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I’m a passionate advocate for career industry professionals and a decades-long practicing career coach myself. I’m so glad you’re here.

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The Now, The New & The Next in Careers

Welcome to Career Thought Leaders.

Grow your skills, boost your confidence.

As a career industry professional, your potential for impact is huge. The guidance, skills, strategies, and conversations you have with your clients can help transform not only their careers but their lives. It can be incredibly rewarding to know your work can have such a significant influence over another person’s success and happiness. 

These high stakes can be stressful too.

Knowing that other people are counting on you for sound advice and strategies that work can create feelings of pressure and worry. You may often wonder…

  • Do I really know enough to help my clients see results?

  • Am I giving my clients the latest and best information?

  • How do I stay up-to-date on what’s new when things are always changing?

  • Do I have a process in place that’s effective and feels good to me?

  • How can I differentiate myself among other career professionals so that I stand out?

  • Am I positioned to attract the right type of clients for my practice?

  • Am I doing everything I can to grow into the leader I want to be in the industry or in my organization?

We understand these worries, which is why Career Thought Leaders (CTL) exists.

CTL is an international organization focused on providing education, spotting trends, and driving innovation for career industry professionals worldwide. Through leading-edge thought leadership, pioneering training programs, and high-quality free content, we gather top industry professionals together to create a global community that listens, shares, learns, and leads...so that we all succeed.

About CTL

Career Thought Leaders began 20 years ago, founded by Wendy Enelow, under the name Career Masters Institute. It was created to serve as a high-level gathering place for career industry professionals working in universities, community colleges, nonprofits, workforce centers, military and government agencies, and private practice. Career Masters Institute became the first of its kind to provide the most cutting-edge and up-to-date industry information as well as an inviting community for those working in the careers industry. After evolving into Career Masters Alliance, CMA then rebranded to Career Thought Leaders in 2009, while never wavering from its original core mission.

Today, CTL maintains its status as a premier source of the highest quality information and training programs for career industry professionals. Our international community consistently creates and shares new opportunities to learn and grow, whether it’s through articles or webinars, educational workshops, certification programs, our popular annual development symposium, or annual global trend-setting event, Career Jam: Where Experts Forecast The New & The Next.

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