Recertification for Certified Personal Brand Strategist (CPBS)

The Certified Personal Brand Strategist (CPBS) Recertification program is a year-long recertification, which includes 5 sessions with the latest information you need to stay current and deliver exceptional value to your clients. 

All Certified Personal Brand Strategists who enrolled January 2014 or later recertify are invited to participate in the recertification each year to access these sessions and maintain their CPBS.

Download the CPBS Recertification Guide for more information.

View the CPBS Community Calendar for all upcoming events.

What does CPBS Annual Certification include?

  • 5 hours of training in Personal Brand training annually.
    • 1-hour “Recertification Webinar” – a personal branding webinar with Marie Zimenoff and other Master Strategists.
    • 4 quarterly 1-hour “CPBS Community Calls” – personal branding webinars that include the latest personal branding tips, trends, and techniques. You receive access to all quarterly webinars each year you recertify.
    • Access to webinar replays and slides if you cannot attend live.
  • 7.5 hours of Social Branding training annually, including ICF Core Competency credits!
    • CPBS recertification includes your Certified Social Brand Analyst (CSBA) recertification -- a $197 value. You will be registered in the upcoming CSBA class when you recertify for CPBS. You must complete the CSBA learning confirmation for annual renewal.
  • Access (“membership”) to the Personal Brand Strategist community.
    • Includes quarterly CPBS Community Conversations where you can connect and share with other CPBS practitioners and listing in the online directory.
  • Access to updated materials as they are available, including workbooks for clients and resources for CPBS practitioners.
  • A new certificate indicating your recertification and giving you license to use the materials with clients, which is valid for one year.

When you recertify, you also keep the following benefits:

  • Listing in the public directory of CPBS and CSBA (if you complete the requirements for the CSBA).
  • Receiving opportunities to work with clients who contact Reach or Career Thought Leaders looking for a Certified Personal Brand Strategist or a Certified Social Branding Analyst.
  • Discounts on other CTL programs and events, including the annual conference where you can meet in person with other strategists.
  • Access to exclusive promotional opportunities.

What happens if you don't recertify?

  • You lose free access to the 12+ hours of free training annually and to the CPBS community events and opportunities (discounts, networking events, etc.).
  • Your certification terminates and you are no longer eligible to use the CPBS logo or represent yourself online or offline as a Reach Certified Personal Brand Strategist. Anything pertaining to the CPBS must be removed from your online and offline communications materials.
  • You will be removed from the CPBS learning environment (you will remain a members of the 360Reach learning environment as your 360Reach Certified Analyst designation does not expire).
  • You will be removed from the public databases (Reach and CTL) that list CPBS, although you'll remain searchable as a 360Reach Analyst.
  • You will no longer be able to purchase Personal Brand on Demand (10 modules) for your clients. You will still be able to purchase Module 5, the video coaching module.
  • You will not be eligible for the Keynote or Masters training as CPBS is a prerequisite of both advanced certification courses.

What is the investment for annual recertification?

The fee is $397 ($377 for CTL Associates) and entitles you to participate in the 12+ hours of training (including renewing your CSBA) and maintain the benefits of both certifications. 

How does the annual recertification process work?

Each year, a few weeks prior to your annual recertification date, you'll be emailed information on how to register for recertification. Once you register online and pay the fee, you'll be sent information to join the 1-hour webinar facilitated by Marie Zimenoff that is for members of your certification class. The webinar will be recorded, and the replay and slides provided to you. You will be invited to participate in the quarterly CPBS Community Calls and the upcoming Certified Social Branding Analyst class.

Recertification Process:

The CPBS recertification includes 2 (two) certifications – the Certified Personal Brand Strategist and the Certified Social Branding Analyst. BOTH certifications are included in the $397 annual renewal fee.

1. Certified Personal Brand Strategist
To renew:
Step 1 - Pay (register for the September re-certification class OR use the “renew membership” option when logged in to your profile on the CTL website)
Step 2 - Sign the Terms & Conditions (we’ll send them to you once you pay to renew your CPBS)
Step 3 - Attend the recertification webinar scheduled for September 24
No learning confirmation required

2. Certified Social Branding Analyst (CSBA)
To renew:
Step 1 - Pay (included in your Certified Personal Branding course/renewal)
Step 2 - Sign the Terms & Conditions (we’ll send them to you once you pay to renew your CPBS)
Step 3 - Watch the CSBA classes (live or recorded – must attend live to bet ICF credit)
-- Classes start October 11; we’ll register you as soon as you renew your CPBS
Step 4 - Do the learning confirmation by the deadline (November 29)

To renew your CPBS and receive your annual certificate, make payment for the recertification fee and sign the CPBS Terms and Conditions. You will receive your certificate. There is not a requirement to attend the “Recertification Webinar” or “Community Calls” (5 webinars) live for renewal. If ICF credits are available, you will need to attend live to earn those credits.

To renew your Certified Social Branding Analyst designation, sign the Terms and Conditions for the CSBA and complete learning confirmation for the CSBA after attending/reviewing the updated class information annually. If you would like ICF core competency credits, you will need to attend the live webinar classes. 

What if I renew late?
Unfortunately, we are not able to process payments for late registrations or accommodate switching between recertification groups (if you recertify in the spring, you must stay with that schedule). Please register early to avoid disappointment. 

IMPORTANT: What if I change my mind and want to recertify later?
If you wish to recertify in the future, you would need to pay the full price of the CPBS course again, minus the adjustment for being a 360Reach Certified Analyst (currently $1997.00 USD). You would then adopt the annual recertification schedule of the new class you join.

    Recertification Schedule
    We have simplified recertification groups to 2 groups. You will recertify each Spring or Fall, depending on when you earned your certification.

    Recertification Webinars
    * You will attend 1 annual recertification webinar. You will have access to the recording.

    Social Branding Analyst Starts October 11 (now included in recertification)

    Quarterly CPBS Community Calls
    * After you recertify, you have access to all upcoming calls. These are training webinars to share the latest in branding or business development.

    Quarterly CPBS Community Conversations
    * After you recertify, you have access to all upcoming calls. These are opportunities to connect with the CPBS Community on specific topics.

    This past year, CPBS also received access to additional events and other discounts. When you recertify, you retain access to the learning environment, including these additional sessions.

    Upcoming Events

    Payment Policy
    Payment may be made via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), check, or wire transfer. We are unable to accept any other payments options. Issues will with any payments billing properly will be assessed additional fees.

    Wire Transfers / Payment by Check
    If you wish to recertify, the wire transfer (or check) must be RECEIVED by CTL by no later than your recertification expiration date. There is a wire transfer fee of $175.00 per course, in addition to the course fee, and it is non-refundable. There is no fee for sending a manual check, however we do assess a $175.00 fee for NSF (insufficient funds) checks.

    Please follow these instructions to pay by wire:

    Email and provide this information:
    — Your full name and mailing address (and company name) – we need this information to prepare and invoice for you.
    — The name of the course you’re enrolling in
    — The session you’re enrolling in (list dates and times)
    — The name of the financial institution from which we’ll receive the wire
    — The date when we’ll receive it. Please see the note above. Wires must arrive in our bank by no later than the date of the first live webinar. This means you must have your bank transfer it at least 5 days prior to that date. Also, please allow us at least 2 business days to prepare an invoice for you that includes detailed instructions on how to wire the money to CTL.


    Please follow these instructions to pay by check:

    1. Make check payable to CTL
    2. Mail check to

    CTL / Marie Zimenoff
    1706 Rutledge Court
    Fort Collins, CO 80526

    3. If you need us to send you an invoice for your company to pay, please send a single email to that includes the following information:
    — Your full name and mailing address (and company name) – we need this information to prepare and invoice for you.
    — The name of the course you’re enrolling in
    — The session you’re enrolling in (list dates and times)

    Refund Policy

    Please email to request a refund. Please provide your full name, email address you used for registration, the name of the course you registered for, and the date you registered. You can find this information on the receipt you received when you registered.

    • If you request a refund on or before the program start date (the recertification webinar date), you’ll receive a 100% refund less a $150.00 administrative fee. If you paid via wire transfer, the additional wire transfer fee of $175.00 is also non-refundable. Please allow up to 2 weeks for funds to be wire transferred back to you.
    • There are no refunds for recertification after the first webinar.

    Questions? Contact support at

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