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Master Resume Writer Renewal Requirements

The MRW must be renewed every 2 years. Renewal is NOT automatic. It is your responsibility to prepare and submit an updated portfolio for review and feedback. What a great way to ensure you're staying on top of trends! Renewal requirements include the submission of 5 full client presentations and an essay (as detailed below).

Non-CTL Associate / CIA Renewal ($119)

CTL Associate / CIA Renewal ($99)

Requirement #1:


Submit a 500-word essay on what new information, strategies, tips, and techniques you've learned over the past 2 years as they relate to writing resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, career bios, and other job-search marketing documents.

Requirement #2:

MRW Renewal Portfolio

Each of the 3 client presentations must include:

  • Statement of client needs and objectives.
  • Summary of resume writing strategy and rationale.
  • Client’s original resume (and cover letter, if one was provided to you).
  • Final resume and cover letter that you wrote.

The resume submissions for your MRW portfolio must include 5 different resumes, as outlined:

  • 1 resume for a senior manager/executive ($100K+ candidate) or technology client.
  • 2 of your very best resumes.

Be sure that the resumes you submit are different in format and visual presentation. No templates; no boilerplates; no common look for all of your resumes.

How do I renew my MRW?

1. Submit the following materials electronically.

  • Your MRW portfolio with the resumes you've created in Microsoft Word format. Presenting a well-organized, clearly documented portfolio will enable us to review your materials much more quickly and with fewer questions. It’s to your advantage as well as ours!
  • Your essay, also in in Microsoft Word format


Non-CTL Associate / CIA Renewal ($119)

CTL Associate / CIA Renewal ($99)

How is my MRW portfolio reviewed?

Your completed portfolio and essay will be submitted to the Review Committee for a comprehensive evaluation to determine if your resumes and cover letters meet MRW standards for quality and excellence based on:

  • Proof of your ability to strategically focus each resume on each client’s objectives and precisely position that job seeker for his/her targeted goals.
  • Proof of your ability to write documents that are deep and rich in content.
  • Success in competitively distinguishing your clients from other candidates by showcasing unique qualifications, achievements, projects, contributions, and other best-in-class information.
  • Demonstration of your excellent command of the English language, with specific emphasis on writing and usage, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and related masterful techniques.
  • Diverse, distinguishable, and polished resume formats that differ from resume to resume.
  • Creation of interview-friendly resumes that focus the interviewer’s attention in precisely the right direction based on each candidate’s current objectives.

The Review Committee will make every attempt to review each portfolio within 3 weeks of receipt, with either approval or denial. Any denials will be accompanied by a written statement outlining the Committee’s concerns about your MRW Portfolio. You may resubmit a revised portfolio within 60 days at no additional charge. If your portfolio is still not accepted, your money will not be refunded and you will need to wait 12 months to reapply to allow sufficient time to focus on areas necessary for improvement. When you reapply, you will need to pay an additional $139 to cover the cost of your 3rd portfolio evaluation.

Upon final approval by Committee members, your MRW will be awarded and a certificate forwarded to you. In addition, we will announce your MRW on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and several key Career Thought Leaders online groups and forums.

Maintaining & Renewing the MRW

The MRW must be renewed every 2 years. Renewal is NOT automatic. It is your responsibility to prepare and submit an updated portfolio for review and feedback. What a great way to ensure you're staying on top of trends!

MRW Revocation Policy

The Career Thought Leader Consortium reserves the right to revoke your MRW if:

  • You do not meet the biennial (every 2 years) renewal requirements.
  • You demonstrate unprofessional, unethical, or unlawful conduct.
  • You are found guilty in a court of law for unlawful or unethical business practices.

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