AI

                            Most coaches have that client who can’t see the faults in their communication patterns even when the consequences are obvious. Now this communication coaching tool can tell your clients what is and isn’t working with their communication style to aid in your executive coaching, career advancement coaching, or interview preparation. creator Maithilee Samant will share insights from her years as an executive coach and how they became the foundation of this new technology.

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                              Remote Work: How to Tactfully Interject in a Virtual Meeting (Harvard Business Review – Limited Articles Monthly)

                              Working virtually means working even more on our communication skills and this article goes through how you or your clients can better participate in virtual meetings or events. If your clients are seeking remote work, this bonus article offers tips to boost their job search results even if they don’t have remote work experience.

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                              Business: The Best Way to Find Clients as a New Freelancer (Tech Radar)

                              Whether growing a business, launching a freelance career, or even executing a traditional job search, these tips are solid for you or your clients. How would these tips apply to your clients’ situations?

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                              Interviewing: 10 Rehearsed Job Interview Answers Hiring Managers Are Sick of Hearing (Forbes)

                              We talk a lot about overused phrases in resumes, but what about in interviews? This article shares 10 phrases your clients can remove from their arsenal!

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                              Diversity: How Managers Can Disrupt Marginalization at Work (Charter)

                              Having an inclusive culture requires change in behavior – especially from leaders. This article shares specific strategies for how managers can take the lead in building an inclusive organization.

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                              Mental Health: How to Prevent Career FOMO (Make Use Of)

                              It’s easy to think the grass will be greener in the next career. Social media – including LinkedIn – can create this feeling of FOMO and other drains on our mental health. This article provides a few solutions for preventing it.

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                              Workforce Trends: 40% of Workers Are Considering Quitting Their Jobs Soon (CNBC)

                              This article shares data and reasoning around a continued exodus from the workforce and where they are going. On the other hand, this bonus article shares how job seekers are scrambling to land before the recession worsens. If you missed it, you can still get the recording of the session on resume and profile strategies for these career changers (including 60 pages of samples) here.

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