Hi Career Pro,

2022 has been a bit of a roller-coaster ride! From selling a house and planning to move to Minnesota and then actually moving to Colorado ... from a red-hot job market to a looming recession ... from reports of waitlists for career services to an increase of "I'll wait and see" ... change is in the air in many ways.

In the U.S. it's that time of year when we remember the power of gratitude. It may be more needed this year than ever before!

Our clients are nervous, whether they are still employed or among the thousands newly laid off. But what does gratitude have to do with that?

Did you know that neuroscience tell us gratitude and fear cannot coexist?

Gratitude can be a tool to move us out of the "flight/fright/freeze" mentality and an every-day action to focus on what we want to grow in our lives.

Do you have a daily gratitude practice? Please REPLY and share it!

One of my favorite gratitude practices is gratitude markers. These are specific objects or people in our life that we consciously choose to remind us to be grateful.

For me, seeing toys on the floor of my house as a reminder to be grateful I was able to have my boys. This changes my entire mindset (although I have had to get more intentional about it now that they are old enough for Legos ... ouch!).

We move into the new year with caution around a recession when many of us and our clients are still feeling burned out from COVID.

And yet, you continue to inspire me with your generosity to help clients and share insights with your colleagues! It has been wonderful to get to know many of you through conversations via email, in the new Mighty Networks community, and on social media.

As you look forward to 2023, I hope you'll take a minute and reflect on your successes, contribution, and perseverance this year. 

Please know that you make a difference. You are a light, and I can't wait to see many of you *in person* in 2023!

Marie Zimenoff
CEO, Career Thought Leaders

P.S. As we do every year, we're sharing a few downloads below that you can use in your practice, and discounts or freebies from CTL and our partners. New this year, as you scroll past the free tools you'll find a few Cyber Monday deals!

Tool 1: Resume & Profile Questionnaire

How do you get content for an engaging, accessible LinkedIn profiles? Ask great questions! Get this long list of questions for resume and profile intake sessions and instantly have better content for your documents.

Download the Questions

Want practice crafting the stories that make resumes, bios, profiles, and other documents irresistible? Join the Certified Career Storyteller program! You can join live for the 2nd class November 30 or do the self-paced program.

Tool 2: Interview Follow-Up Plan

Our clients never need to leave an interview wondering when to follow up from the interview or who to contact. They can use this worksheet to plan their close to the interview and ask questions that give them everything they need to know the when, how, and who of following up.

Download the Worksheet

We finished our first cohort of the Certified Interview & Compensation Negotiation Coach class a few weeks ago and it was a hit! Take the self-paced program and walk away with worksheets you can use with clients, a new structure for interview coaching, and more.

Tool 3: Remote Work Job Search Checklist

The majority of job seekers want to work remote or hybrid. How do they find those jobs? You can use this worksheet to help them research and create a job search strategy for landing remote roles.

Download the Checklist

Get the coaching strategies to help job seekers take consistent, proactive steps toward finding a good-fit role in any economy! Join us for the Certified Hidden Job Market Coach program starting December 1 (or do the self-paced program on your holiday schedule).

Tool 4: Create Your Irresistible Offer Worksheet

As we enter into a new job market, the needs for coaching, branding, and writing services will shift. The end of year is always a good time to re-evaluate your offers, and this year that is even more true. What are your prospective clients really needing? What do they care about right now? Use this worksheet to recalibrate for 2023.

Download the Worksheet

Get the full session, including a full walk-through in setting your offer strategy for more sales and profitability as part of our Business Mini Bundle at a special price now through Cyber Monday!


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We're wrapping one deal into our Coaching Week that is planned for November 28 - December 2. 

Coaching Week offers a unique opportunity to ask your burning questions in small group coaching calls, get coaching and writing strategies to help clients in career transition, and get a dedicated session on pricing and business development strategies for 2023.

Now, we're adding a bonus: you'll get LIFETIME access to one training session of your choice! 

Get 2 exclusive training sessions, 2 group coaching sessions, insights from a colleague group with 530+ years of experience, and now a session of your choice - all for $39.

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Something we've never done before... training mini-bundles! 

Start 2023 with a new marketing strategy, fresh resume and profile samples, and/or coaching questions to make your client engagements more transformational. Choose one or all of your bundle favorites below. 

*Please note that if you have already purchased a session in the bundle you can request a like-for-like exchange via email after you purchase (instructions will be provided after purchase).

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Coaching Week: Starts Nov. 28

Tap into nearly 600 years of experience in leadership, HR, and careers work during a preview week full of group coaching and training sessions with Career Industry Authority members.

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Referrals account for at least 40% of hires. How do clients stay top of mind and become the referred for their ideal roles? Through a structured job search process!

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Marie Zimenoff

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