Issue 390 | March 10, 2022

“Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.” – Hannah Arendt, 20th Century political philosopher, author, and Holocaust survivor

Is it setting boundaries or playing small?

We hear a lot of chatter about the power of saying “no.” We know the mental health benefits (and beyond) of setting boundaries.

And, sometimes when I talk to clients or business owners, I see that these ideas can feed our fears of taking a risk.

Growing your business, getting a new job, changing your lifestyle…any change takes an element of risk.

To get different results, we have to do something different – and that is scary!

What many “say no” articles fail to do is remind us that the real reason for saying “no” is to create space to say “yes” to something else.

The risks that will get us where we do want to go. That new project, new job, new business.


    The trick is we have to know what the new goal is and have some ideas of how we might get there to recognize what to say “no” to and what to say “yes” to even if it feels a bit scary at the time.

    And, for most of us, reality is we may have to keep doing some of the old things to pay the bills while we take on some of those new things.

    One of my mentors sent in a recent newsletter this idea that “overwhelm” is not all bad. It means that we are trying new things. While we don’t want to stay overwhelmed, if we protect ourselves from it too much, it can keep us in a cycle of wanting more but never seeming to reach it.

    What’s the right amount of overwhelm? It will be different for all of us at different points in our lives.

    How do you make sure you are finding opportunities to grow even when it feels a bit uncomfortable? How do you find that happy place where we have enough challenge to stay stimulated and enough support to not be overwhelmed (the definition of “flow”)?

    I don’t have any answers today but have been thinking about the downside of the “anti-hustle culture” and wanted to share it with you. I’d love your thoughts if you want to hit “reply” and share!

    And, of course, if you want to step out and take a chance on yourself, join us for the 2022 CTL Annual Symposium. Thirteen years of attendees have transformed their business or career by participating, what transformation awaits you?

    Marie Zimenoff
    CEO, Career Thought Leaders

    Nurturing Your Community: Email Marketing for Repeat Sales

    Starts March 16 from 11:00am-12:30pm US ET

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    CTL Annual Symposium

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      • Nurture Your Community: Email Marketing for Repeat Business
      • CTL Annual Symposium – March 22 Last Day to Save
      • CTL Associate News & Opportunities
      • Job Search: Find a Job While Employed
      • Leadership: Lessons from Top CEOs
      • Social Media: LinkedIn ‘Career Break’ Expands
      • Resumes: Increase Salary with First Impression
      • Hiring Trends: Impact of New COVID Variant
      • Diversity: Pandemic Hit Women Hard


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              • Nurturing Your Community: Email Marketing for Repeat Business
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                    MAR 16 | Nurture Your Community: Email Marketing for Repeat Business

                    Do you hesitate to follow up with a prospect after a sales call?

                    Would you like to improve your communications with prospects and former clients to consistently earn more referrals and repeat business?

                    If you've been wanting to create more structure in your prospect and client messages, this session is for you!

                    In this 90-minute session you'll learn the building blocks of an effective email marketing sequence from marketing experts Darlene Turriff and Nicole Washburn.

                    Then, you'll have an opportunity to draft your 3-email sequence and get feedback from the instructors and your peers.

                    The best part? Darlene and Nicole are creating templates for you to use in creating your offer sequence!

                    As with any CTL Master-E-Session, you'll get expert guidance, hands-on experience, and practical information that will make an impact on your business the next day.

                    Everyone who registers gets access to the recording, templates, and other resources.

                      APR 11 | CTL Annual Symposium - March 22 Last Day to Save

                      Join us for 3 days  in person  to learn, connect, and get to know other leaders in the career services industry!

                      The CTL leadership team is known for putting together a leading-edge curriculum for all our events, and the annual professional development symposium always brings the best minds together for you to learn from.

                      Do you want to get the latest information, but hate when you feel like you didn't apply anything you learned? Us, too!

                      Even before it was cool, we were creating unique spaces for professionals to share their expertise. We know adults learn by sharing, questioning, and integrating information. We work with our presenters to make sure each presentation gives you not only the latest information but time and space to share, integrate, and make that information actionable.

                      Will it be recorded or simulcasted? Not this event...

                      While we do extensive virtual training throughout the year (for 15+ years running), we also know the power of focus that comes with attending a live, in-person event. That is why we are so excited to bring this back...safely! Please see our COVID protocols (and city of Philadelphia mandates) here.

                      Can't attend live last minute? Don't worry. We have options ready to go for you to get the value from your investment.

                      Here's a little taste of what you can expect from our presenter Melanie Denny.

                      According to The Conference Board Salary Increase Budget Survey, company salary budgets are projected to rise 3.9% -- to the highest levels since 2008. This presents a lucrative opportunity for job seekers to maximize their paycheck as inflation rises.

                      Unfortunately, salary negotiation is still a skill that many professionals lack. In an economy where every penny counts, it's vital for professionals to capitalize on their talents and tactfully ask for what they're worth.

                      In this presentation, Melanie will address the top 7 mistakes job seekers make in salary negotiations and how anyone can negotiate regardless of their level or role.

                      Attendees will walk away with practical tips they can use with their clients - the same strategies that have Melanie's clients achieving up to 5-figure salary increases!

                      Meet the Presenter

                      Melanie L. Denny is an International Career Speaker, Award-Winning Resume Expert, Nationally Certified LinkedIn Strategist, and trusted resource for all things job search. Since starting her resume business in 2009, she has written thousands of resumes for diverse industries at all levels.

                      Her clients have seen remarkable job-search success and salary increases to the tune of $15K to $50K as a result of her ability to not only concisely articulate their value on paper, but her empowering approach to self-marketing. She also enjoys mentoring new resume writers to serve their clients at a higher level.

                      Melanie has been featured on multiple podcasts, radio shows, top career websites and national media outlets has been invited to speak to international organizations across the world on career-related topics including resumes, LinkedIn, interviewing, personal branding, networking, and career empowerment.

                      She has won 2 resume writing awards and her resumes and cover letters have been featured in 6 career-related books. She holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship and a Bachelor of Science in Business with a minor in English.

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                        Job Search: The 13 Keys to Finding a New Job Without Your Current Boss Finding Out (Business Insider)

                        This article gives practical advice for job searching while employed. A must-read for every employed job seeker!
                        Read More

                        Leadership: Leadership Lessons from the World’s Best CEOs (McKinsey & Company)

                        Listen in or read this interview with the author of a new leadership book sharing insights on mindsets that distinguish the best leaders from the rest.
                        Listen In or Read More

                        Social Media: LinkedIn Launches Expanded ‘Career Break’ Listing Option to All Users (Social Media Today)

                        LinkedIn has expanded the career break options to all users after rolling out some features last year. As career professionals, exploring the pros and cons of using these features is important. This article from Angela Watts collects some of the research on unemployment bias. We know that filling gaps is important, and this article shares research around the best ways to fill gaps.
                        Read More

                        Nurture Your Community: Email Marketing for Repeat Sales

                        March 16 from 11:00am-12:30pm US ET

                        Learn More & Register

                        Resumes: How to Increase Your Salary with a Powerful First Impression (Career Confidante Radio)

                        Listen in as CTL Symposium Keynote Speaker Melanie L. Denny shares what your clients need to do on their resume to kick off their salary negotiations on the right foot.

                        Listen In

                        Hiring Trends: Hiring Will Not Be Impacted by Any New Coronavirus Variant (Economic Times)

                        This article shares survey data from 1400+ executives across industries indicating that hiring will not be impacted and most companies do not anticipate a rise in job insecurity. What are you seeing with your clients?

                        Read More

                        Diversity: The Pandemic Hit Women Hard; Here’s What Leaders Must Do Next (Gallup)

                        As we celebrate Women’s History Month this month, it is important to look at the challenges women are facing today. This article outlines them and shares strategies managers can use to prevent further hardship for women based on current trends.
                        Read More

                        Colleague Earns Prestigious Credential

                        Kudos to Colleen McCorkle who earned the Academy Certified Resume Writer credential from Resume Writing Academy. You have worked hard to improve your writing, hone your strategy, and design effective documents. Your workforce center colleagues and clients will benefit from these learnings for years to come. We are thrilled to have you in the ACRW community!

                        CTL & RWA EVENTS

                        March 14, 2022 | 12:00PM-1:00PM US ET
                        CTL Associate Quarterly Call with the CTL Board 
                        In this CTL Associate Call, our CTL Board will be leading a discussion on trends and social media. The call is open to all CTL Associates and is a way to help you stay current, learn some new tricks, and share some of your own wealth of information. CTL Associates, watch for an email from Marie Zimenoff with call-in details. You MUST be an Associate to participate. Join the main CTL RWA network and we'll add you to the CTL Associate group so you can RSVP to get weekly reminders.

                        March 15, 2022 | 4:00PM-4:30PM US ET
                        Trend Tuesday Live
                        Join us Live every Tuesday at 4 pm ET to talk about the latest trends in career services, leadership development, and all things career. We’ll be sharing some of the insights from the latest trends white paper based on our annual Career Jam event. You’ll also get updated on the very latest in the industry and trends in job search, LinkedIn, branding, resume writing, coaching, business development, and more. Join our professional network and then RSVP to get weekly reminders.

                        March 16, 2022 | 11:00AM-12:30PM US ET
                        Nurture Your Community: Email Marketing for Repeat Business
                        If you've been wanting to create more structure in your prospect and client messages, this session is for you! In this 90-minute session you'll learn the building blocks of an effective email marketing sequence from marketing experts Darlene Turriff and Nicole Washburn. Then, you'll have an opportunity to draft your 3-email sequence and get feedback from the instructors and your peers. The best part? Darlene and Nicole are creating templates for you to use in creating your offer sequence! Learn more and register.

                        March 31, 2022 | 8:00AM-9:30AM US ET
                        Digital Branding Strategist Certification
                        This innovative certification gives you everything you need to coach your client in creating and executing a digital branding strategy to expand their thought-leadership, build and nurture their network, and do their job better. The result? Your clients gain competitive advantage and increase their influence and confidence. They expand their brand community. They increase their performance and reach their goals. Learn more and register.

                        April 10-13, 2022 | 8:00AM-5:00PM US PT
                        Career Thought Leaders Professional Development Symposium
                        Join us for our annual professional development event! We will be downtown Philadelphia for 3 days of learning and connecting around our theme: "Flourishing in the Future of Work." Learn more and register.

                        Marie Zimenoff

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