Issue 403 | June 16, 2022

"Write relentlessly, until you find your voice. Then use it." - David Sedaris, American humorist, comedian, author

Sometimes a last-minute shift saves your life (AKA the day I got hit by a bus).

Although I still have a bit of out-of-body experience when I recall it, what I'm sharing below is a true story.

My freshman year of college I was walking across campus after class. It was early in the semester, because it was still light out and I was sporting my favorite denim dress with sunflowers (blue and yellow have always been my colors).

As I'm walking across the library parking lot, I see a bus coming through the u-shaped island of bus stops.

It doesn't stop at any of the stops, so I guess it will stop at the last one and I calculate the distance to safely walk beyond that stop.


Except the bus doesn't stop.

It keeps rolling.

At the last minute, I turn my back to the bus and it hits my full backpack.

I'm propelled forward, but somehow manage not to fall down (and ruin my favorite dress!).

My bag breaks, and I hustle to pick up my books.

The bus driver comes out and asks if I'm OK. I'm shaken, embarrassed, but OK. 

The last-minute pivot saved my life.

Sometimes we have a planned all mapped out. We can see how it will unfold. And then everything shifts and we have to quickly decide whether to make a shift or stick it out.

When have you made a shift in your strategy as circumstances changed? Ask your clients that same question. 

As our circumstances become increasingly turbulent this summer, it is important to remember that we've survived and perhaps thrived in times like these before ... we can tap into those strengths to do it again.

Keep looking for those opportunities where a small pivot might make a big difference (and watch out for the bus!).

Marie Zimenoff
CEO, Career Thought Leaders

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    • Workforce Trends: Stressed, Sad, Anxious
    • Workplace Trends: Go Remote or Get Fired?
    • College to Career: Fastest-Growing Entry-Level Jobs
    • Diversity: Gender Representation on Boards
    • Reskilling: Older Workers Reskill for Tech Roles
    • Branding: Prepare for Web 3.0 Marketing


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                    July 13 | Social Media for Job Search Strategist

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                    Week 1: Strategy & LinkedIn (July 13, 2:00-3:30 ET)

                    • Clarifying Job Search Focus
                    • Evaluating Social Platforms for Use in Search
                    • Using Advanced LinkedIn Search Techniques for Job Search
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                    Week 2: LinkedIn & Twitter (July 20, 2:00-3:30 ET)

                    • Maximizing LinkedIn's Jobs Feature
                    • Using a Relationship-Building System
                    • Employing Hashtag Strategies for Research
                    • Maximizing Scripts for Connecting

                    Week 3: Instagram & Facebook (August 3, 2:00-3:30 ET)

                    • Using Groups & Company Pages
                    • Employing Hashtag Strategies for Research
                    • Engaging to Build Relationships
                    • Maximizing FB Jobs Features

                    Week 4: TikTok, Snapchat, Niche Sites & Executing the Plan (August 10, 2:00-3:30 ET)

                    • Using Strategies for Job Search on Niche Sites
                    • Speeding Search with Job Search Planning & Tracking
                    • Coaching Strategies for Dealing with Fear & Overwhelm
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                      Workforce Trends: Stressed, Sad & Anxious: A Snapshot of the Global Workforce (Harvard Business Review – 3 Free Monthly Articles)

                      Data from the new State of the Global Workforce by Gallup indicates that the emotional side of work has not healed from the pressures of the last two years. This article shares data and ideas for companies to support employees. This article out of Hong Kong shares similar data. My livestream this week shared a few strategies you and your clients can use to deal with this new level of uncertainty.

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                      Workplace Trends: Why Your Boss Might Fire People Rather Than Allow Remote Work (Fast Company)

                      This article shares why companies are leaning toward hybrid work and the factors they consider while making these complex decisions. If you do have clients who are managing remote teams, they may want to check out this article that lists the top LinkedIn Learning courses for remote leadership.

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                      College to Career: These Are the 10 Fastest-Growing Entry-Level Jobs (CNBC)

                      Check out the fastest-growing entry-level jobs to see what might be a fit for your young professional clients. If they are frustrated with their prospects, they are not alone as this bonus article shares most open jobs are not what Gen Z wants. If they decide they’d like to try their luck abroad, this article goes through how they can prepare to launch a career abroad.

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                      Diversity: The EU Will Soon Require 40% Gender Representation on Company Boards, But Where Does the US Stand on Gender Equity? (Forbes – 5 Free Articles Monthly)

                      The EU recently agreed on a landmark deal requiring companies to ensure 40% of seats on company boards go to the “underrepresented sex,” which is typically women. This article shares more about the law and an overview of similar attempts at laws in the U.S. This bonus article deepens the conversation as it relates to the LGBTQ+ workforce and the impact intersectionality will have on workplace diversity programs.

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                      Aging Workforce: Reskilling Older Workers for Careers in Tech (McKinsey)

                      New global research from Generation shares the prevalence of perception bias across countries as older workers are perceived to be the least ready and able to fit into today’s organizations. It then shares a program that helps mid-career workers reskill and a few uplifting success stories.

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                      Branding: How to Prepare Your Brand for Web 3.0 Marketing (Entrepreneur)

                      Last week I shared a visual guide to Web 3.0 (you can still get it here) and this article goes even deeper into the changes Web 3.0 is bringing and how your business and your clients can start making changes to be ready for the marketing of the future.

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                      July 13, 2022 | 2:00PM-3:30PM US ET
                      Social Media for Job Search Strategist
                      Recruiters are diversifying their tools for finding job seekers. Are your clients using the right social tools to get known and uncover opportunities? In 4 weeks, this program will give you strategies most coaches aren't using to help job seekers get hired faster by identifying the channels where they can engage with target companies and using processes, scripts, and other tools to execute their search. Learn more and register.

                      July 25-29, 2022 | Various Times
                      Tech Jam Save the dates for the 2nd annual Tech Jam where you will learn about the latest technology in business management and career services. We'll be covering tools to use in your practice, tools for job seekers, systems to improve your productivity, and more! Have a tool you'd love to learn about? Hit reply and let Marie know.

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                      June 13-17, 2022 | 4:00PM-5:30PM US ET
                      Quiz Funnel Workshop
                      A QUIZ funnel is when instead of selling in a one-size-fits-all way, you begin by asking people a series of questions to better understand their situation. With a QUIZ funnel, you can get cheaper leads, faster results, and higher conversions because you've built trust with prospects. My friend Ryan Levesque is the expert when it comes to QUIZ funnels and he's going to show you exactly how to build your quiz funnel. Clicking this link will give you access at no cost! Learn more and join the workshop.

                      June 16-August 24, 2022 | 4:00PM-5:30PM US ET
                      Asperger’s/Autism Employment Coach Certification Summer 2022
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                      Marie Zimenoff

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