Maike Hennig, Thought Leadership Advisory Council

Maike Hennig ia a Global Expatriate and has been a world traveler since a very young age. She had the privilege of a multicultural education—being trilingual in English, Spanish, and German—growing up in Germany, the Caribbean, and Spain. Later, she studied in Germany, England, China, and the U.S.; and began her career in Switzerland.

Being multicultural enables Maike to offer a deep understanding of the different cultures, languages, and customs from countries around the globe, making a real contribution to an international business environment.

As an Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW), she joined an elite group of ACRW-certified writers worldwide.

She specialises in: ✔ Cross-Cultural Profiles ✔ Global Expats ✔ International Business & General Management Careers

Her writing approach:

◆ She puts herself in the role of the employer and recruiter, directing services to maximise the impact.

◆ She analyses the professional past and focus the writing on each client’s career objective and unique personality, showcasing goals and accomplishments and how they've improved as a professional.

◆ She graduated with an MBA and a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management, and completed the International Executive Program at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., which allows her to have the perspective of a Global Business Manager and to write and optimise career documents from that point of view with an employer mentality.

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