Hi, I’m Marie Zimenoff, CEO of CTL...

I’m a passionate advocate for career industry professionals and a decades-long practicing career coach myself. I’m so glad you’re here.

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Meet Marie Zimenoff, CEO

Entrepreneur. Speaker. Leader.

When Marie Zimenoff started her career, she never imagined she’d one day describe herself that way.

So how does an analytical, semi-introverted, risk-averse academic career counselor leave a stable job, start a business in a recession, and become the CEO of a think tank?

Mission, guts, and a passion for helping YOU.

Marie’s been in your shoes.

Like you, Marie understands the huge impact an effective career coach, career counselor, or resume professional can have on clients’ lives.

Like you, she knows the stress of wondering if she’s delivering the best information, experience, and results to aid her clients’ success. Like you, she has sometimes felt the stigma that career services often carry within the coaching and counseling worlds at large.

You are Marie’s mission.

Marie understands that dedicated professionals in the careers field need and crave first-class support, training, and innovation. She is committed to giving you the confidence and skills to crush stigmas and stand proudly upon the credibility you’ve earned and deserve.

She’s dedicated her career to making that happen for you.

Marie’s passion for the careers industry runs deep.

A memorable experience with her middle school guidance counselor first introduced Marie to the true power of career professionals.

Marie began her professional career in the university setting as an advisor and recruiter for a mechanical engineering graduate program at Colorado State University. 

While completing her Masters of Education in Human Resource Studies and Career & Counseling Development, Marie interned with a woman who owned her own career counseling business. 

Deeply inspired, Marie decided to leave her university position and open her own company. 

A career services practice was born. 

The year was 2008—the peak of the Great Recession. Undaunted, Marie hustled like crazy. She acquired a diverse range of experiences in the careers industry—career coaching, resume writing, and presenting trainings at workforce centers. 

She discovered when she blended her strengths of process and strategy with a marketing approach, she could help leaders who struggled to communicate their value and were stalled in their career growth. 

The business grew. Marie grew. Opportunities to serve her colleagues grew.

Entrepreneur. Speaker. Leader.

Pushed by a passion for making a difference to her colleagues, Marie ignored her natural risk aversion and introversion to assume leadership roles that would make a difference.

Marie was elected to the presidency of The National Resume Writers’ Association.

She created Career Confidante Radio.

In early 2015, she assumed ownership of Career Thought Leaders and Resume Writing Academy, and, in 2017, she acquired the suite of Reach Personal Branding training and certification programs.

As CEO, speaker, and trainer, Marie shares proven and leading-edge career management, branding, job search, resume development, social media, and leadership expertise with professionals worldwide. 

YOU inspire Marie.

You are a world-changer. You transform lives. You deserve the best career training and support available.

Marie is determined you will have it.

Driven by mission. Committed to you.

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