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Issue 47 | March 2015

"Education is not something to prepare you for life; it is a continuous part of life." (Henry Ford, American Industrialist)

Register Today For Resume E-Summit: Writing Executive Resumes for Impact & Results Presented by Wendy Enelow, Louise Kursmark & Marie Zimenoff March 20, 2015


  • New CTL & RWA Leadership: Marie Zimenoff
  • 2 Upcoming Programs & Events with Marie, Louise & Wendy
  • Welcome New CTL Associates | Special Savings for New CTL Associates
  • Global Career Brainstorming Day: White Paper Release Coming Soon


  • Which Social Networks are Used by Job Seekers
  • 5 Types of Toxic Employees and How to Deal with Them
  • The Resume ... But Not As We Know It


  • 50 Inspiring Resume Designs: And What You Can Learn from Them
  • Why Introverts Excel at Personal Branding
  • Top 15 Things Not to Include in a Cover Letter (and Why)
  • The Essay Expert's Top 10 Lists of 2014
  • 33 Entrepreneurs Share Their Biggest Lessons Learned from Failure
  • 4 Job Search Apps if You're Open to Being Poached
  • 7 Smart Question to Ask at the End of Every Job Interview
  • 10 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Scream "Hire Me!"
  • 5 Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success
  • 5 Times to Send a Thank-You Note During the Job Search
  • 5 Best Online Presentation Creation Tools
  • The One Interview Question Most People Aren't Prepared For
  • The Skill No One is Talking About ... Yet


  • Colleague Earns Prestigious Credential
  • Public Speaking Presentations, Webinars & Media Coverage


  • The FAVAR Method of LinkedIn Profile Creation
  • CTL Associate Quarterly Call with CTL Board: The Now & The New in Coaching
  • The Academies' NEWLY FORMATTED Certified Social Media Career Strategist (CSMCS) Program
  • Resume E-Summit: Writing Executive Resumes: New Formats, New Strategies, New Ideas
  • The Academies' Certified Executive & Leadership Development Coach (CELDC) Program
  • Career Thought Leaders Conference
  • Resume Writing Academy Certification (RWA) Program



Effective February 20, 2015, Marie Zimenoff has assumed leadership of Career Thought Leaders and the Resume Writing Academy. It's a very exciting time!

My goal is to lead these incredible organizations to the next level of excellence through new and greater offerings, opportunities, education, and collegial relationships that are so valuable for all of us.

I encourage each of you to share your ideas with me - for new programs, services, trainings, events, research studies, surveys - anything you think can be valuable for you and your careers industry colleagues. Send your ideas to [contentblock id=2 img=gcb.png] and I'll follow up as quickly as I can.


Two very important programs that I'd like to bring to your attention - programs that I'll be doing collaboratively with Wendy and Louise:

  • Executive Resume Writing E-Summit: New Formats, New Strategies, New Ideas (March 20, 2015)Wendy and I will be teaching this E-Summit and Louise will prepare her always spectacular portfolio of 30++ pages of resume samples, handouts, and resources. Click here for program description and registration details.
  • CTL Conference: The Candidate Experience: 21st Century Recruiting Standards (Data, Influencers & Experiences from 95,000 Job Seekers Worldwide) - Presenter: The "fabulous" Gerry Crispin, CareerXRoads (April 17, 2015)I'll be working hand-in-hand with Wendy and Louise to bring you an extraordinary conference experience, whether you attend the live event or the video-streamed conference.The Agenda: Gerry's presentation is based on his extensive research in 2014 in which 175 companies shared their recruitment and hiring practices. He asked 95,000 candidates, 80% of whom were NOT hired, about their experience in researching, applying, interviewing, and onboarding for a specific position. The resulting fire hose of data has been published and is being shared by Gerry at conference presentations and universities worldwide. We are honored to be able to bring this quality of presenter and information to you. How to Attend: Option #1: Live streaming video of Gerry's presentation on Friday, April 17, 2015. Enjoy the program from the comforts of your office anywhere in the world! Registration: $49 for program, materials, and recording. (CTL Associates: Watch your email for your discount code.) Option #2: Join us for the live presentation, followed by a luncheon and a full afternoon of colleague-to-colleague discussion, networking, and collaboration. Discussions will be facilitated by CTL board members and other thought leaders on a host of topics including career management, coaching, resume and LI profile writing, job search, interviewing, career center management, social media, entrepreneurship, pricing, and more. Registration: $179 for full-day program, luncheon, materials, and recording. (CTL Associates: Watch your email for your discount code.) Action to Take: Mark your calendar now! Details will follow shortly regarding the specific location, hotel accommodations, and much more. Registration will be open within the next 7–10 days. I hope to see many of you on campus for what is going to be an extraordinary day of learning, thought leadership, and colleague-to-colleague collaboration with the best and the brightest in our industry.


Welcome to our newest CTL Associates:

Mary Elizabeth Bradford, The Career Artisan Tamara Dowling, SeekingSuccess Aya El-Horr El-Mir, Lebanese American University Erica Klein, LinkedInBusinessCoach Lisa Parker, Parker-CPRW Colleen Reyerson, Executive Resumes Atlanta Adrienne Tom, Career Impressions Catriona Watt, CV Saviour

CTL Library: We invite you to contribute your articles to the CTL Library which is reserved exclusively for CTL Associates. To publish have your article published, submit it to Lisa Oliver at

Be on the Lookout: Watch for emails from CTL with invitations for various writing, coaching, media, and publishing opportunities. Emails go out to all of our CTL Associates several times each month, so be sure to check them out!

Special Savings for New CTL Associates:

As my first action as the new CTL Executive Director, I'd like to offer everyone the opportunity to become a CTL Associate for a $50+ savings. It's a one-time, lifetime registration of only $347 (versus $399) for the next 2 weeks. The list of benefits that CTL Associates receive is extensive: from coaching, writing, media, and publishing opportunities, to conference discounts, to a listing in the job-seeker-facing CTL Associate Directory, and so much more. Click here for complete details and become an Associate.


We're putting the finishing touches on the white paper from CTL's 2014 Global Career Brainstorming Day. As always, it's rich with information about the now, the new, and the next in careers, job search, resumes, coaching, social media, entrepreneurship, interviewing, branding, and so many other topics of value to all of us.

A special thank you to Jan Melnik, CTL Board Member, who does the "heavy lifting" on this project, and to the editorial expertise of both Louise and Wendy.

Watch your inboxes in the next week or two for an email from me with the link to the white paper. Then, enjoy the read, learn what others had to say, and share highlights with your colleagues and your clients via social media.


Which Social Networks are Used by Job Seekers Jobvite released the results of its 2015 Job Seeker Nation Study, their 6th annual report. This infographic summarizes their social media findings, which are somewhat surprising. Did you know that 67% of job seekers using social media turn to Facebook, 45% to Twitter, and only 40% to LinkedIn where 79% of recruiters have made hires. Look at this infographic for lots of interesting and valuable information.

5 Types of Toxic Employees and How to Deal with Them A toxic employee is an enormous liability for any company. Expensive, demoralizing, and infuriating, they can bring teamwork to a grinding halt, jeopardize goals, and generally make life worse for everybody else around them. How can a company identify these individuals and what can they do about it? Read this infographic and you'll get some great ideas that you can use in your client coaching practice and elsewhere!

The Resume ... But Not As We Know It You'll have to scroll down the page - past other very interesting infographics - to find the resume infographic that shares a wealth of interesting statistics about resumes, job search, social media, upcoming trends, video resumes, and so much more. I think you'll enjoy all of the other infographics on this site!


50 Inspiring Resume Designs: And What You Can Learn from Them (Design School - Canva) View 50 resume designs that span a wide range of styles, from strictly business-like to ultra-creative. Browse through them to get some great new ideas for resume formats and designs that you can use with all of the different types of clients you work with.

Why Introverts Excel at Personal Branding (Forbes) Another great article by our colleague, William Arruda, of REACH Branding. William shares, "It's logical to assume that extroverts are naturally better at personal branding, but nothing could be further from the truth. Some of the strongest personal branders I know are introverts who shun the limelight. This makes it easier for them to focus on what really matters in personal branding: authenticity."

Top 15 Things Not to Include in a Cover Letter (and Why) (About Job Search) Read this interesting article and I promise you'll learn a few new things about what not to include in cover letters. As a career pro, you already know much of this, but there are definitely a few new things well worth reading.

The Essay Expert's Top 10 Lists of 2014 (TheEssayExpert) Brenda Bernstein has put together a great collection of lists, including the 10 Data-Driven Steps to Dominate LinkedIn Publishing, By the Numbers: 120 Amazing LinkedIn Statistics, 14 Job Search Predictions for 2015, The 10 Best Time-Saving Tools of 2014 ... and so much more. You'll want to bookmark a few!

33 Entrepreneurs Share Their Biggest Lessons Learned from Failure (Huffington Post) A successful career is like a roller coaster with many ups and downs. Understanding how to maintain your success and move past your failures can help you lead a more productive and fulfilling career. To help provide some insight on how to navigate a career you're proud of, read what these 33 entrepreneurs share about the biggest lessons learned from their own failures.

4 Job Search Apps if You're Open to Being Poached (Forbes) If your clients want to leave their jobs but don't want to jeopardize their current position, here are 4 free apps that can help them get found by the right employers. Well worth sharing with your clients!

7 Smart Question to Ask at the End of Every Job Interview (Business Insider) This video shares some very interesting insights into how important it is to ask questions at the end of an interview and what kinds of questions to ask.

10 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Scream "Hire Me!" (YouTern) Whether your clients are just graduating from college or have decades of experience, we all know how critical their LinkedIn profile is - to get found, interviewed, and hired. This articles includes 10 ways to fire up the experience section in LinkedIn profiles to answer the all-important "Why Hire Me" question.

5 Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success (LinkedIn - Adam Doran) This article shares the 5 fundamentals that are essential for every entrepreneur's success. You'll already know some of them, but a few are surprising!

5 Times to Send a Thank-You Note During the Job Search (ThingsCareerRelated) Sending a thank-you note after a face-to-face interview is a no-brainer. But sending emails or old-fashioned thank-you cards are just as important in other job search situations. Here are 5 such situations, along with thank-you recommendations.

5 Best Online Presentation Creation Tools (LifeHacker) One of the best reasons to consider an online presentation app is that the best ones are either free or low-cost! In addition, they store all of your data online so you can access it whenever you need it and you don't have to carry your own computer to give presentations, as long as there's a web browser at your presentation site. LifeHacker did a survey and shares the results of their top 5 online presentation tools.

The One Interview Question Most People Aren't Prepared For (LinkedIn - Bernard Marr) Want to know the "newest" interview question that more and more companies are asking? It's some version of "Tell me something I wouldn't know from looking at your resume," or "Tell me something no one else knows about you." Great questions that can yield great insights. Are your clients prepared to answer that question? Read this article to help you help them!

The Skill No One is Talking About ... Yet (RecruitingBlogs) Creativity spawns innovation in the workplace. Tech skills and interpersonal communication skills are the current industry buzzwords, but companies like 3M and Hewlett-Packard are one step ahead of the recruiting competition. They allow employees to develop their creative skills in unique ways which is giving them a truly competitive advantage. Read more about why creativity is becoming so very important.


Please email your kudos to me ( so that I can share them with everyone!


Congratulations to Lakshmy Menon, the latest career professional to earn her Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW) credential from the Resume Writing Academy. You did a great job in the program and have become a talented resume writer. Kudos to you, Lakshmy!


Congratulations to Birgitta Möller, cvhjä, who was recently featured on the front page of her local newspaper in Sweden - Sydsvenskan. Click here to read the full story if you want to learn about Birgitta and how she's leading the careers industry throughout the country. Kudos to you, Birgitta. You've earned every bit of the recognition.

Congratulations to Joan Runnheim Olson, Pathways Career Success Strategies, LLC, who recently presented "Gender Tune-Up: Shifting Nontraditional Enrollment & Retention into High Gear" to faculty and staff at Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove, IL. She shared valuable strategies designed to increase gender diversity in the college's career programs.

For more information about CTL & RWA credentials:

Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW) Master Resume Writer (MRW) Credentialed Career Manager (CCM)


Visit the 2015 Calendar of Events for all CTL and RWA events this year. Here's what's coming up:

Mar 6, 2015: The FAVAR Method of LinkedIn Profile Creation (presented by Dan Stiffler). FAVAR is a step-by-step guide to creating LinkedIn profiles so your clients make it through the Recruiter Corporate LinkedIn process and are found, considered, and contacted for their next career opportunity. This program will teach you the essentials: Findability, Attractability, Viewability, Availability, and Reachability. Be sure to use the CTL promo code FAVAR for significant savings.

Mar 9, 2015: CTL Associate Quarterly Call with CTL Board: The Now & The New in Coaching. CTL Associates: Watch for an email from CTL with call-in details for a great session with CTL Board Members Michelle Carroll and Ruth Winden. You MUST be an Associate to participate. Become a CTL Associate.

Starts Mar 16, 2015: The Academies' NEWLY FORMATTED Certified Social Media Career Strategist (CSMCS) Program. This 12-session intensive via teleseminar/webinar, taught by Barbara Safani, focuses on all of the popular social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. If you strive to stay current with the latest job search trends and technologies in the "social search," this program will position you as a cutting-edge career strategies provider.

Mar 20, 2015: Resume E-Summit - Writing Executive Resumes: New Formats, New Strategies, New Ideas. Executive resume writing can be challenging, but it can also be exceptionally rewarding - personally, professionally, and financially. Learn what it takes to write today's executive resume: one that is succinct, powerful, distinctive, results-focused, and memorable.

Starts Mar 26, 2015: The Academies' Certified Executive & Leadership Development Coach (CELDC) Program. This 15-week program will equip you to confidently coach on executive/leadership topics, such as leadership models/competencies, vision/mission/values, personal branding, leadership presence, emotional intelligence, leadership essentials, delegation, employee engagement, and team-building. Earn 36 ICF CEUs upon completion.

Apr 17, 2015: Career Thought Leaders Conference. Read all of the details at the top of this CTL E-Bridge newsletter!

Starts May 21, 2015: Resume Writing Academy Certification (RWA) Program. RWA is the first comprehensive, strategically focused resume training program, guaranteed to teach you how to write powerful and effective resumes. Whether you're a beginning resume writer who wants to learn the art of resume writing or an experienced writer who wants to move your skills from good to great, RWA is your solution!




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