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Marginal Improvements In Your Job Search

Last week I was asked what profound idea or inspiration I had in the last year.  It took a while to think through things… not because I had a lot but because it’s easy to underestimate the power of the thoughts we have, and realize that they are profound. Finally, I thought about where my head has been the last 6+ months.  We have been making marginal improvements to JibberJobber.  Not just in the last six months, but for the last almost-nine-years, since we launched. If you add up those marginal, seemingly small changes, over the years, you get something pretty great.  Or, on the road to great. For me, marginal improvements means something that is better, but it doesn’t have to be tons better.  We’re not talking about a full make-over… for example, you don’t have to get rid of all of your clothes and buy all new ones.  But maybe you buy new socks, or new shoes, or a new tie, or a new blouse.  That is a small, bite-sized, manageable, affordable improvement.   ... Read more

Interview Insights | Interview Question: What are your salary expectations?

What are your salary expectations? There are a few great ways to approach this question as well as lame ones. The best way to tackle this question begins with your expected financial contributions to a... Continue reading The post Interview Insights | Interview Question: What are your salary expectations? appeared first on Career Coaching for Career Transitions. ... Read more

Protecting the Tech Career You’ve Built

We get a lot of questions about what we mean when we say "protecting" or refer to "career protection." The following presentation tells the story of how this idea of protection took root and how it has evolved into everything we do at ITtechExec and NoddlePlace. It is our sincere belief that in today's market, whether you've been around a bit like our ITtechExec members have, or are just starting to climb the ladder, like our NoddlePlace members, that you do more than just toss out resumes and scour job boards. It's time to protect what you've built so far: ... Read more

Common Salary Negotiation Pitfalls

Salary negotiation is one of the most difficult parts of the job hunting process, especially for those interviewing for entry-level positions or their first full-time position. With the proper research and preparation, you can avoid these common negotiation pitfalls. Lack of Preparedness Make sure you are ready for the negotiation. Come prepared with research, including […] ... Read more

The Best Jobs for Every Myers-Briggs Type

Paul Tieger’s book Do What You Are is my favorite career coaching book.  This infographic is courtesy of Business Insider... ... Read more

The Career Challenges on Our Minds

As we see the explosion of the internet and hear stories of those who work from home online you may think that is for you. Maybe you have recently left a job in order to seek out new challenges in... ... Read more

Personal Branding Lessons from Household Names

As we take a walk through a shopping mall or plaza, we see brands. Brands sell, and so do their logos and the impression they invoke. Look at Volvo. Their branding messages create a family-oriented impression, supported by a safe and ... Read more

How you can use Facebook to identify personality traits

A fascinating article – how you can use Facebook to identify personality traits. Don Kluemper from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a couple of students reviewed 56 college students Facebook profiles to identify some of the Big 5 personality traits – were they conscientious, dependable, emotionally stable, Introverted? 6 months later they compared their ratings against those of their work supervisors... ... Read more

The most important 120 characters on your LinkedIn profile

We’ve hit a dead end. My customer is over the limit by two characters. “What if we use an ampersand instead of ‘and’?” I suggest. No, she doesn’t like this idea. Doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing. Doesn’t match the flow. She’s exasperated…I’m getting exasperated. We’re running on 10 minutes just trying to figure out how to stay within 120 characters that are so important […] ... Read more

Your Resume and Your Portfolio

I have many clients in creative careers that demand online or print portfolios: writers, graphic artists, photographers and web designers, among others. When hiring managers or recruiters look at job applicants for communications or design positions, they expect to see samples of previous work at some point.  Any creative person about to engage in a job search should make sure to accumulate physical or electronic samples of projects that will be mentioned in the resume. Those samples might include before and after screen shots of a website, the final version of a brochure or the various uses of a logo design. The physical evidence of an accomplishment (“Designed company logo used nation-wide”) is very powerful... ... Read more