Issue 396 | April 23, 2022

“Without jumping off its perch, the bird would never fly.” – Mark Nepo, author of The Book of Awakening

Our house went on the market yesterday.

We're having an open house today and there have been checklists upon checklists to make sure the house and yard are clean (no small feat with 2 little boys and a dog running about!).

Are you a big list maker? What other tools do you use to keep organized?

Do you love these lists or use them begrudgingly?

When I worked in administration at the university I learned to be effective in detail-oriented settings, and even scored slightly as "Sensing" on the Myers-Briggs early on in my counselor training.

But the farther away I got from that type of job, the more my natural Intuitive came out! In my first few years of coaching, I struggled to find balance between letting the client lead and providing structure to make client engagements more successful.

During this time, I realized that clients needed an outline - a way to understand what our general flow of work together would look like and a guide to keep our work (and me!) on task.

I started using these in my proposals to prospects and throughout our engagements, and they worked!

Beyond the outlines, I noticed clients - regardless of personality - benefited from structure to guide their career decision making and job search processes, and started using checklists, weekly/daily planning sheets, and more.

Over the last 10 years working with clients and teaching, these tools to use with clients have multiplied! Here's an example of a Networking Strategy Checklist from the Certified Hidden Job Market Coach program.

You likely have done the same in your work with clients. What are your favorite tools? In what areas would you love more structure to guide your clients?

Reply and let me know ... I might have something I can share with you!

For now, I'm off to consult the checklist so our open house can be successful.

If you are in the Minneapolis area, drop me a note as I'd love to connect with you as we get settled in there this summer.

Marie Zimenoff
CEO, Career Thought Leaders

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                      Marie Zimenoff

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