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How to Power Up Your Personal Brand

22 Jan 2021 1:02 PM | Anonymous


Faith James
The Faith James Personal Branding Consultancy

Personal branding is the knowledge of who you are and where you want to go. It is having the confidence to speak up, share your mind, and ask questions. It is finding your voice, your community, and where you want to be in your business or career path. 

Powering up your personal branding is beyond confidence. It is knowing how to add value to the very core of who you are and everything that you do—and to connect that value to a target audience and share with them a message that will be inspirational and actionable for them.

If you are having trouble connecting with the power of your personal brand or feeling a bit drained, here are a few reminders to refresh the energy you need to keep going.

Keep dreaming

If you have a dream or you feel like you might have a dream, just be open and never let the situations dictate whether you should or not pursue it. Take an inspired action, even if it is a small thing or even just the utterance. 

Let the idea be so powerful you start thinking about what opportunities you can gather and how you can capitalize on them. Then, back it up with thinking about the foundation of your personal brand. Your personal brand will help you explore opportunities that are a good fit because you are doing it based on your authenticity and what you want more of. 

Never chase the money

The money is there. We live in an abundant universe. If you look at the leaves on the trees in a forever expansive state, it is always looking to grow more leaves. The hedges are growing. It is never ever a point where the universe is not expanding.

There are a plethora of ways you can make money. The real work comes when you get quiet and sit with an openness to find the expression of the truth of who you are. Ask yourself: What is it I am here to do that I am good at comes with ease? 

Many people have difficulty honing in on their truth and authenticity, so they chase the money. You might be earning six figures but your job does not bring you joy and your passion. It is no wonder that only 13% of employees are largely satisfied with their jobs.

Plan moments of nothingness

We get busy and sometimes we may not allow ourselves those quiet moments—moments of nothingness. There is power in nothingness. Just sit and contemplate: What is my knowing? What is my truth? What do I do with it?

Focus on what you love to do and what you do that come so naturally. It could be gardening or history. It could have nothing to do with your career right now. Give yourself permission to dare, to dream, and to wonder. There are many opportunities, you can find an opportunity to a career path that dovetails perfectly with your passion—and first you must know what that is!

You may also seek support from a coach to guide you in realizing your authenticity and passion.  

Recapture your natural power

The idea of powering up is really intentional. It is knowing what our strengths are, where our passion lies, and then how that passion manifests itself in reality. Where do those two things connect? There is usually a place where those two things intersect—where our passion, the purpose of what we want to do, and where we want to use our talents come together with our background, skills, education, and previous work history. 

Think like a CEO

To power up in the workplace, you need to have a CEO mindset. Regardless of your current role, imagine yourself as the CEO so you move accordingly. Look at your work and see yourself as “I, too, am contributing to the overall goal of this company. I am locked in. I am tied into the vision and the mission.”

Update your resume and profiles regularly

You should see your resume and LinkedIn profile as living, breathing platforms to share your stories. Make it fun to keep them updated, at least quarterly. Collect your accomplishments and accolades, highlight those pieces of work that really need to stand out. When an opportunity comes up that aligns with your passion, you may not be looking for it, but your resume is ready. 

Practice gratitude

Doing a gratitude practice can help power you up through from where you are. It helps you to stay present and focus on your direction. It could be in the form of a simple affirmation every morning for where you are, who you are, and what you are going to do. When you are grateful for things that have not even happened, you are just setting this idea of expectation and then you start to manifest those things powerfully. 

Follow your intuition

It is important to say “no,” so that you can say “yes” when those opportunities come around that do connect with your brand. Follow your intuition, that voice in your head that says, “This is scary and yet I know it is something that does align with who I am and the strength in the future that I want to have.”

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