Issue 400 | May 19, 2022

"Being grateful doesn't have to be some grandiose thing. Examine little pleasures and let them land in your awareness."—Calm App Reflection

A few weeks ago, my husband graduated with his MBA. But he almost didn't apply...

He had convinced himself years ago that he would never be accepted for various reasons related to his undergraduate degree in engineering.

But he had such a compelling story!

Although he had struggled with some of the conceptual content in his undergraduate (mainly Calculus), he had excelled in the hands-on, practical elements in the classroom and in his part-time job on campus (which many of his classmates didn't have).

He had made business impact in his company as an engineer because he wasn't afraid to jump into those conversations (I may take a little credit for that!).


One day while we were driving in the car, we talked through his story and his motivations for earning his MBA.

It finally clicked -- he would bring a different perspective than many other applicants despite and somewhat because of his undergraduate struggles.

The rest, as they say, is history. He applied, was accepted, and has added incredible value to his career and to discussions with his peers who are mainly early on in their careers.

What have you been holding off on because you doubt yourself? Where do those doubts come from?

I'll leave you with a 90s alternative rock reference (a small prize for anyone who knows where this comes from!):

She.... She's figured out... That all her doubts are someone else's point of view...

Marie Zimenoff
CEO, Career Thought Leaders

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                      Social Media: LinkedIn Updates Include Improvements to Search Results (Search Engine Journal)

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                      Workforce Trends: 2022 Jobvite Job Seeker Nation Report (Jobvite)

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                      Listen in as Charmaign Lomastro uncovers the river of psychological impact running underneath the tactics of career transition. She also shares how individuals can apply understanding of their personal style to anticipate stumbling blocks.

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                      Economic Trends: Why the Fed Wants Corporate America to Have a Hiring Freeze (Yahoo! Finance)

                      Read this article for interesting take on the relationship between employment, higher wages, and inflation. What impact might this have on your job seekers in terms of finding opportunities and salary negotiation? 

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                      Leadership: Why Women Leave Leadership and What to Do About It (Psychology Today)

                      If you are working with leaders that want to be more effective and developing emerging leaders (women, non-binary, or men), this is a must read.

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