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How to Create Effective Infographics & Visual Communications

  • 23 Jul 2019
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Virtual


  • Social branding analyst registration for the Infographics session only.
  • CTL Associate & Certified Personal Brand Strategist registration for the Infographics session only.
  • General registration for the Infographics session only.
  • Registration for graduates and students in RWA certification programs (ACRW, ACPW) for the Infographics session only.

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How to Create Effective Infographics & Visual Communications

July 23, 2019, 12:00 to 2:00 US ET
Part of the Social Summer Series

This session will cover the basics of what makes effective visual design, how to capture concepts in graphics, and how to set the bar for creating professional and impactful digital communications. Topics will include how to think about your subject visually, how to see through the eyes of your audience, forms and functions of infographics, the development process, tools of the trade, and the top 10 dos and don’ts for any digital design project.

Presenter and Digital Media Designer Matt Faye will show real examples from his experience as well as demonstrate how some basic design principles and tricks of the trade can quickly transform a design from amateur to professional in appearance and effectiveness. 

Malcom Gladwell’s now famous 80/20 rule truly applies to the digital arts. In his theory, he believes that true mastery of any skilled profession comes from 10,000 hours of training and experience. He also believes that the first 80% of mastery comes in the first 20% of effort. If you imagine improving your digital communications by 80% by investing only 20% of the effort, it is a value you can not pass up. This course will get you started in realizing that value. 

Get This Session Plus the Entire Social Summer Series. Sessions include Storytelling in LinkedIn Profiles, Leveraging Video for Business Growth, YouTube 101 for Video Visibility, and More! See the details.

About the Presenter

Matt has over 28 years of experience in design, marketing, identity, media production, and directing creative teams. Although Matt’s background was in a traditional graphic design and marketing, He now focus on creative technical visual communications, reflecting 11 years spent working specifically for healthcare, Pharma, and biomedical communications. Matt currently is creative director and owner of Gravitation, Creative Technical Communications in Fort Collins Colorado. Matt has a passion for finding creative solutions for technical challenges. Matt has a love for effective storytelling and design, as well as a passion for understanding how things work.

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