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CTL Grow Your Business Resource Bundle

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? To stop trading time for dollars, attract your ideal clients, achieve your big hairy audacious business goals?

Achieve your business goals today with 12+ hours of content from leading sales, branding, social media, and business development experts.

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Training Bundle

    Sessions Include

    Valerie Skolosky: Increase Your Impact & Your ROI: The Power of Presence
    Presence is confidence grown inside and shown outside. Research confirms that Presence is fundamental to forging relationships, building reputation, and attracting opportunities—it may or may not get you more business, but its absence will significantly impede your success. The myth? You are born with Presence. The reality? 

    Presence has skill to it; it can be learned. Join as the leading global expert on presence teaches you:

    • The Three Areas of Presence: Your Image, Your Communication, Your Social Savvy
    • How to Manage Your Image & Adapt to Other Cultures (Corporate & Global)
    • How to Stand Out by Standing Up
    • How to Be More Comfortable in Social Settings

    Marie Zimenoff: Marketing to Make More Money & Spend Less

    Do you wish you knew how to build your funnel of clients so you had a waiting list, but don't want to empty your wallet to get there? With the noise on social media, how do you prioritize what channels you use and get results? In this information-packed webinar you'll learn how to:

    • Create a marketing plan based on your strengths
    • Use marketing tools at the right time to build your funnel, move clients through, and close sales
    • Determine how to use your time (which is money) for the best return on investment

    Teddy Burriss
    : How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

    LinkedIn is far more than a career transition tool. It’s a business tool. As a career coach, resume writer or in any other business LinkedIn can be a important business tool, when used properly. In this webinar you will discover the importance of these three LinkedIn Best Practices:

    • Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile
    • Growing and Nurturing a Relevant LinkedIn Network
    • Developing and promoting a Professional Reputation

    Attendees of this webinar will be offered access to the new ebook Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile (2017 version)

    Hiring & Training Contractors with Jessica Hernandez from Great Resumes Fast and Wilma Nachsin from Life Working, LLC

    Tim Athey:
     Land More Clients & Contracts: Sell the Value of Coaching

    The coaching industry has boomed into a highly competitive and results-oriented business.  How can you best represent the value that your coaching services can bring to an increasingly well-informed and bottom-line oriented market?  In this webinar, you will learn:

    • How to best represent the value that your coaching can bring to a client organization.
    • The tools you can use to measure the impact and ROI of coaching for your clients.
    • The approaches used by leading coaches to sell and deliver high impact coaching services.

    Cindy Skalicky: Mastering Your Message: How to Tell Compelling Success Stories
    So … what’s your story? There’s no question - storytelling is a critical communications skill for business owners. Plus, stories have tremendous selling power. In this powerful session, you'll learn how to use The On Point Story Log, a strategic tool that will help you tell your story better and showcase customer success stories (testimonials). We'll also discuss how to integrate stories into your marketing plan. Don't miss this opportunity to explore and dissect your stories so they can propel your business forward.

    Vaneese Johnson
    Avoid the Commodity Zone: Build a BAD and BOLD Business Brand
    With the influx of more and more people calling themselves “coaches” it has become more competitive in the marketplace. Newly certified and existing coaches are finding themselves caught in the commodity zone and competing on price alone. At one point, I too was in that space. Today, my coaching practice is thriving. Attracting my ideal clients, securing corporate coaching contracts, and accepting global speaking invitations all from having a BAD and BOLD business brand. Get out of the commodity zone, become a sought after coach and increase your business revenue! Join the conversation as I share how to:

    • Identify your level of B.O.L.D 
    • Boost credibility and expert status 
    • Attract premium client and coaching opportunities 
    • Design a B.A.D. brand communication strategy across all touch points

      Tanya Smith6 Keys to Capture Attention on Social Media with Snack Size Content Part 1: How to Snackify
      Are you frustrated with social media? Find yourself running out of ideas for what to share? You’re not alone.

      Social media is a low-cost and efficient way to spread your message and to get visibility for your business. But leveraging it means you must constantly be sharing valuable, relevant content that represents you as the unique and powerful entrepreneur you truly are.

      In this session, Tanya Smith provides
       a primer on the Fine Art of Micro Content to Capture Attention
      on Social Media. Attention is the new marketing currency and these 3 social media content strategies will help you leverage it to the max! Learn simple yet practical tips to create a successful content strategy using short form text, audio, and visuals.

      Pat Schuler
      How to Build Value and Increase Your Revenue
      Not getting as many yeses as you’d like? This session is for you if you’d like some simple, clear, and immediately applicable steps you can take to change that.

      How do you deal with “What do you charge?” when it’s their first question? What questions should you be asking to build your value? 

      Are prospects saying, “I need to think it over” or “I’m going to talk to a few other experts”? What steps can you take to counteract these killers to get more yeses? 

      How do you influence your prospect’s decision process in your favor – from a place of service and integrity?

      Leave this session with:

      • An understanding of why price resistance (push back) is rarely about your fee but about your value.
      • Specific questions you can use immediately to build your value in the eyes of the prospect.
      • Clarity on the framework your prospect will use to decide yes or no so you can get more yeses!

      Susan Chritton: How to Write a Bio That Connects
      We spend all our time coaching or writing for our clients so that they have an amazing story, bio, and online presence. But what about us? In this session you will focus on YOU! Susan will walk you through the process of building your story into a bio you can use on LinkedIn, for speaking engagements, and more ... so finally you feel confident you are serving as an example and attracting more of the best clients for you.

      Jen Lehner: Turn Your Expertise into Dollars with a Mini-Course

      We all want to make money while we sleep, right? Well, we also know it isn't that simple. However, turning your expertise into a mini-course that could help you create a passive income doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, Jen can help you do it in just a few hours! Join this session to learn Jen's secrets, including:
      • Why online courses are the answer to trading dollars for hours. 
      • Why a mini course is the best way to start,   even if you are brand new to online business, even if you don't have any content. 
      • The step by step road map for creating a mini course in weekend
      • How to get the most of out of  your mini course

      Tanya Smith
      5 Keys to Capture Attention on Social Media with Snack Size Content Part 2: Snack on This
      Learning how to "snackify" in Part 1 was only the first step in using snack-size content to drive more traffic and grow your online following.

      In this session, you'll get Tanya's 3 no-fluff, step-by-step walkthroughs of how to design images, short audio, and videos without designer fees. Walk through a live exercise to repurpose content you've already created into engaging social media posts. You will leave this session with practical tools for creating content on-the-go, using just your smartphone or tablet!

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      Get LIFETIME access to all of the webinars!

      - 12+ hours of business development training
      - Actionable information from EACH SESSION you can apply immediately to increase revenue (These are not sales presentations! Presentations are pre-screened to ensure value).
      PLUS ....
      - Follow-up materials to increase your retention and application of the information
      - Lifetime access to the Pricing & Packaging, Building Your Social Brand, and Speaking to Build Your Business Master-E-Sessions recorded in 2016 (a $150+ value)
      Investment: $339 ($309 for ACRW, CPBS, & CTL Associates)

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      Meet the Speakers

      Tim Athey

      Athey, Ph.D. is the President of Transition Leadership located in Fort Collins, Colorado. He has worked extensively with executives, managers, and teams across a wide spectrum of public and private sector organizations. Before founding Transition Leadership, Tim was an Executive Coach and Consultant with Personnel Decisions International (now KornFerry) specializing in executive assessment and coaching, leadership development, 360 feedback, and organizational development. Prior to that, he worked for Hewlett-Packard Company in California and Colorado.  During his work in HP, he provided OD consulting and leadership support to HP’s business operations worldwide. Tim is now an Adjunct Coach with the Center for Creative Leadership in Colorado Springs and provides coaching and consulting support to organizations world-wide.

      Teddy Burriss

      Teddy Burriss is a highly sought after LinkedIn coach, trainer, author and public speaker. Teddy shares the best practices of using LinkedIn as a business tool, as well as a career transition tool, in his 1:1 coaching, seminars, webinars, keynote speeches and corporate training programs. Teddy is Sandler Sales Trained, a Dale Carnegie Graduate Coach, Practiced Toastmaster, Certified Social Media Strategist, and Career Transition Coach.

      Susan Chritton

      Susan Chritton is an Executive Career Coach, Master Personal Brand Strategist, Reach Personal Branding Certification Trainer, and author of 
      Personal Branding for Dummies. She guides professionals looking to engage their authentic self in the world through personal branding. With her extensive experience in career development, she draws on her ability to identify each individual’s uniqueness and then arrange the variables in his or her life to map out a strategic direction. She facilitates programs in Personal Branding, Strengths-based leadership, and career transition. Her clients appreciate her solid grounded approach and trust her guidance through the coaching process.

      Vaneese Johnson

      Vaneese Johnson– the Boldness Coach™ – is a Brand Strategist, Small Business Consultant, and Executive Coach. She works with high performing and high potential corporate and small business executives to help them amplify their brand, grow their careers and impact the world.

      Jen Lehner

      Jen Lehner is a digital marketing strategist, online course creator and adjunct professor of digital marketing at Notre Dame College. 
      She lives in Shaker Heights, Ohio with her husband, 3 kids, and a golden retriever.

      Cindy Skalicky

      As the owner of On Point Communications, Cindy provides public speaking coaching and brand consulting to entrepreneurs and small businesses who seek to master their message on stage, online and in publications. Cindy is an award-winning university public speaking instructor and has worked for international advertising and PR agencies in Chicago and Washington D.C.

      Pat Schuler

      Throughout her 20-year executive career, Pat has held leadership positions at 
      The Gemini Resources Group, LLC (Founder) and the Kick Butt (Founder) companies.

      Whether a company needs executive coaching, leadership coaching, coaching for women professionals, sales training/management, strategic management, lean orientation for fast-to-market solutions, compelling market advantage, business development, lead generation, Fortune 500 negotiations or GAP analysis, Pat Schuler is your go-to expert, mentor and confidant.

      Tanya Smith

      Tanya Smith is a creative social content strategist and coach, soccer mom and geeky student of all things internet. Described as a “walking Google”, Tanya’s step-by-step snack size marketing strategies and training products have helped hundreds of executive coaches, business consultants and trainers free up more time by using the internet to leverage their expertise, gain a broader reach, and dramatically increase their income. Her experience and online marketing perspectives have been featured on stage, in radio, print, and a number of well-known digital publications, such as Visionocity Magazine. Find out more at www.tanyasmithonline.com where Tanya shares fresh actionable strategies, training and virtual tools that promote business owners as power players in their market.

      Valerie Sokolosky

      When the field of Executive Presence was forming, Valerie was there helping forge the industry while proudly being mentored by Letitia Baldridge, White House Social Secretary for Jackie Kennedy. Then when the branding expertise emerged, she saw the powerful intersection of the two – knowing that when an executive has both Presence and Brand, they are more likely to lead with more Impact. 

      Featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal as a pioneer in the emerging EXECUTIVE COACHING industry, her clients include a blue chip list of Fortune 500 companies and firms worldwide. She has received national recognition in publications including Success, Women’s Enterprise, Glamour, Dallas Morning News and Washington Post to name a few. 

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