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Coach Certifications

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Certified Career Transition Coach (CCTC)
Hone your coaching strategies to guide real-world career transitions. Gain tools and activities to be effective without expensive assessments during this 6-session training that focuses on career exploration, decision-making, and career transition management. Available as live webinar classes or self-paced.
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Certified Hidden Job Market Coach (CHJMC)
Improve your effectiveness and move candidates from reactive to proactive job search with processes, tools, and coaching techniques covering planning, networking, working with recruiters, and much more! Available as live webinar or on demand (self-paced).
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Certified Personal Brand Strategist (CPBS)
Learn the Reach Personal Branding methodology to guide your clients in uncovering, communicating, and nurturing their personal brand. Benefit from 11 live webinar sessions, comprehensive course materials and workbooks, access additional coaching webinars, and more. Includes the Social Branding Analyst certification and training!
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Social Branding Analyst Certification
Companies and individuals are recognizing quickly that LinkedIn is a valuable resource for building employer brand, engaging employees, and managing careers. Join the only LinkedIn training program built on a personal branding platform and enriched with context to help clients build an integrated social media strategy. Delivered via live webinar sessions.
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Reach360 Analyst
Harness the power of the 360Reach survey, the first and industry-leading web-based personal branding survey. Learn how the survey is used in the personal branding process and how to analyze survey results to discover insights your clients can use to improve their professional and personal lives. You will also gain coaching techniques to turn these insights into action!
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Coach Credential

The Credentialed Career Manager (CCM) designation is for those who have distinguished themselves through a portfolio of qualifications, contribution, and service to the careers industry. 
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Coach Training

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Master-E-Session: Blueprint to the Hidden Job Market. This 90-minute training offers a structured process and 15+ pages of resources to guide your job seekers in revolutionizing their job search! 
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Master-E-Session: Coaching for Career Advancement: Emotional Intelligence
Learn coaching strategies to uncover blind spots that stall candidate’s career growth and practical tools for increasing emotional intelligence.
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Master-E-Sessions: Coaching 101: Skills, Assessments, and More for Career and Leadership Coaches
Learn key coaching skills, core career development coaching concepts, and new ways to spur change for leadership development clients.
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