Issue 351 | June 3, 2021

"Show them the doors that they didn’t know existed." - Paul Jun, on Mentor Programs, The Impresario

When we hear that technology may replace 40% of jobs in the next 20 years, we can’t help but fear how that will impact our work – and our clients face similar fears.

But we can’t afford to bury our heads in the sand and proclaim that technology could “never replace coaching or resume writing.” We’re starting to see applications already of how AI can execute certain aspects of our work.

The more fruitful approach for us and our clients is to look at the technology coming into our field and ask a few key questions:

-       How can I use it to improve my services or business operations?

-       What will that give me time to do that adds value in a way technology cannot?

-       How can I communicate the value of what I do in working with technology?

When we are proposing services to clients today – especially organizations – they are going to expect us to communicate our additive value to the technology they are using, not why what we do is better than using the technology.

To do this, we need to be intimately familiar with what the technology does so we can communicate its value while outlining the additive value our services bring.

If we discount the technology, we run the risk of sounding defensive or out of touch.

What technologies are you seeing come into your work?

Have you met Career Coach Bob of CiCi the career chatbot?

We’d love to introduce you to them and take a deeper look at what technology means for career services providers. Join the conversation next week during our first Tech Jam!

I look forward to seeing you there.

Marie Zimenoff
CEO, Career Thought Leaders

Explore New Tech for Running Your Operations

Tuesday, June 8 - Friday, June 11

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    • Leadership: Transformational Leadership
    • Trends: Career Industry Tech Trends
    • Diversity: 5 Ways to Diversify Recruiting
    • Work Trends: Remote Postings Skyrocket
    • Resumes: Post-Pandemic Resumes
    • Interviewing: Using the Mirroring Technique


    • Colleagues Earn Prestigious Credential

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    • Tech Jam
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    • CTL Associate Quarterly Call with the Board
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    • World Business & Executive Coach Summit (WBECS) 
    • Asperger’s/Autism Employment Coach Certification

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      June 8 | Tech Jam for Career Services Providers

      Join us for the first Tech Jam! Learn about a variety of technology you can use in your practice for project management, social media management, client communications, and beyond. Plus, we’ll learn about services and technology that you can offer to clients as additional streams of revenue!
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      July 8 | Early Adopter Registration Closes for 2022 Symposium

      Early adopter registration ends July 8 for our annual professional development event! We will be downtown Philadelphia for 3 days of learning and connecting around our theme: "Flourishing in the Future of Work."

      And you can still submit a proposal for presenting at the Symposium through June 15.

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      Join Us at These Upcoming Events

      The National Career Development Association Conference has gone virtual again this year! I’ll be doing a presentation on Innovation in Private Practice: Reinvent Your Process, Pricing and Promotion to Succeed in Any Economy during the event that runs from June 29 - July 1. If you plan to attend, let me know!

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      Leadership: 4 Elements of Transformational Leadership (The Enterprisers Project)

      These four principles will help your leadership clients improve their transformational leadership to inspire and motivate their teams. These are also excellent points to address in an interview!

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      Career Industry Trends: Career Services Tech Trends (CTL Video)

      How is technology being used to offer career services to a wider audience? What systems are your colleagues using to improve the delivery of their services? View this video for a few ideas and share your thoughts in the comments (this post shares a few other ideas!).

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      Diversity Recruiting: 5 Ways to Diversify Your Recruiting and Hiring Untapped Talent (Employee Benefit News)

      This article shares stories of companies who are going beyond the standard definition of what DEI recruiting and hiring can look like – from providing a job platform, to workers with chronic illness, to those helping mothers, minorities, and workers with criminal records.

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      Tech Jam

      Learn the Latest in Career Services Tech
      Explore Technology for Your Career Practice
      June 8-11

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      Work Trends: Remote Job Postings Skyrocket 457% on LinkedIn (Yahoo! Finance)

      Read this for data on what industries are seeing growth in remote work as the percentage of paid job postings on LinkedIn with “remote work” skyrocketed 457% from last year.

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      Resumes: What Your HR Resume Should Look Like After the Pandemic (SHRM - 3 Articles Monthly)

      The skills outlined in this article will benefit any client, not just those in HR, with quality tips from a few experts in the CTL and RWA community!
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      Interviewing: How to Use the Mirroring Technique in Pharma Job Interviews (PharmiWeb)

      If your clients want to build rapport quickly with their interviewer, these techniques are a must-read. They can also help you build connections quickly with potential clients!
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      Colleagues Earn Prestigious Credential

      Congratulations to Molly Walsh, Kam Khare, Jaki Suter, Leah Solorio, Ruth Winden, Renee Green, and Sharyn Grose who earned and renewed the Certified Digital Branding Strategist credential from Career Thought Leaders. They are now leading the pack in guiding clients to create a stand-out digital brand based on the Reach Personal Branding methodology!


      June 7-11, 2021 | 11:00AM -1:00PM
      Tech Jam for Career Service Providers
      Save the dates for a new event bringing you the latest in tech for business management and career services. We’ll be covering using technology in your coaching practice, updating your website to meet the new Google search requirements, and integrating systems to improve your productivity. See the lineup and register here.

      June 8, 2021 | 4:00PM-4:30PM US ET
      Trend Tuesday Live
      Join us Live every Tuesday at 4 pm ET to talk about the latest trends in career services, leadership development, and all things career. We’ll be sharing some of the insights from the latest trends white paper based on our annual Career Jam event. You’ll also get updated on the very latest in the industry and trends in job search, LinkedIn, branding, resume writing, coaching, business development, and more. RSVP to get weekly reminders.

      June 14, 2021 | 12:00PM-1:00PM US ET
      CTL Associate Quarterly Calls with CTL Board
      In this CTL Associate Call, our CTL Board will be leading a discussion on the new workplace created by the pandemic and topics for the 2021 Career Jam. The call is open to all CTL Associates and is a way to help you stay current, learn some new tricks, and share some of your own wealth of information. CTL Associates, watch for an email from Marie Zimenoff with call-in details. You MUST be an Associate to participate. RSVP for this and future CTL Associate Calls.

      April 10-13, 2022 | 8:00AM-5:00PM US PT
      Career Thought Leaders Professional Development Symposium
      Early adopter registration ends July 8 for our annual professional development event! We will be downtown Philadelphia for 3 days of learning and connecting around our theme: "Flourishing in the Future of Work." And, you can still submit a proposal for presenting at the Symposium through May 27. Learn more and register.


      June 1-17, 2021
      World Business & Executive Coach Summit (WBECS)
      At WBECS – which is a live, online summit - you get to learn from over 40 of the most brilliant minds in the coaching profession. They share their best tools and strategies and even do live coaching demonstrations (which I have found to be especially valuable!). Plus, you'll be able to earn up to 5 complimentary CCEUs. The amazing presenters at WBECS cover a wide range of topics and coaching disciplines. You are welcome to register for as many sessions as you'd like. Are you curious? Then reserve your spot for the complimentary WBECS Pre-Summit now.

      June 17 - August 12, 2021 | 4:00-5:30PM US ET
      Asperger’s/Autism Employment Coach Certification Summer 2021
      The Asperger’s/Autism Employment Coach Certification is an 8-week program that features live instruction and mentoring. It focuses on how to assist individuals to choose the right career, find a job, and stay hired. Weekly sessions are live over the Internet, and feature discussions, interactive exercises, and case studies. Assignments include readings, short answer questions, and case study reviews. Participants gain hands-on experience during a 6-week supervised practicum. The summer program begins on June 17 with morning sessions. Group size is limited and an application is required. Information is available on the Forward Motion Coaching website.

      Marie Zimenoff

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