1. What is the size of the manufacturing operation (# of employees, # of facilities, # of acres)?

2. What are the annual revenues of the company? Of your division or operation? Do you have direct or joint P&L responsibility?

3. Is the company profitable? If so, has profitability increased during your tenure? Have you had any direct involvement in improving the profit numbers?

4. Was this a start-up, a turnaround or a high-growth situation? Provide details with specific numbers regarding revenue and profit performance, growth in size of facility(ies), increase in number of employees and other measurements of strong financial performance.

5. Is it a 24×7 operation (meaning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)? Or 24x7x365 days?

6. Have you been involved in developing, implementing and/or upgrading any of the following: MRP, MRPII, ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 90002, ISO 14000, SAP, Kanban, TQM or any other productivity, efficiency or quality improvement projects? If so, what was the project, what was the cost, and what were the results?

7. Have you been involved in any technology installations or upgrades? This could include new hardware, software, operating systems, networks, databases, telecommunication systems, or related technologies. If so, what was the project, what was the cost and what were the results?

8. Have you been involved in any capital improvement projects? This could include new facilities, major renovations, installation of building management systems, etc. If so, what was the project, what was the cost and what were the results?

9. Have you negotiated any contracts? With suppliers? With real estate developers or construction companies? With telecommunication or technology companies? What were the costs of the contracts/purchases? Were you able to lower costs and save money?

10. Have you effectuated any cost reductions … in personnel, overhead costs, equipment, facilities or anything else? If so, how did you do it and how much did you save?

11. Delivered any quantifiable performance improvements? This could include reductions in scrap, improvements in quality ratings, improvements in customer service ratings or a host of other measurements. If so, what did you do and what were the results?

12. Involved in any mergers or acquisitions? Integrating operations? If so, what were the specifics?

13. Participated in divesting any businesses, operations and/or product lines? If so, what are the specifics?

14. Any supervisory experience? Team building and leadership experience? Employee training? If so, how many people and any notable accomplishments?

15. Do you have responsibility for either capital budgets or operating budgets? If so, how much is the budget and have you been able to reduce it? If so, how did you reduce costs?

16. What about your involvement in developing anything new? New products? New processes? New workflow procedures?

17. Awarded any patents (individually or through the company)?

18. Introduced any innovative work processes such as cell manufacturing, just-in-time (JIT) inventory procedures or EDI stock replenishment systems?

19. Have you had any involvement with clients or major accounts? If so, what was the specific involvement or project, and are there any notable results?

20. Have you won any honors or awards, either through the company or through a professional organization? If you are involved in a professional organization, what is the organization, what is your membership status and have you done any “projects” for the organization?

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