Issue 392 | March 24, 2022

“Crisis is an unexpected jarring of our ways that brings us into contact with our attendant spirit.” – Mark Nepo, author of The Book of Awakening

St. Patrick's Day last week started the annual buzz on the topic of luck.

When we see someone who is successful, we might think it is because they were lucky. We might think it is because they worked hard. We might recognize the role privilege played in their success.

The idea of "planned happenstance" was put forward in 1999 by Mitchell, Levin, and Krumboltz. It shares that in this world of uncertainty it is important to help clients prepare for and create chance "career events" while realizing the unpredictable nature of careers.

When you look back at your career, do you see that you "just happened" to end up in a job or maybe even the work you're doing now?

So how do we help clients prepare for and make their own luck?


    This is where the idea of a career plan comes in. My favorite analogy for plans, goals, or visions is to remember that they are clay.

    If a goal or vision is a brick, it is inflexible, unyielding. While this can sound like a good thing, it doesn't allow for the inevitable changing circumstances or for the opportunity that we could never see coming. It can drag us down instead of serving as an inspiration.

    When our vision is clay, we can mold it into one shape and if the spinning wheel makes a mess of our pot, we can simply start again.

    Achieving our own definition of success takes intentional action, luck, and resources. We can serve as a resource for our clients and be intentional in recognizing the resource gaps clients may have to reach their goals to create strategies that fill them.

    We can help clients recognize the importance of taking calculated risks that will open doors for them to experience chance career events.

    And we can continue to walk the talk and get out of our own comfort zones to create and act on chance career events for ourselves.

    We can't forget to pick our own heads up regularly and step outside our normal routine -- whether that means a new networking event, a conversation we typically would say no to, or even a new podcast.

    What are you doing to create chance career events for yourself?

    Marie Zimenoff
    CEO, Career Thought Leaders

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      • Leadership: New Discipline Required
      • Branding: Use Classic Plot Devices
      • College to Career: Gen Z Adapts Networking
      • Diversity: Neurodiverse Career Lessons
      • Future of Work: End of Work as We Know It
      • Women in Careers: Women Making History


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                    MAR 31 | Certified Digital Branding Strategist Program

                    Building a digital brand is no longer a "nice-to-have," it is a necessary step to building a sustainable business, advancing a career, and quickly transitioning in the global world of work.

                    Digital branding for job search has also become more complex, with 66% of recruiters looking at Facebook, 46% sourcing or screening through Instagram, and more recruiters using technologies that scan all online activity to score candidates on personality traits.

                      In the Digital Branding Strategist training program, you get new tools to help clients craft an integrated social media strategy built around the differentiation, power, and value of a personal brand.

                      You'll walk away with processes and coaching tools to:

                      • Overcome the mental anguish that makes clients insecure about increasing their online visibility
                      • Stop stressing about becoming an "influencer" and start attracting the right followers to achieve your goals
                      • Stand out from the crowd and build a digital brand that's unique, memorable, and authentic
                      • See tangible results, like increased qualified leads for business, jobs, speaking engagements, and more
                      • Stop worrying about what to post and when and develop a consistent process that leads to engagement and visibility

                      You get done-for-you tools to implement with clients (and yourself!) right away:

                      • Coaching plans to guide clients in using any of the top social media channels (LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
                      • Resources for working with entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, job seekers, and more

                      Plus, one-on-one support, an interactive program, and a community of career and branding professionals who share the latest on social platforms to keep you one step ahead of clients!

                        APR 5 | CTL Annual Symposium - Last Day to Register

                        Join us for 3 days  in person  to learn, connect, and get to know other leaders in the career services industry!

                        The CTL leadership team is known for putting together a leading-edge curriculum for all our events, and the annual professional development symposium always brings the best minds together for you to learn from.

                        Do you want to get the latest information, but hate when you feel like you didn't apply anything you learned? Us, too!

                        Even before it was cool, we were creating unique spaces for professionals to share their expertise. We know adults learn by sharing, questioning, and integrating information. We work with our presenters to make sure each presentation gives you not only the latest information but time and space to share, integrate, and make that information actionable.

                        Will it be recorded or simulcasted? Not this event...

                        While we do extensive virtual training throughout the year (for 15+ years running), we also know the power of focus that comes with attending a live, in-person event. That is why we are so excited to bring this back...safely! Please see our COVID protocols (and city of Philadelphia mandates) here.

                        Can't attend live last minute? Don't worry. We have options ready to go for you to get the value from your investment.

                        Here's a little taste of what you can expect from our presenter Charley Timmins.

                        Covid changed the employment landscape. Candidates and organizations alike are now engaged in rethinking their purpose, i.e., “Why do we do what we do?” Each needs the other - for different reasons – in order to excel in this new world of work.

                        A different conversation between candidates and employers needs to emerge from this new dynamic trend. Fortunately, career professionals appear uniquely qualified to serve these two groups. But how?

                        Candidates look to their coach to position them as being “so good they can't be ignored”.

                        In this interactive session, career professionals will learn how to serve purpose-driven prospects and clients as these candidates seek to capitalize on this rising employment trend.

                        Key Takeaways:

                        • The economic benefits of developing a purpose-driven career practice.
                        • Ideas, practices, and techniques that equip career professionals to serve this demographic.
                        • The role of purpose in the journey of both you, the coach, and your candidates.
                        • Those non-psychological tools for uncovering the career assets of purpose-driven candidates (needs, wants, desires, values, vision, mission, purpose, strengths, roles, talents, etc.) that best align with the requirements of a socially conscious marketplace.
                        • The elements of a strategic communications platform that position career professionals to attract candidates, socially conscious companies, and their hiring authorities.

                        Meet the Presenter:

                        As The Human Archeologist, Charley Timmins guides clients on an inward journey, where they rediscover these hidden treasures, identify their' secret sauce', harness their superpowers, and figure out "What's Next" in their career journey. As a result, they are empowered to make the difference they want to make.

                        As a Personal Branding Strategist, Charley helps clients rediscover what truly differentiates them in today's competitive workplace. He mentors executives and professionals to define their purpose, develop their authentic stories, build a trusted network, and design/ execute a game plan to secure full-time roles/ engagements/ contracts with mission-driven organizations.

                        Charley's philosophy? "New Questions lead to New Thinking which reveals New Possibilities."

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                          Leadership: The New Leadership Discipline Required in the Age of Isolation (Entrepreneur)

                          With the move to remote work, there are new skills required for leaders and employees to be successful. This article talks about how leaders can tackle loneliness – a great conversation for career pros to have with clients of all levels. A related article shares how job seekers can vet a remote workplace.

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                          Branding: Use Classic Plot Devices to Strengthen Your Brand (Inc.)

                          If you want to use storytelling to engage readers in your content strategy and client profiles, this is a must-read. If you want examples and structures to write better stories in content, profiles, and comments, join us for the digital branding strategist program starting next week!

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                          College to Career: WFH Has Killed Networking as We Know It. Gen Z Plans to Adapt (Fortune)

                          This article is a treasure trove of ideas for networking while in a remote role. Although written specifically for young professionals, it offers tips all professionals can use.

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                          Certified Digital Branding Strategist

                          Program Starts March 31

                          Learn More & Register

                          Diversity: Career Advancement & Entrepreneurship for Neurodiverse Clients (Career Confidante Radio)

                          Listen in as Melissa Kelley tells her story of being diagnosed with ADHD and Autism and how she’s navigated her career, business, and client work.

                          Listen In

                          Future of Work: New Study: It’s the End of the Work As We Know It (Chief Executive)

                          A survey of executives shares some of the key predictions about what work will look like by 2030. This bonus article shares a few other ideas about how work will shift. Are you seeing these trends? What do you think work will look like in 8 years?

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                          Women in Careers: On Leadership: Let’s Keep Making History: 10 Ways Women are Advancing in the Workplace and in the Boardroom (Business Record)

                          We continue the celebration of women’s history month with this article talking about how women are making history!

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                          Are you looking for tools to address the fears and barriers that stop job seekers in their tracks? The Certified Hidden Job Market Coach (CHJMC) program offers a structured approach to job search planning, networking, and proactive search. During this 6-week virtual class, you'll learn how to improve job search strategy, hone your coaching approach, and structure your services so candidates land jobs faster. Learn more and register.

                          Marie Zimenoff

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