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To succeed in private practice, it's not enough to be a great resume writer, career coach, counselor, or consultant. You must also be a business strategist and marketer, superb salesperson, and exceptional customer relationship manager ... while also handling the intricacies of pricing, product development and delivery, time management, technology, online reputation management, and so much more.

Entrepreneurial Excellence is here to help you start or expand your business!

Our promise of value to you is to build and strengthen your entrepreneurial skills -- to help you be more confident, purposeful, organized, effective, and successful in your business and your life. And, most importantly, we'll help you identify your best strategies for making money, today and in years to come!

Each 2-hour session will focus intensely on a core competency that is critical for your entrepreneurial success. Drawing on our combined 50+ years in business plus wide exposure to careers-industry entrepreneurs, we'll share critical knowledge, best practices, essential resources, innovative ideas, and much more.

Class 1

Marketing & Business Development
The first step in building a profitable business is attracting clients. In this session we'll present low-cost, time-tested methods for building your business, your brand, and your reputation. We'll help you optimize traditional marketing methods, make sense of new media as a valuable business-building tool, and create an action plan so you can quickly expand your revenue streams and build a robust client pipeline.

Class 2

Pricing, Packaging, Profitability & Money Management
What do you sell, and at what price? How can you be competitive in the market with premium pricing that rewards your expertise? The answers to these questions can mean the difference between a marginal business and one that's immensely profitable.

Class 3

Sales & Customer Relationship Management
Converting prospects to clients and keeping those clients for life ... these are the keys to building a successful private practice. We'll teach you proven techniques for selling premium services and give you new tools and solutions for building long-term client relationships, referrals, and repeat business. Owning the client relationship is one of the most critical entrepreneurial skills you must have!

Class 4

Managing Your Business & Boosting Your Confidence
Once you've mastered marketing and sales, it's time to address business practices, operational processes, and organizational and time management skills that are essential to your long-term success and profitability. Just as important, we'll help you build your self-confidence so that you can exude the knowledge, professionalism, poise, and assurance that will win clients and improve every aspect of your business. It's time now to get out of your own way!

$499 for the 4-part program includes registration, all course materials, and one hour of one-on-one coaching with CTL CEO Marie Zimenoff!

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