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A Humorous Look at How to Avoid Age Bias in Your Job Search

21 Dec 2012 7:00 PM | Anonymous

By Mark Bartz

Turn on your television at 2 a.m. and I guarantee you will see at least a half dozen infomercials for beauty enhancement products, aka: how to look younger than you are. Yes, we’re in an era that is somewhat obsessed with youth. Good news for those of us not quite “over the hill” (I like to think of us as the Nearing the Hilltop Gang): the biggest trend I see firsthand is employers selecting older candidates because they have both the track record of sales required, the relationships and (don’t shoot me for saying this, it is straight from the employers) the sort of work ethic these employers want. In short, if you are selling medical equipment devices to a doctor, chances are they are not Doogie Howser; they are closer to your age. So chin up you Nearing the Hilltop Gang members.

As we approach the end of another year I thought I’d leave on a humorous note – as we live in a world where things can be rather bleak. Laughter is good medicine. So, with no further ado, I’ve gathered some of my own candidates’ collective wisdom from this year – a “Top 10” list of ways to avoid age bias in your job search. Here goes.

#10: Never admit to having played the game Twister.
#9: Never admit to having longed for the Sears, Woolworths and Penny’s Christmas catalogs.
#8: Never admit to knowing who Elizabeth Montgomery or Agnes Moorehead were.
#7: Never admit to knowing the names of all four of the Monkees.
#6: Never admit to wishing you could afford a VCR.
#5: Never admit you actually know the exact words in the Gilligan’s Island song – BOTH versions.
#4: Never admit you know exactly where you were when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon.
#3: Never admit to knowing who Mr. Green Jeans or Captain Kangaroo was.
#2: Never admit to knowing the name of the pig on Green Acres.
And the #1 way: Remember that as long as you never lose your childhood awe of things, you will never grow old.

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