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Executives - Social Media is Business Media

26 Apr 2010 7:21 PM | Anonymous

By John O'Connor

To fight the epidemic of wasted productive time, here are some foundational tips for executives to maximize social media:

--Treat Social Media as Business Media. Be savvy in any social media setting.

--Focus on Outstanding Content, Not Exposure. For example, develop well-thought out comments on blogs and short articles (including reprints) for industry specific publications to grow your authentic brand.

--Decide in Advance What You Want to Accomplish with Social Media Before You Start. Stop mindless “chatting” with people about job search and a myriad of other issues and develop a business plan for search and professional conduct.

--Know That Online Conduct Impacts Offline Conduct. Stop one way conversations, opinions added to Comments pages and started interacting with key professionals in his field on a number of niche channels, groups on Linked In and more.

--A Weak Online Profile Equals a Weak Executive. Get a new, professionally developed resume, then refine it to fit LinkedIn profiles and use various versions to populate other channels where people could read the bio. There are many. You may need a guide to show you.

--Adjust Your Online Profile to the Media Channels You Choose. One client we recently coached found two short, one minute industry-focused videos and added them to his YouTube channel, thus creating a short, professional video bio, not of his resume, but of him being productive in the marketplace.

--Understand the Foundation - Keywords, Bio and Resume Information Must Create the Compelling Brand Focused on a Productive Purpose. Engineer your bio to attract third-party recruiters, and began dialoguing with third party and corporate recruiters you meet (if you are in a career transition) and through other unique professional introductions. Even if you are employed, get found online by talent hunters who are hunting for keywords, phrases and other digital insight that let them know you may be an excellent placement candidate or professional connection in business.

--Concentrate on One or Just a Few Social Networking Opportunities and Leave the Others Behind. Simplify your "social media" interactions on multiple eight channels and focus on a few industry channels that help you broadcast your value proposition vs. your needs; in fact, one client of ours was coached to immediately leave 10 “job seeker” groups on LinkedIn in favor of industry and association focused groups within his profession and started interacting with top peers in his field.

--Know That Social Media May Require a New Degree of Transparency and Originality. Stop trying to sell your skills, and just enhance your professional connections and brand. So invest time in work, interactions and behaviors that make business sense.

If you want to use some of your time on social media to chat, entertain yourself, reconnect with old friends and look busy, feel free. But as an executive job seeker, look hard at every digital step you take, and don’t be influenced by the latest fad. Learn how to take productive, value and brand building communications to a new level fast. Don’t be in a hurry to catch the latest social media fever, but be in a hurry to learn productive social media behavior that enhances your career and unique value proposition.

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