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Is an Internship to a Permanent Position a Sure Thing?

15 Dec 2015 2:05 PM | Anonymous

By Brenda Bernstein
The Essay Expert

What risks are you willing to take in your job search…?

Once one of my clients (I’ll call him Adam) got a graphic design job he was very excited about. This job was at a company that works with government and military. It was officially an internship, but was guaranteed to convert to a full-time position after three months if the client performed well.

At the same time as Adam got that offer, he also received an offer for an interview at another company.

Adam chose to turn down the second interview and to accept the internship with the company he loved.

I was thrilled for Adam, and also a little concerned. Was it a good idea for my client to stop his job search before receiving an actual full-time job offer? I expressed my concern but Adam was confident he had made the right choice.

Question for thought

What I like about the way Adam made this decision is that it shows clarity of purpose and a willingness to take risks in pursuit of what he loves. I also recognize that if he had been playing it safe, he would have gone on that interview and accepted an offer if extended by the second company, even though it would have meant leaving his internship early and breaking that agreement.

What would you have done in Adam’s situation? Would you have taken a risk like that, turning down an interview when all you had was an internship and the promise of a job in three months?

Job on the line

Two and a half months later, Adam had been giving his all on the job and making a positive impression, he thought, on the company. But the next thing he knew, the promised job was eliminated. Adam called me in upset, distraught yet still hoping to convince the company to extend his internship. He was not willing to give up without a fight.

What are your thoughts now? Do you think Adam made the right decision in accepting this position?

Don’t go down without a fight

Just a few days after his initial call to me, Adam called me again to tell me some good news: His externship was extended for six more months.

What are your thoughts now? Did Adam make the right choice?

From my perspective, he absolutely did. He showed his current company that they were without a doubt the company he wanted to work for. And in six months, he will have nine months of great experience to put on his resume and to bring to his next position. He will be more marketable to any company seeking a graphic designer, and perhaps his current company will value him enough that they will find a permanent place for him there. Or, perhaps the other company who offered him an interview might have a position available. Who knows what might be possible?

One thing is for sure: Without a willingness to risk, and without a willingness to fight, Adam might not have a job at all. I am tremendously proud of his commitment and tenacity, and believe these traits are some of the most important qualities any job seeker, employee, or intern can bring to the table.

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