Thrive: Helping Careerists Navigate
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May 1 to 3, 2018
NH Nacional 
Paseo Del Prado, 48, Madrid, Spain

Career Thought Leaders is going abroad for three days of connecting, learning, and exceptional value.

The 2018 conference will be a true international experience, with attendees joining from across the U.S., Europe, Australia, South America, and beyond -- representing 15+ countries!

Detailed Agenda

Tuesday, May 1
Workshops on this day will go in depth into coaching and business development topics. NOTES: Mini-conference registration does not include these sessions. You can register for Tuesday only (does not include Monday reception or any of Wednesday/Thursday sessions) by selecting the "Workshop Only" option at registration.

8:00–8:30 am

8:30 am–12:00 pm
Choice 1: Mapping Your Brand to Build Your Business
Susan Chritton, Master Brand Strategist

Have you taken time to think about your brand as you build your business? Building a business and building a Personal Brand share a lot in common. This workshop will explore the key elements of building both. Focusing on your strengths, passions, values and goals you will understand how your increased self-awareness will allow you to drive greater value for your business – and the ability to build stronger business relationships.

This workshop is designed to help you appreciate your personal brand and align that with your business. Susan Chritton will take you on an original journey to gain clarity about yourself and use that clarity to build your business. The workshop will bring in creative tools to map out your direction and next steps. Be ready to have some fun and walk away with new awareness about who you are and how you build your business.

Susan Chritton is an Executive Career Coach, Master Personal Brand Strategist, and author of Personal Branding for Dummies. She guides her clients as they transition from who they have been into who they want to become. As the Facilitator for the Reach Personal Branding certification programs, she trains and mentors coaches in aligning their brand with their business so that they can increase their success and satisfaction. She has guided thousands of people through the career and personal branding process. Her book, Personal Branding for Dummies, has been the #1 personal branding book on Amazon for years.

Choice 2:
Big Gigs: Making More Money Doing Good Work

Elisabeth (Harney) Sanders-Park, WorkNet Solutions

There are too many career practitioners making a big impact and too little money. What we offer the world and the individuals we serve is valuable! This session gives you a chance to focus on how you can make more money doing good work. You will be exposed to game-changing mindsets and strategies, then choose and begin implementing those that will bolster your business. Whether you work for yourself (or a private firm) or are thinking about it, this session will help.

Lessons include:

  • Identifying how you want to grow your business/profit
  • Cultivating a mindset that allows for dramatically increased income/profit
  • Exploring 6+ ways to make bigger money
  • Determining the actions you will take to make more money doing good work

Are you ready to increase your profit by 10% or more in the next year?! Join us!

For more than 15 years, Elisabeth (Harney) Sanders-Park, the ‘tough career transitions’ expert, has been dedicated to helping service providers get great results for people with barriers. She is the author of L.A. Times’ Top 10 Career Book of the Year “No One Is Unemployable” (by Harney & Angel) and “The 6 Reasons You’ll Get the Job” (by Sanders-Park & MacDougall). Elisabeth has helped establish 150+ programs across the U.S. and Australia, impacting the lives of more than 1 million job seekers. She consults to workforce, human service, and nonprofit agencies to design and improve programs and increase outcomes. Elisabeth has trained 15,000+ employment/career/workforce development practitioners across the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Known for her signature blend of relentless hope and practicality, Elisabeth delivers fresh perspective and practical strategies with wisdom and humor.

–1:00 pm
Lunch and networking.

–4:30 pm
Choice 1: Working with Organisations: The Employee Lens, Business Opportunities & Coaching for Career Agility
Rosemary McLean & Valerie Rowles, Career Innovation Company

Talent management and re-skilling are buzzwords in many organisations as HR departments focus on growing the talent pipeline and building capability for the future. A much broader view of ‘talent management’ is emerging as the ‘employee’ lens is being considered, and this creates greater opportunities for career coaches to add value in an organisational context.

Career coaching with employees has some commonalities with outplacement and career transition work, and there are some factors that are particular to each situation. Coaches who would like to offer coaching or consultancy within organisations may find it useful to consider contextual issues related to ‘future-proofing’ and remaining ‘career healthy’ and agile, even when the employee has a stable job. Bearing in mind that each organisation has its own culture and business drivers, you may find that people seeking to build their career with their current employer expect coaches to have an understanding of the specific environment to be credible. Feeling confident about context and use of language can help you add value.

The workshop will be led by experienced career practitioners Rosemary McLean and Valerie Rowles who will share their knowledge and skills based on the work they do with organisations to support internal career development initiatives.

Participants will:

  • Explore the coaching issues specifically pertinent to employees in organisations
  • Identify tools in your tool kit that can help you to add value
  • Discover research resources that can support your practice with these clients
  • Consider how to position yourself as a coach working with organisations

Rosemary McLean – Director, The Career Innovation Company Ltd  is a registered Career Practitioner and Chartered Occupational Psychologist with many years’ experience in the careers field. She now enables organisations to develop and shape career development strategy to support business goals and align individual aspirations and passions with internal opportunities. Her consultancy work is international, increasingly virtual, and underpinned by research. She also designs and delivers career development workshops, and has recently been involved in developing a next generation career portal to scale up careers support and a highly innovative online career course ‘Be Bold in your Career.’ Rosemary is an experienced assessor and facilitator in personal effectiveness, career change, team development, self-assessment, leadership of change, and coaching skills. An exponent of good practice, she has trained and coached career consultants internationally, and was responsible for CPD whilst on the Board of the ACPi (UK). In addition to being a Fellow of NICEC, she is a Legacy Fellow of the UK Career Development Institute and sits on the CDI (UK) Council.

Valerie Rowles  Career Development Consultant and Workshop Facilitator  is a qualified career development professional and has 20+ years' experience working with clients who want to start, manage, and change their career journeys. She has developed knowledge of careers across a range of industries while supporting many different people including high-performance talent, mid-career changers, women returners, graduates, and small business owners. She works alongside training providers, corporate enterprises, public organisations, start-up companies, and charities on how to plan and develop careers and how to select and retain the best people. She delivers one-to-one coaching and workshops on career planning, in-house talent development, and job-seeking skills. Valerie also runs interactive training for organisations, drawing on her background and understanding of 21st century career management challenges to design learning materials that are engaging and practical. Valerie writes for a variety publications on matters of career development and is on the editorial board for the UK Career Development Institute (CDI) journal. She is a member and Legacy Fellow of CDI, was formerly on the boards of the Association of Career Professional's International (UK) and Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services, and is a current member of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling. Valerie is a registered career development professional.

Choice 2: Career ReCharge: 5 Strategies to Prevent Burnout & Spark Resilience
Beth Benatti Kennedy

How resilient are you? Are you on the verge of burnout? We work in an uncertain and complex environment that requires us to be resilient—taking charge of our careers and riding the waves of change instead of letting them drown us. Your resilience (and that of your clients) is vital to career success and you must focus on it by design, not default.

This workshop will renew your career passion and commitment, leave you feeling energized and engaged, and provide lifelong coaching tools for you and your clients. You’ll learn about Beth Kennedy’s Benatti Resiliency Model™—five strategies to enhance your overall well-being, become more aware and mindful, and spark success through branding, connection, and innovation. 

You will:

  • Learn why resilience is a key career success factor and how burnout stands in the way of positive change
  • Assess your present resilience and identify key areas to address using the Benatti Resiliency Model™
  • Get specific tools for resilience you can use for yourself and your clients

Impact on you and your clients:

  • Higher energy level and reduced stress
  • Improved mindset and self-confidence
  • Clarity on your brand
  • More effective relationships and collaboration
  • Innovation to stay recharged and resilient

Beth Benatti Kennedy, MS, CLTMC, Principal of Benatti Training & Development, brings more than 20 years of experience to her role as a leadership and executive coach and team training and development expert. She has helped hundreds of individuals at all levels of an organization reach their maximum potential, accomplish their goals, and achieve success. Her client list includes small businesses, nonprofit organizations, individuals, and corporations such as Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA, The Gillette Company, Nike, Converse, Bright Horizons, and Charter Contracting. She is a certified Leadership Coach Academy Talent Management / Leadership Coach, and a certified Linkage Inc. Leadership Coach. She holds 360Reach Analyst and in Leadership Circle Profile certifications. She is qualified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument, TypeCoach resources, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, the Lominger Leadership Architect®, Individual Transition in Organizations through Linkage, Inc., and the ARSENAL™ stress and resiliency assessment.

Wednesday, May 2

8:00–8:30 am

8:30–10:15 am
Welcome and Introduction of Opening Keynote
Advice for the Rudderless: Coaching Clients Who Have No Idea Which Path to Follow
John Lees 

Drawing on insights from his books How to Get a Job You Love and The Success Code, John’s workshop helps you deal with clients who say, “I want to do something completely different but I don’t know what it is.”

Key topics:

  • Client mindset – what gets in the way
  • Perfection vs compromise – the real deal
  • Be, do, know – the building blocks of a career decision
  • Practical tools to help clients gain sufficient self-understanding to begin active exploration
  • Rookie mistakes made by every generation of job hunters
  • Energy, impact, and stories
  • Building confidence and creating authentic impact

John Lees is one of the UK’s most prominent career transition coaches and appears regularly in the media as a career thought leader. He has published 12 books on careers and work including the UK best-seller How to Get a Job You Love. His books have been translated into Arabic, Georgian, Polish, Japanese, and Spanish. John has delivered workshops in Ireland, Germany, Mauritius, the U.S., South Africa, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand. He founded the Career Coach Forum on LinkedIn (6400 members worldwide).

10:30–11:45 am
Personal Branding & Career Marketing Trends
Panel of Certified Personal Brand Strategists and Academy Certified Resume Writers from Spain, France, and beyond! Panelists include Joanne Shawcross, Beatrice Cuvelier, and other certified personal brand strategists.

12:00–1:00 pm
Lunch and networking.

1:15–2:30 pm
The Data and AI Revolution Meets the HR World 
Fernando G. Guerrero

In this world dominated by Internet and Social Media, many HR processes are still handled manually. For many organizations, the digital revolution does not mean more than just using a screen and a keyboard, to do what they used to do with pen and paper. However, Social Media and new Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies are providing powerful tools to many organizations to optimize their HR processes, from recruiting to career paths, as well as attendance and absence analysis. This session will discuss several scenarios where technology is impacting the HR world.

Fernando G. Guerrero, a Civil Engineer and Surveyor by education, who became an IT Consultant, Author, Trainer and Communicator by choice; enjoying a new career in high management and corporate governance, as CEO and President of Nouss Intelligence, a startup specialized in Artificial Intelligence, while serving as Non-Executive President of SolidQ, the company he co-founded in 2002 to become the leader in advanced services and education for the Microsoft Data Platform. Always learning new skills, although he has been deeply involved in IT since 1976, he complemented his background with an MBA degree, post-graduate studies in Finance, High Management and Social Media, as well as a Diploma and Certificate in Corporate Governance with the Spanish Institute of Directors (Instituto de Consejeros-Administradores), and is currently enrolled in the university again, on his path to earning the PhD in Computer Science.

3:00–4:00 pm
Professional Presence: Make Your Mark & Make It Count
Valerie Sokolosky 

Research shows that a person’s perception of presence often influences decisions they make. Job applicants who show up with confidence and people skills often win over someone more technically skilled. Leaders advance – or not – based on their presence. Clients may determine our expertise by how well we articulate our offerings.

Here’s the good news! Presence is learned and earned – it has nothing to do with being born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Presence is a matter of your whole being – how you look, how you act and how you communicate AUTHENTICALLY. It’s that sense of being comfortable in your own skin with the ability to influence others. Whatever your goals, presence will help you get there.

As author of eight books on Professional Presence with 25 years’ experience working with Fortune 500 companies, Valerie will share impactful stories and tips on how to coach your clients to improve their presence and create a strong presence for yourself that shows confidence in any situation  knowing what to do, what to say and how to present yourself as a leader in the industry.

4:00–5:00 pm
The Unconference Experience -- Share With Your Peers
Career Thought Leaders has always had an element of colleague discussions ... now that is a trend at professional development events with a cool new name -- an "unconference." During these small table discussions you will have an opportunity to deepen your learning through interaction with your peers.

Thursday, May 3

8:00–8:30 am

8:30–9:45 am

Knowledge Nomads: Helping People Thrive in a Job-less Work Environment
Elisabeth (Harney) Sanders-Park

One hundred years after Henry Ford introduced the moving assembly line, we are witnessing the decline of the traditional 'job,' the emergence of the 'gig economy,' technology, and globalization which has already begun to significantly impact how people choose, create, and maintain work and income. Based on recent data, this session helps providers of employment-career-workforce services challenge outdated and ineffective mindsets, cultivate new perspectives that make them more useful to clients, and increase their knowledge and confidence in helping clients prepare for and succeed in today's environment.

For more than 15 years, Elisabeth (Harney) Sanders-Park, the ‘tough career transitions’ expert, has been dedicated to helping service providers get great results for people with barriers. She is the author of L.A. Times’ Top 10 Career Book of the Year “No One Is Unemployable” (by Harney & Angel) and “The 6 Reasons You’ll Get the Job” (by Sanders-Park & MacDougall). Elisabeth has helped establish 150+ programs across the U.S. and Australia, impacting the lives of more than 1 million job seekers. She consults to workforce, human service, and nonprofit agencies to design and improve programs and increase outcomes. Elisabeth has trained 15,000+ employment/career/workforce development practitioners across the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Known for her signature blend of relentless hope and practicality, Elisabeth delivers fresh perspective and practical strategies with wisdom and humor.

10:00–11:00 am
Social Media Trends
Javier Camara
beBee is an international social media platform that drives connection and engagement through passions, hobbies, and personal and professional interests. They are most interested in what causes people to connect with each other and interact.

At beBee they are always developing, and with the use of cutting-edge technology, are excited about the next step within beBee. 

They have signed an agreement with Profede, and thanks to Blockchain technology and Profede's protocol:

  • Professionals will be able to control their own data: they decide who can access their data and which parts of it.
  • Professionals will get compensated in tokens for the exchange of their data.
  • Professionals set their own price and, therefore, will feel fairly compensated every time a business gets in touch with them.
  • Professionals will have a portable professional profile and reputation. They will not need to rely on a specific platform.

With Profede, beBee will truly be bringing back the power to the professional use with Blockchain. 

Javier Camara, Advisor. CEO at beBee (The Collaborative Platform for Professionals). PhD from DU. Ex Oracle. Expert in software engineering, complex platforms building and managing teams and technical resources. Entrepreneur with solid background in data mining, data warehouse, complex project management, and Blockchain enthusiast.

11:00 am–12:15 pm
The Unconference Experience -- Share With Your Peers
Career Thought Leaders has always had an element of colleague discussions ... now that is a trend at professional development events with a cool new name -- an "unconference." During these small table discussions you will have an opportunity to deepen your learning through interaction with your peers.

12:15–1:15 pm
Lunch and networking.

1:15–2:15 pm
Career Conversations in Organisations: How Leaders and Coaches Can Help Employees to Take Ownership of Their Careers
Antoinette Oglethorpe

Office politics. Egos. Challenging economic times. No wonder managers and employees can find it hard to talk about career development. In fact, 51% of employees believe that having a coach or mentor would be helpful in developing their career. Yet few employees get the opportunity to have meaningful career conversations.

Supporting employees in effective career conversations is vital for retention. More organizations are using external and internal coaches to coach managers and their teams as the importance of retaining talent gains visibility as a business success metric.

As a result of attending this session, participants will:

1.  Understand the importance of career conversations in organisations
2.  Know what makes a career conversation effective
3.  Gain an overview of the Career Conversation Toolkit, a set of practical tools developed by Antoinette Oglethorpe for leaders, mentors, and in-house coaches. It’s engaging, results-driven, and designed to give you and your clients the tools to:
  • Have a meaningful career conversation in only 20 minutes without any complex process or paperwork
  • Help employees feel more positive and satisfied with their current role no matter what their ambitions
  • Encourage employees to identify development opportunities and take steps that will help them and the organisation
  • Have conversations that make employees want to stay with the organisation rather than go elsewhere
  • Have a flexible approach which means employees take ownership for their career development and don’t look to their managers to have all the answers

Antoinette Oglethorpe is a leadership development consultant, coach, speaker and author. She runs a professional training and coaching business that specialises in unlocking the leadership potential within ambitious companies so they can innovate and grow. Antoinette qualified as a coach in 1999. She believes developing leadership talent in organisations relies on connecting employees’ career ambitions with the goals of the organisation. She is the creator of the Career Conversation Toolkit a set of practical card-based tools, for managers, mentors and in-house coaches. Antoinette speaks all over the world at leading conferences. She is a Chartered Fellow of CIPD, an Associate Member of the Association for Coaching and a member of the Professional Speakers Association. She is also the author of Grow Your Geeks - A Handbook for Developing Leaders in High-Tech Organisations.

Contact Antoinette at: | | @antoinetteog |

2:45–3:45 pm
Telling Your Compelling Story
Diane Hudson

Is the ‘Elevator Pitch’ compelling? My ‘Elevator Pitch’ won me a cash bonus! Storytelling is as old as the history of people, and people find stories interesting – people listen and are engaged by stories. Stories were originally told orally by memory, then etched on walls, and finally put to print. In career management, storytelling permeates networking, resume development, and interviewing. Delivering a compelling story is imperative to effective career management – stories need to be interesting, engaging, and exciting. 

Compelling storytelling is powerful self-marketing focused on key messages (rather than keywords), results, major accomplishments, and direct contributions that deliver Return on Investment. Telling stories, Diane will share coaching techniques and questions to help clients develop compelling stories that resonate when building relationships, delivering valuable key/branding messages in resumes/CVs and social media profiles, and captivating hiring officials during the interview process.

Diane Hudson is an award-winning and multi-credentialed career coach and resume writer. She is co-author of “The New Senior Executive Service Application,” Director of the Certified Professional Career Coach program, and her resumes, cover letters, cases studies. and chapters are published in more than 60 books and periodicals. Diane is an engaging speaker having presented at scores of national association conferences, and as a trainer for thousands of job seekers and career coaches across the nation and globally on the full-range of career management topics. She is a former Special Agent Investigator for the Department of Defense, Internal Recruiter/Employment Specialist for Northrop Corporation, and she has lived in Germany, Los Angeles, and DC, navigating four international moves. Diane can be reached at

3:30–4:30 pm
Closing Session: Agility for Career Professionals to Excel in a Global, Virtual & Gig Workforce

Hotel Information
The event will take place at the NH Nacional. Rooms are available at a discounted rate of 165 Euro per night, which includes breakfast.

Evening Events
Conference attendees and their families are welcome to join our evening events, including an evening reception at the hotel Monday night; dinner and traditional Spanish entertainment on Tuesday evening; and for a tapas tour on Wednesday evening.

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