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Myers-Briggs® and the FIRO-B® Tools—Interpersonal Needs

I’ve shared in the past that my MBTI® preferences are INFP. By adding information from the FIRO-B® tool I get a more ... Read more

Day 24 of 100 Days to Career Clarity

What do people delegate to you, knowing with utter certainty that you’ll be fabulous at it? Categorize your list. Your categories might be:
  1. Yay – love doing this!
  2. Meh.
  3. Yuck
Deviate from these suggested categories if you’ve got other ideas. And tell me your new categories – I’d love to know them! ... Read more

Feeding the Un-hatched Chicken

You are no doubt familiar with the cliché … don’t count your chickens before they hatch … right? And yet, it is a common phenomenon in the job search process. Maybe somewhere in your career climb, you were ... Read more

Ten Must Haves for Every Job Search Toolbox

The two things that come to mind when people say job search are resumes and interviews. If it were only that easy, the job search wouldn’t be as frustrating and confusing as it. Here are some of the things your job search tool box needs for a successful job search. 1. Growing network—most jobs are ... Read more

Four Tricky Interview Questions… And How To Answer Them!

Interview questions have the ability to fill us with dread but, I’ve found that it’s not the questions themselves that are dreaded as much as it’s the answers to them. Some questions are considered a walk in the park whilst others are ... Read more

Day 23 of 100 Days to Career Clarity

Who are your intimates right now? How do they support and/or hinder your progress in creating your next chapter of your career? Make a chart with names in one column, support in the next, and hindrances in the final column. ... Read more

The Dos and Don’ts of Graduate Scheme Applications

This week, our esteemed friends at the Times have released their definitive guide to the top graduate employers – and that can only mean one thing: application season is well and truly upon us. The thought of filling out endless applications can seem

... Read more

Guest Post: The Surprising Information Employers Use to Check You Out

Most job seekers know that employers conduct some kind of background check before they extend a job offer. After all, we’re used to listing past employers on job applications, and HR routinely calls the companies listed on our resumes to verify the work we’ve done. But you may not realize the extent to which many businesses will go in their quest to    ... Read more

Chasing After the Low-hanging Professional Fruit: Part II

  I ended Part I of this series talking about what excellence really is. Often we think of it as hard work and commitment, both of which are noble things. Or we think it comes out of a competitive spirit or ... Read more

The LinkedIn photo

One question I often get asked is about the LinkedIn photo – and how important is it? It’s critical, we look at people’s faces and are drawn to their eyes so you need a great head and shoulders photo. Two reasons for this blog post   ... Read more