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5 Quick Tips to Profitably Package and Price Your Services

06 Feb 2010 9:29 PM | Anonymous

By Laura Ege

One of my favorite topics  is business development and marketing; since I've been getting questions from all sides about how to package and price services, I thought I’d offer five quick tips to get you started:

1. Get crystal clear on your niche. What is your unique expertise? Who is the “tribe” you are passionate about serving? What problems are you solving for your tribe that they are willing to pay to have solved?

2. Develop your signature system. Start with the ultimate outcome your clients receive from working with you and create the step-by-step system you take each one through to get them to achieve that outcome.

3. Turn your signature system into a cascade of related services/products. You will want to create a variety of offerings at different price-points. This is one of the fastest ways to increase your income! Also, make sure you always have an upsell or way for your clients to keep working with you beyond their initial purchase. And by starting with your signature system as a base, you can ensure your services and products are always “on brand.”

4. Get clear on the results your clients experience from working with you. Nearly every single time someone comes to me because they’re stuck trying to come up with a price for their services or they’re choking over quoting the fee to a prospect, it’s because they aren’t clear enough on the specific and tangible results the client will receive. Start by creating a list of 30 results your clients experience for each and every one of your service offerings.

5. Know your numbers. It's not enough to just check in with what your competitors are charging for their services and slap a comparable price tag on yours. You need to know what your services are truly worth -- both to you and to your clients. Go back to your list of results and assess what those results are worth to your clients based on the impact in all areas of their lives. Now look at your costs associated with your various services... overhead, cost of delivery, etc. Consider all these “numbers” when pricing your services.

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