Issue 382 | January 14, 2022

“You are the laboratory and every day is an experiment. Go and find what is new and unexpected.” – Joel Elkes, 20th Century father of neuropsychopharmacology

Well, welcome to 2022 – it’s going to be a wild ride!

Many of you choose a one-word intention for the year.

This year I pondered many deep thoughts and wound up at “surfing.”

No, we’re not talking about the beach – although that would be nice!

“Surfing” is a term I learned from Shirzad Chamine, author of Positive Intelligence.

The idea behind surfing is to let go of control. To realize that trying to control our world impedes better ways of thinking and solving problems – what Shirzad calls "accessing our Sage powers."


Given that we’ve already had to reschedule events this year due to unexpected circumstances (and it's only the 14th of January), it is the perfect word for the year!

Surfers don’t just go with the flow. They look ahead and strategically choose a line that will move them in the direction they want to go.

Then, when they inevitably wipe out, they take a breath and paddle with intention to catch the next wave.

I’m not an expert surfer (literally or figuratively), but I’m going to try! What's your one word for 2022? Are you a fellow Positive Intelligence fan? Reply and let me know!

So, what waves are happening here at CTL and RWA?

We moved A Strengths-Based Approach: Coaching What's Strong vs. What's Wrong to January 28, 2022, and are excited to meet Jennifer James who co-teaches the Academies strengths-based coaching program with Susan Britton.

We pushed the start date for our Certified Personal Branding Strategist program to Thursday, March 3rd, so we can be ready with our new materials.

What hasn’t changed?

Trend Tuesdays are back next week and we’ll have a guest! One of my long-time recruiter connections Eric Lea from Robert Half will be sharing salary trends and preictions.

The Certified Career Transition Coach program is still starting January 26, 2022, and we have a great group forming to get strategies and tools for guiding clients in career decision-making and transition.

The 2022 Symposium is still on, in person, April 10-13, 2022. We are talking with the facility in Philadelphia and will be taking COVID precautions like masks and complying with the city of Philadelphia’s vaccination requirements for public establishments.

We’re in for an adventure in 2022 and I’m glad you’re here to surf with me!

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Marie Zimenoff
CEO, Career Thought Leaders

Certified Career Transition Coach
Help Clients Explore & Execute a Career Change

January 26, 2022

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A Strengths-Based Approach
Coaching What's Strong vs. What's Wrong

New Date! January 28, 2022

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      • Certified Career Transition Coach Starts Jan 26
      • Coaching What’s Strong vs. What’s Wrong Jan 28
      • CTL Associate News & Opportunities


        • Salary Trends: Many in for Pay Hikes
        • Tech Industry: Tech Hiring Trends
        • Career: ‘Do What You Love’?
        • Talent Trends: Land Your Dream Career
        • Career: Upside of Uncertain
        • Leadership: Growth in the New Normal


            CTL & RWA Events

            • Trend Tuesday Live
            • Career Transition Coach Certification
            • Master-E-Session: Strengths-Based Coaching
            • Academy Certified Resume Writer Program
            • Certified Personal Branding Strategist
            • CTL Annual Symposium

            Partner Events

            • Gen Z and Millennial Career Coaching: A 5-Step Model
            • Asperger’s/Autism Employment Coach Certification

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                  JAN 26 | Certified Career Transition Coach Program Starts

                  Grow your confidence and improve candidate outcomes through 9 hours of training and hands-on activities to use with candidates. Get resources for career coaching – from exploration through decision-making and starting the job search process.

                  The training, resources, and worksheets you receive include:

                  • Activities to guide clients in identifying their key career drivers.
                  • Tools to improve your process of debriefing and creating action plans from career assessments and activities.
                  • Structures for helping clients see the progress you are making together and connect activities to outcomes.
                  • Processes for researching career options and target organizations to speed their decision-making and job search.
                  • And much more!

                    This class won’t sit on your shelf… our interactive program will guide you in integrating the concepts into your independent coaching practice, workforce center coaching and workshops, or college career services.

                    Approved for 12 ICF CCEs, including 7.5 Core Competency Credits.

                      JAN 28 | A Strengths-Based Approach: Coaching What’s Strong vs. What’s Wrong

                      Join us as we welcome strengths expert Jennifer James, who brings a corporate coaching background in many industries to her strengths-based coaching.

                      If you've never attended a CTL workshop, you are in for a treat! You'll walk away with practical tools you can use with clients – backed by neuroscience and sure to change your client outcomes.

                      Jennifer will share a holistic strengths model and practical strategies to guide clients in identifying their strengths.

                      She'll also help you understand the balconies and basements of strengths and teach coaching techniques to uncover the causes behind basement behavior. Then, she'll share how we can leverage their strengths to get them back on track.

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                        Salary Trends: Many Employees Could Be in for Pay Hikes of 5% or More in 2022 (CNBC)

                        Employers are responding to the steady number of people leaving their jobs by increasing salaries and/or bonuses. Read this article to get all the details and join us for Trend Tuesday on January 18 to hear more on these trends from staffing firm Robert Half.
                        Read More

                        Tech Industry: Tech Hiring Survey 2022 (CodinGame & CoderPad)

                        This survey of 14,000 developers and recruiters reveals the trends around projects, challenges, and priorities for developers and recruiters. It includes data on remote work, what recruiters care about, and top priorities for investments.

                        Read More

                        Career: ‘Do What You Love’ Could Be Contributing to the Great Resignation (The Conversation)

                        This article speaks to the pervasive passion paradigm fueling the Great Resignation. It details where it started, the downsides, and what it takes to work in your area of passion. If you want to help clients as they re-evaluate their work, get tools, training, and support in our Certified Career Transition Coach program!
                        Read More

                        Certified Career Transition Coach

                        Tools for a Career Exploration, Decision-Making & Transition
                        Starts January 26 from 11:00AM-12:30PM ET

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                        Talent Trends: How to Land Your Dream Career in 2022 (Better Human Podcast)

                        Listen in as I talk with Greg Witz about where people are going in the Great Resignation, how generations are impacting recruiting trends, and more!

                        Listen Now

                        Career: The Upside of Feeling Uncertain About Your Career (Harvard Business Review)

                        This article shares a sentiment many of us have been talking to clients about for years. Give it a read to see if there’s new language you can add to your plea for clients to take control of their own career management. And, if you want new tools to help clients ‘be foundational in defining their career,’ we’ve got a program for that, too!

                        Read More

                        Leadership: Growth in the New Normal: CEOs Looking Past Crisis for Opportunities (CEO World)

                        CEOs are looking to these three global trends as they determine where to invest and grow in 2022.

                        Read More

                        CTL & RWA EVENTS

                        January 18, 2022 | 4:00PM-4:30PM US ET
                        Trend Tuesday Live
                        We’re back! Join us Live every Tuesday at 4 pm ET to talk about the latest trends in career services, leadership development, and all things career. We’ll be sharing some of the insights from the latest trends white paper based on our annual Career Jam event. You’ll also get updated on the very latest in the industry and trends in job search, LinkedIn, branding, resume writing, coaching, business development, and more. RSVP to get weekly reminders.

                        January 26, 2022 | 11:00AM-12:30PM ET

                        Certified Career Transition Coach
                        Do you wish you had proven processes to walk candidates through career exploration and transition? Join us for the Certified Career Transition Coach program. This training – used by practitioners in university, community college, workforce, and private practice settings – provides resources and processes and leads you through integrating them into your work so you can coach with more confidence and achieve better outcomes for candidates. Approved for 12 ICF CCEs (7.5 Core Competency)!! Learn more and register.

                        January 28, 2022 | 11:00AM-12:30PM US ET
                        Master-E-Session: Strengths-Based Coaching Techniques & Tools
                        Join us as we welcome career industry leader Susan Britton to share about one of her favorite topics - strengths-based coaching. We'll have more details soon, and if you've never attended a presentation with Susan you are in for a treat! You'll walk away with practical tools you can use with clients – backed by neuroscience and sure to change your client outcomes. Learn more and register.

                        February 22, 2022 | 12:00PM-1:30PM ET
                        Academy Certified Resume Writer Course
                        Increase your confidence, help candidates stand out, open doors to opportunities for yourself, and make more money! The Resume Writing Academy comprehensive resume writing training and certification program is celebrating its 33rd class of teaching strategy, modern formatting in Word, and much more through training and personalized feedback! The program includes 5 classes, personalized feedback on 5 writing assignments, and the opportunity to join an elite list of writers. Learn more and register.

                        March 3, 2022 | 11:00AM-12:30PM US ET
                        Certified Personal Branding Strategist Class
                        Get the tools 1000s of coaches in 40+ countries are using to stand out in a crowded market... and guide clients to do the same. Learn a comprehensive, 3-step process for uncovering, communicating, and nurturing your personal brand. This methodology is the future of career management and the foundation for expanding professional and personal success. Learn more and register.

                        April 10-13, 2022 | 8:00AM-5:00PM US PT
                        Career Thought Leaders Professional Development Symposium
                        Join us for our annual professional development event! We will be downtown Philadelphia for 3 days of learning and connecting around our theme: "Flourishing in the Future of Work." Learn more and register.

                        PARTNER EVENTS

                        January 31, February 7, February 14, 2022 | 12:00PM-2:00PM US ET
                        Gen Z and Millennial Career Coaching: A 5-Step Model
                        Earn CEU’s and refine your approach to working with teens and young adults as you help them in the career exploration and decision-making process. Learn about the viewpoints of those who make up Gen Z and the millennial generation. Discuss the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on career planning. Robin Roman Wright, Board Certified Career & Leadership Coach, will be teaching this 6-hour webinar. Learn more and register.

                        February 17, 2022 | 4:00-5:30PM US ET
                        Asperger’s/Autism Employment Coach Certification
                        This 8-week program focuses on how to assist individuals to choose the right career, find a job and stay hired. Weekly sessions are live over the Internet, and feature discussions, interactive exercises, and case studies. Participants gain hands-on experience during a 6-week supervised practicum. This program qualifies for 21 GCDF credits. Group size is limited to 10, and an application is required. Details are on the Forward Motion Coaching Web site. Learn more and register.

                        Marie Zimenoff

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