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Thrive: Helping Careerists Navigate
a Global, Virtual & Gig Workforce

May 1 to 3, 2018
NH Nacional 
Paseo Del Prado, 48, Madrid, Spain

Career Thought Leaders and Resume Writing Academy is going abroad for three days of connecting, learning, and exceptional value.

The 2018 conference will be a true international experience, with attendees joining from across the U.S., Europe, Australia, South America, and beyond. Coming from the US? Our original 15 seats sold out ... so we reached out to the travel agent and added 5 seats to the group flight from JFK to Madrid -- for only $637+! Learn more here.


Tuesday, May 1
Workshops on this day will go in depth into coaching and business development topics. There will be 4 sessions offered, 3.5 hours each, and full conference attendees will choose the 2 they'd like to attend. NOTE: Mini-conference registration does not include these sessions.

Presenters include:

Susan Chritton, Master Brand Strategist - Mapping Your Brand to Build Your Business

Rosemary McLean & Valerie Rowles, Career Innovation Company - Coaching for Career Agility & Advancement

Elisabeth Harney, WorkNet Solutions - Big Gigs: Making More Money Doing Good Work

Beth Benatti Kennedy - Career ReCharge: 5 Strategies to Prevent Burnout & Spark Resilience

Wednesday, May 2 & Thursday, May 3
Get practical tools, tips, and resources you can use to help clients navigate the dynamic international workplace. Topics include job search, career coaching, personal branding, leadership coaching, and more! See the agenda here.


Advice for the Rudderless: Coaching Clients Who Have No Idea Which Path to Follow
John Lees 

Drawing on insights from his books How to Get a Job You Love and The Success Code John’s workshop helps you deal with clients who say, “I want to do something completely different but I don’t know what it is.”

Key topics:

  • Client mindset – what gets in the way.
  • Perfection vs compromise – the real deal.
  • Be, do, know – the building blocks of a career decision.
  • Practical tools to help clients gain sufficient self-understanding to begin active exploration.
  • Rookie mistakes made by every generation of job hunters.
  • Energy, impact and stories.
  • Building confidence and creating authentic impact.

John Lees is one of the UK’s most prominent career transition coaches, and regularly in the media as a career thought leader. He has published 12 books on careers and work including the UK best-seller How to Get a Job You Love. His books have been translated into Arabic, Georgian, Polish, Japanese, and Spanish. John has delivered workshops in Ireland, Germany, Mauritius, the USA, South Africa, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand. He founded the Career Coach Forum on LinkedIn (6400 members worldwide).

Knowledge Nomads: Helping People Thrive in a Job-less Work Environment
Elisabeth (Harney) Sanders-Park

One hundred years after Henry Ford introduced the moving assembly line, America is witnessing the decline of the traditional 'job,' the emergence of the 'gig economy,' technology, and globalization which has already begun to significantly impact how people choose, create, and maintain work and income. Based on recent data, this session helps providers of employment-career-workforce services challenge outdated and ineffective mindsets, cultivate new perspectives that make them more useful to clients, and increase their knowledge and confidence in helping clients prepare for and succeed in today's environment.

Telling Your Compelling Story
Diane Hudson

Is the ‘Elevator Pitch’ compelling? My ‘Elevator Pitch’ won me a cash bonus! Storytelling is as old as the history of people, and people find stories interesting – people listen and are engaged by stories.  Stories were originally told orally by memory, then etched on walls, and finally put to print. In career management, storytelling permeates networking, resume development, and interviewing. Delivering a compelling story is imperative to effective career management – stories need to be interesting, engaging, and exciting. 

Compelling storytelling is powerful self-marketing focused on key messages (rather than keywords), results, major accomplishments, and direct contributions that deliver Return on Investment. Telling stories, Diane will share coaching techniques and questions to help clients develop compelling stories that resonate when building relationships, delivering valuable key / branding messages in resumes/CVs and social media profiles, and captivating hiring officials during the interview process.

General Session Speakers

Valerie Sokolosky, Master Brand Strategist - Professional Presence
Marie Zimenoff - Career Industry Global Trends
Fernando Guerrero - Global HR Practices & Big Data
International Branding Panel - Personal Branding Trends in Europe & Beyond
beBee - Global Social Media Trends

Round table Discussion Hosts

Deb Dib
Susan Chritton
Jan Melnik
Marie Zimenoff

Hotel Information
The event will take place at the NH Nacional. Rooms are available at for a discounted rate of $165 per night, which includes breakfast.

Evening Events
Conference attendees and their families are welcome to join our evening events, including an evening reception at the hotel Monday night; dinner and traditional Spanish entertainment on Tuesday evening; and for group dinners on Wednesday evening.

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Early Registration End December 15, 2017.

Early Registration End December 15, 2017


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