Issue 428 | January 5, 2023

"Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home." - Matsuso Basho, 15th Century Japanese Haiku Master

It's that magical time of year when many people reflect and set goals for the coming year.

Insights from neuroscience and positive intelligence can create a more meaningful and powerful exercise as we greet the new year in our own way.

When we come from a place of "fixing" (like the "new year, new you" messages), our brain is set in fear mode. This means we're making decisions from a reactionary fight/fright/freeze mindset.

When we reflect on strengths and accomplishments as we plan for the next year, it puts us in a mindset of creativity and love (for self and others).

It took me a long time to get this concept. We're so conditioned to think we need to "work on our weaknesses" and "close the gaps" to improve.

Thankfully these ideas aren't mutually exclusive and we know more about how these concepts impact our brainpower (or lack thereof). We can recognize the gaps and work on them, and neuroscience suggests that *how* we reflect and set goals makes all the difference.

Start with the positive. Start by thinking about what you love about your work, yourself, your clients, and your life. Then, you can move into how those aspects can grow moving forward and help you address weaknesses or turn them into strengths through creative problem-solving.

Here are a few LinkedIn posts from last week and this week with more points to ponder if you're setting goals or helping clients with goalsetting.

And, of course, we'd love to have you kick off the year with us at the 2023 Career Industry Trends White Paper Release Webinar on Tuesday, January 10, at 4 pm ET.

Marie Zimenoff
CEO, Career Thought Leaders

Join us for the White Paper Release Webinar

January 10 at 4 pm ET


          • Career Trends White Paper Release Webinar
          • Help Career Changers Find More Meaningful Work with 4 Practical Tools
          • Certified Personal Branding Strategist Program Starts
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          • Career Advancement: Portfolio Career Is Corporate Ladder
          • Business: Prepare for New Tax Law
          • Leadership: How Managers Handle Promotions
          • Social Media: Trends for 2023 from Experts
          • Technology: Digital Workforce Benefits Businesses
          • Personal Branding: Trends for 2023


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                    • White Paper Release
                    • Help Career Changers Find More Meaningful Work with 4 Practical Tools
                    • Certified Personal Branding Strategist Class
                    • Academy Certified Resume Writer Course

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                                        Jan 10 | Career Trends White Paper Release Webinar

                                        Join us to hear insights from your colleagues on the 5 Megatrends impacting careers in 2023.

                                        We’ll go through insights from career services providers from across the globe on HR and job search tech, well-being, gig work, skills-based hiring, and the new retirement. RSVP to the LinkedIn event below (we’ll only be on LinkedIn and the Facebook group for this live to limit trolls).

                                          Jan 18 | Help Career Changers Find More Meaningful Work with 4 Practical Tools

                                          Surveys show that more people than ever before are contemplating a career change. In the wake of COVID, people have new criteria as they evaluate their career and life - seeking more meaning but not quite sure how to define it.

                                          Join coach and master personal branding strategists Susan Chritton and Marie Zimenoff as they share practical tools for helping clients who are searching for meaning as they navigate a career transition.

                                          Change is everywhere. Clients seek our services when they are undergoing a change in their lives. Guiding them through the tasks is not enough.

                                          To truly add value, we must understand what happens to a person on the inside during times of transition.

                                          This interactive presentation will give you a little bit of theory so that you can have a solid foundation of what transition is. You will be guided through a process that you can use for yourself and for your clients who are experiencing transition.

                                          By the end of the session, you will be able to understand and embrace this quote by William Bridges: “It isn’t the changes that do you in, it’s the transitions. Change is situational – the new site, the new boss, the new role. Transition is the psychological process people go through to come to terms with the new situation. Change is external, transition is internal.”

                                          Get access to the live session, video recording, and handout so you can view it whenever you wish, as often as you wish!

                                            Jan 24 | Certified Personal Branding Strategist Program Starts

                                            A vast majority of the working population are re-evaluating how work fits into their life. They feel like a career change might help them find more meaningful work, but they aren't sure where to start or what that even means.

                                            This is putting pressure on leaders to retain talent in new ways, requiring a level of empathy and authenticity many aren't prepared for.

                                            Thankfully, they have you! Career services providers, coaches, and writers are uniquely positioned to help these individuals unearth the compass to direct these life-altering choices.

                                            We can help them find the themes, understand how they relate to their key stakeholders, and communicate in the right language.

                                            Are you looking for more tools to help clients achieve this clarity and be poised for not only the next step in their career but armed with the tools they need to be agile and thriving throughout their career?

                                            If you want to finally have the tools and confidence you need to:

                                            • lead clients through more transformational engagements
                                            • articulate a unique value proposition to stand out in a crowded coaching market (and help clients stand out from their peers)
                                            • have a repeatable process and structure so you can focus on each client and know every client will get outstanding results
                                            • attract more ideal clients and make more money with a done-for-you, customizable personal branding strategy business

                                            Then it’s time to become a Certified Personal Branding Strategist!

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                                              Career Advancement: ‘Career Portfolioing’ Is the New Version of Climbing the Corporate Ladder (Fortune)

                                              Although many of us have been talking about the opportunities related to portfolio careers, this article shares data behind why people do it and other points you can use to improve your content on the topic and coaching approach.

                                              Read More

                                              Business: The IRS Just Gave Gig Workers an Extra Year to Prepare for a Major Tax Change (Money)

                                              If you are running a side hustle in the careers business or helping clients who are running side hustles, this tax change is an important one to investigate and perhaps engage a financial expert about.

                                              Read More

                                              Leadership: 12 Tips for Managers on How to Approach Promotions (Fast Company)

                                              If you are working with leaders that want to improve their career advancement processes with their teams, this article is a wealth of information. How might this help your clients who are seeking promotions?

                                              Read More

                                              Join Us for the White Paper Release Webinar

                                              Hear how your colleagues are responding to the top 5 megatrends impacting careers.

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                                              Social Media: Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023: Predictions from the Pros (Social Media Examiner)

                                              Where will brands be focusing for 2023? What type of content will rule the year? How will content stand out? This article answers these questions and more. If you missed it, check out our 2023 trends roundup video from Tuesday.

                                              Read More

                                              Technology: Here’s How a Digital Workforce Benefits Businesses and Workers (World Economic Forum)

                                              Digital workers are intelligent software bots that automate business processes. This article details how they will be incorporated into businesses and what we and our clients need to know to stay ahead of the curve.

                                              Read More

                                              Personal Branding:  10 Personal Branding Trends for 2023 (Forbes)

                                              In 2001, William Arruda started Reach Personal Branding and created the process that is now the foundation for the Certified Personal Branding program. His annual trends are not to be missed if you are guiding clients in personal branding. If you’re looking for a resource with powerful questions you can ask clients to get them started, listen in to this interview with Kris McGuigan or check out this LinkedIn post with a 5-question process.

                                              Read More

                                              Kudos to Linda Greenfield who earned the Academy Certified Resume Writer credential from Resume Writing Academy. You have worked hard to perfect your writing, improve your strategy, and design effective documents. Welcome to this group of elite writers across the globe. We are thrilled to have you in the ACRW community!

                                              Congratulations to Rebecca Bosl who earned the Certified Hidden Job Market Coach credential from Career Thought Leaders. You are now among a growing group of coaches who’ve created more structured processes for job seekers to achieve their goals even faster!

                                              CTL & RWA EVENTS

                                              January 10, 2023 | 4:00PM-4:45PM US ET
                                              White Paper Release
                                              Join us for a special Trend Tuesday – the release of our annual Career Trends White Paper. We’ll go through insights from career services providers from across the globe on HR and job search tech, well-being, gig work, skills-based hiring, and the new retirement. RSVP to the LinkedIn event (we’ll only be on LinkedIn and the Facebook group for this live to limit trolls).

                                              January 18, 2023 | 2:00PM-3:30PM US ET
                                              Help Career Changers Find More Meaningful Work with 4 Practical Tools
                                              More people are considering career change than ever before. And they are still aware of the desires COVID raised to have more meaningful work and life/work balance. The challenge? They don’t know how to make these concerns actionable and find work that brings more meaning or navigate their career with these new priorities. In this session, you’ll get tools you can use to improve these conversations and client outcomes. Learn more and register.

                                              January 24, 2023 | 11:00AM-12:30PM US ET
                                              Certified Personal Branding Strategist Class
                                              Get the tools 1000s of coaches in 40+ countries are using to stand out in a crowded market... and a process to guide clients to do the same. Learn a comprehensive, 3-step process for uncovering, communicating, and nurturing your personal brand. If you want clients to step confidently into their next move – be it entrepreneurship, a promotion, or a job search, this step-by-step process will set them on the right path (and increase your confidence, too!). Learn more and register.

                                              February 9, 2023 | 1:00PM-2:30PM US ET
                                              Academy Certified Resume Writer Course
                                              Increase your confidence, help candidates stand out, open doors to opportunities for yourself, and make more money! The Resume Writing Academy comprehensive resume writing training and certification program is celebrating its 35th class of teaching strategy, modern formatting in Word, and much more through training and personalized feedback! The program includes 5 classes, personalized feedback on 5 writing assignments, and the opportunity to join a community of elite writers (no renewal or membership required!). Learn more and register.

                                              March 26-29, 2023 
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                                              Join us for 3 days of learning, connecting, and fun on a private beach in San Diego. Career coaches, resume writers, career services staff, military transition personnel, and others in the careers industry will gather to hear thought leaders from the careers industry and beyond. Come and get the resources you need to refresh your approach and the inspiration you need to renew your energy. Learn more and register.

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