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Four Unconventional yet Highly Effective Sources for Nonprofit Job Leads

25 Apr 2010 7:24 PM | Anonymous

By Mary Schumacher

Many nonprofit organizations use conventional recruiting channels, such as job boards, executive search firms, or referrals. However, for those of you seeking opportunities in the hidden job market, be the first on your block to try out these uncommon sources for nonprofit job leads.

Members of Nonprofit Boards. This source is such an obvious one, and yet is an underutilized font of job information. While boards of directors do not generally hire anyone in a nonprofit organization except the executive director, their members often know the hiring needs or plans of the organization. Through their own socializing and networking activities, they also may know key people in other organizations who would be useful to meet. Ask them for names of people you should meet to enquire about hiring plans.

Nonprofit Associations. OK, this one is not so unconventional but still a good source to include in a list for nonprofit job leads. Just about every state has a statewide association for nonprofit organizations. If your state has one, the National Council of Nonprofits has it listed here: If your state doesn’t have a nonprofit association, create your own job by launching one. Most associations will have an online job board and career center targeting nonprofit jobs.

Continuing Education/Extension Departments at Universities. Many universities have extension programs that offer degrees, certificate programs, and continuing education courses. Some even offer nonprofit management programs. Regardless, extension managers generally have extensive contacts with nonprofit organizations. Get in touch with these people to find out their involvement with nonprofits and who you should talk to.

Municipal/County Community Services Agencies. Many cities and counties provide nonprofits with funding for social service activities and therefore have detailed information about area nonprofits. While getting in to see a government official can sometimes be difficult, your persistence can pay off with information about nonprofit operational and staffing needs.

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