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Ready to Hire a Career Coach, Counselor, or Consultant?

Career coaches, consultants, and counselors can help propel your career forward by supporting a variety of areas:

  • Interviewing preparation
  • Job search strategy and execution
  • Career change and transition
  • Launching or growing a business
  • Personal and professional branding
  • Career management and advancement
  • Executive and leadership development
  • Organization career development programs
Career professionals have a variety of backgrounds, training, and experience. When hiring a coach, you first want to be clear about the assistance you are seeking. 

Ready to Hire a Professional Writer?

Whether you are job searching, looking to build your online presence, or applying for board of director appointments, a professional writer can help you craft branded career communications, including:

  • Resumes and CVs
  • LinkedIn and other social media profiles
  • Executive or board biographies
  • Cover letters and e-notes
  • Content for social media campaigns and personal websites
  • Thank you notes and other communications
  • Case studies and project summaries

Some professional writers also provide career coaching or counseling and others focus solely on writing, working with individuals who are clear about their career aim.

Selecting a Career Professional

After you have determined a general idea of the type and scope of services you are interested in, you can research career professionals that specialize in those areas. Here are a few things to consider as you select a coach:

Expertise and experience: What does the career professional specialize in? Do their client success stories sound like you? What experience do they have working with similar professionals? Coaches are experts in process, so consider their expertise in the process you need assistance with (job search, interviewing) more than a specific industry (IT, healthcare).

Training and certification: Where did the career professional gain their coaching or counseling skills? How do they stay current? Career coaching and consulting are specific areas of expertise. What training do they have in this area? Programs recognized by the International Coaches Federation, like The Academies, Certified Career Transition Coaches, Certified Hidden Job Market Coaches, and Personal Branding Strategists, are a good place to start for coaches. Counselors will hold an M.Ed. or M.A. in counseling or a related field and certification as a Nationally Certified Counselor through the NBCC or a license to provide professional counseling within their state.

Process and cost: How does the career professional work with clients? How do they structure their services (by the hour, packages, assessments)? Do they have a team or work one-on-one with you? Be careful of making decisions solely based on cost. Expect to pay $75 - $400 per hour for a coach, counselor, or consultant, depending on their experience.

Selecting a Professional Writer

If you are not garnering the interest you want, it might be time to get help from a professional. Writers are experts in defining and promoting your distinct career brand. Here are a few things to consider as you select a writer:

Experience and training: What training does the career professional have in writing career documents? Who are their typical clients? How do they stay on top of trends in the industry? Search organizations that offer training (not only certification), including the Resume Writing Academy. More experienced writers may have advanced credentials like the Master Resume Writer.

Samples and success: What does the writer say about their success? Can they provide a sample of their work? What do you think about the writing style on their website and on their LinkedIn profile? Do they have testimonials? Don't be turned off if they send a sample that isn't your exact career focus. Sending a sample outside of your specific focus protects the writer and their clients.

Process and cost: Does the writer use a questionnaire, an interview, or both? What is included with their resume-writing service? Will you work with them directly or with a team member? You can expect to pay anywhere from $350 - $3000+ for a career document or package based on your level of experience and the writer's expertise. Many writers won't offer a "guarantee" as the job search has many variables, and most require payment up front.

Find a Career Provider

You can use the search field below to find a provider by name or use the "Advanced Search" link below to find a provider by type of service, industry of expertise, or geographic location. If you would like to be paired with a career service provider by the Career Thought Leaders team, please complete the form below to tell us more about the support you are seeking.

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