Issue 387 | February 17, 2022

“To truly listen is to risk being changed forever.” – Sa’K'es Henderson, Native American elder

"The magic happens in the hallways."

This was the conference-going advice I received from my mentor, Rich Feller.

It challenged my introverted tendencies. I realized that learning from the sessions was important, and I needed to make sure I connected with people, too.

Little did he know that this advice at a 2006 National Career Development Association event would be a catalyst in my journey to where I am today.

It may sound a bit overdramatic, and it's true--- conferences and the relationships built at them have transformed my business and my life.


    In 2008, I met Louise Kurmark at my first resume writing industry conference and learned strategies I use and teach today. Nearly 7 years ago this relationship led to me taking over leadership of Resume Writing Academy.

    In 2010, I met Susan Britton at the Career Thought Leaders conference. She introduced me to the Certified Personal Branding Strategist program that helped me transform my brand and my business (positioning me to acquire this program now under the CTL umbrella!).

    Going to conferences led to subcontracting opportunities, confidence in my abilities, thought leadership content (sharing what you learn could be a year's worth of content!), colleague friendships, and much more.

    While last year's Symposium attendees demonstrated virtual events could have some of this same magic, I'm so excited to watch the magic happen in the hallways in Philadelphia.

    There is a 100% chance we'll be having the event in person in April. Will we see you there?

    Marie Zimenoff
    CEO, Career Thought Leaders

    Academy Certified Resume Writer
    Training & Certification Program

    Starts February 22 from 12:00-1:30 PM ET

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    Certified Personal Branding Strategist

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          • Job Search: LinkedIn for the Formerly Incarcerated
          • Diversity: Stuttering Discrimination
          • Social Media: LinkedIn Polls Strategy
          • Talent Trends: Time to Get Creative
          • Interviewing: Introverts Ace Virtual Interviews
          • Career Management: Secrets to Career Success


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                • Get the Recording: Writing Strategies for Gigs, Side Hustles & Freelancing
                • Trend Tuesday Live
                • Academy Certified Resume Writer Program
                • Trend Tuesday Live
                • Certified Personal Branding Strategist
                • CTL Annual Symposium

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                • Asperger’s/Autism Employment Coach Certification

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                      FEB 22 | Academy Certified Resume Writer Training & Certification

                      Are you ready to take your resume knowledge and writing skills to the next level?

                      If so, keep reading to learn more about the Resume Writing Academy ACRW training program.

                      Graduates tell us the ACRW program gave them the confidence and results they desired. That they transformed their writing through repeated feedback on their work.

                      They continue to grow through free, lifetime access to community resources like quarterly meetings, mentoring during office hours, and one-on-one calls.

                      RWAs certification programs provide English language, formatting, and writing assignments – each carefully crafted to test your command of strategy, design, and writing. 

                      Our team of experienced writers gives you personalized feedback on every assignment, is available for your questions one-on-one, holds office hours to help you with class and client assignments, and continues this support after graduation.

                      PLUS – no membership is required, and certification is built into the program. You'll work hard to create each assignment, rewrite a few assignments, and earn your certification at the end – no test to take or separate fee to pay.

                      MAR 3 | Certified Personal Branding Strategist Course Begins

                      A vast majority of the working population are re-evaluating how work fits into their lives. They feel like a career change might help them find more meaningful work, but they aren't sure where to start or what that even means.

                      This is putting pressure on leaders to retain talent in new ways, requiring a level of empathy and authenticity many aren't prepared for.

                      Thankfully, they have you! Career services providers, coaches, and writers are uniquely positioned to help these individuals unearth the internal compass to direct these life-altering choices.

                      We can help them find the themes, understand how they relate to their key stakeholders, and communicate in the right language.

                      Are you looking for more tools to help clients achieve this clarity and be poised for the next step in their career and armed with tools they need to be agile and thrive throughout their career?

                      If you want the tools and confidence you need to:

                      • lead clients through more transformational engagements
                      • articulate a unique value proposition to stand out in a crowded coaching market (and help clients stand out from their peers)
                      • have a repeatable process and structure so you can focus on each client and know every client will get outstanding results
                      • attract more ideal clients and make more money with a done-for-you, customizable personal branding strategy business

                      Then it’s time to become a Certified Personal Branding Strategist!

                        In the Certified Personal Branding Strategist program, you will learn the Reach Personal Branding, a comprehensive, three-step process for uncovering, communicating, and nurturing your personal brand.

                        Plus, you’ll earn 6 ICF CCEs, including 4 core competency CCEs!

                        APR 11 | CTL Annual Symposium - Meet Our Speakers!

                        Join us for 3 days  in person  to learn, connect, and get to know other leaders in the career services industry!

                        The CTL leadership team is known for putting together a leading-edge curriculum for all our events, and the annual professional development symposium always brings the best minds together for you to learn from.

                        Do you want to get the latest information, but hate when you feel like you didn't apply anything you learned? Us, too!

                        Even before it was cool, we were creating unique spaces for professionals to share their expertise. We know adults learn by sharing, questioning, and integrating information. We work with our presenters to make sure each presentation gives you not only the latest information but time and space to share, integrate, and make that information actionable.

                        Will it be recorded or simulcasted? Not this event...

                        While we do extensive virtual training throughout the year (for 15+ years running), we also know the power of focus that comes with attending a live, in-person event. That is why we are so excited to bring this back...safely! Please see our COVID protocols (and city of Philadelphia mandates) here. One of the points people loved about our virtual event in 2021 was the transcripts, so we will be audio recording and providing transcripts ONLY FOR ATTENDEES so you can get more value from your attendance.

                        Can't attend live last minute? Don't worry. We have options ready to go for you to get the value from your investment.

                        Here's a little taste of what you can expect from our presenter Louise Kursmark.

                        Have you ever struggled to write powerful career documents for new grads with no relevant experience, clients with a series of short-term jobs that lack accomplishments, people coming off lengthy periods of employment, or those who can’t articulate their achievements (“I just did my job”)?

                        This session is for you! We’ll explore a variety of methods for unearthing, organizing, expanding, and connecting career stories that will resonate with employers and give your clients pride and confidence as they begin their job search.

                        While not excluding executive writers, this session will appeal especially to mid-level experienced writers, college and university career center advisors, experienced coaches seeking to build resume skills, and those who advise on resumes but don't write them for clients. It offers new ways of approaching a familiar topic and a client segment that can be challenging. The session will include:

                        • 6 Methods to Capture Meaningful Content
                        • 4 Keys to Create a Powerful, Cohesive Resume
                        • Tips to Translate Material for LinkedIn, Cover Letters, and Interviews

                        Meet the Presenter

                        Louise Kursmark is a career storyteller who has been crafting branded resumes and career documents for more than 20 years. She is the author of some two dozen career-related books, including 3 titles in the MODERNIZE YOUR CAREER series with co-authors Wendy Enelow and Jan Melnik.

                        Louise was the first person worldwide to earn the Master Resume Writer credential and has won 6 “best resume” awards. Among her favorite things in life, in addition to her friends and family, are traveling, biking, visiting baseball stadiums around the country, and sharing success strategies with a room full of career professionals.

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                        Job Search: ConConnect Wants to Become the LinkedIn for the Formerly Incarcerated (CNN Business)

                        Those who have been involved with the justice system in the US often face an uphill battle to find jobs, let alone jobs that pay a livable wage. Read this article for the story of an entrepreneur who is looking to change that.
                        Read More

                        Diversity: Stuttering Discrimination and the Workplace (SHRM)

                        This article shares information about how stuttering has become increasingly visible with the move to remote work and virtual interviews and what those who stutter can do to request accommodations.

                        Read More

                        Social Media: How to Create and Use LinkedIn Polls in Your Social Media Strategy (JD Supra)

                        When used thoughtfully, LinkedIn polls can be a great way to engage your audience in a conversation, learn about them, and, potentially, get more visibility amongst your network.
                        Read More

                        Academy Certified Resume Writer Training & Certification

                        Program Starts February 22, 12:00-1:30 PM US ET

                        Learn More & Register

                        Talent Trends: From the Great Resignation to the Great Migration to the Great Inflation. It’s Time to Get Creative. (Josh Bersin)

                        This article shares what recruiters and HR professionals are experiencing and doing to retain talent in these times of constant change.

                        Read More

                        Interviewing: How Introverts Can Ace Virtual Job Interview (Psychology Today)

                        This article shares tips anyone can use to be more effective in virtual interviews by connecting with interviewers, using good body language, and practicing good keywords.

                        Read More

                        Career Management: The Secrets to Career Success & How You Can Help Clients Achieve It (Career Thought Leaders Video)

                        The new era of career and leadership success requires more of what we as coaches can help people uncover and articulate. What has helped your clients increase their empathy, authenticity, and career agility? If you want tools to guide them in these transformational conversations, join us for the Certified Personal Branding Strategist program starting March 3!

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                        CTL & RWA EVENTS

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                        Resume & Profile Master-E-Session: Strategies for Gigs, Side Hustles, Freelancing & More
                        As the independent workforce grows, our clients need new strategies for positioning this experience on their resumes and profiles. Join Jan Melnik and Marie Zimenoff to get tools for branding these clients, creating powerful stories across their experiences, and launching them into a successful search for the next job or gig. Get the recording!

                        February 22, 2022 | 12:00PM-1:30PM ET
                        Academy Certified Resume Writer Course
                        Increase your confidence, help candidates stand out, open doors to opportunities for yourself, and make more money! The Resume Writing Academy comprehensive resume writing training and certification program is celebrating its 33rd class of teaching strategy, modern formatting in Word, and much more through training and personalized feedback! The program includes 5 classes, personalized feedback on 5 writing assignments, and the opportunity to join an elite list of writers. Learn more and register.

                        February 22, 2022 | 4:00PM-4:30PM US ET
                        Trend Tuesday Live
                        We’re back! Join us Live every Tuesday at 4 pm ET to talk about the latest trends in career services, leadership development, and all things career. We’ll be sharing some of the insights from the latest trends white paper based on our annual Career Jam event. You’ll also get updated on the very latest in the industry and trends in job search, LinkedIn, branding, resume writing, coaching, business development, and more. Join our professional network and then RSVP to get weekly reminders.

                        March 3, 2022 | 11:00AM-12:30PM US ET
                        Certified Personal Branding Strategist Class
                        Get the tools 1000s of coaches in 40+ countries are using to stand out in a crowded market... and guide clients to do the same. Learn a comprehensive, 3-step process for uncovering, communicating, and nurturing your personal brand. This methodology is the future of career management and the foundation for expanding professional and personal success. Learn more and register.

                        April 10-13, 2022 | 8:00AM-5:00PM US PT
                        Career Thought Leaders Professional Development Symposium
                        Join us for our annual professional development event! We will be downtown Philadelphia for 3 days of learning and connecting around our theme: "Flourishing in the Future of Work." Learn more and register.

                        PARTNER EVENTS

                        February 17, 2022 | 4:00-5:30PM US ET
                        Asperger’s/Autism Employment Coach Certification
                        This 8-week program focuses on how to assist individuals to choose the right career, find a job and stay hired. Weekly sessions are live over the Internet, and feature discussions, interactive exercises, and case studies. Participants gain hands-on experience during a 6-week supervised practicum. This program qualifies for 21 GCDF credits. Group size is limited to 10, and an application is required. Details are on the Forward Motion Coaching Web site. Learn more and register.

                        Marie Zimenoff

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