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Really Hate Your Job or Just a Bad Day

Do you really hate your job or are you having a bad day.  Everyone has a bad day at work.  But it is a symptom of hating your job.  This may sound a bit strange because people should know whether they hate their job or not. It isn’t that simple.  You may hate your job ... Read more

LinkedIn, Leadership, and Sideways; Presenting Yourself in Many Ways to Get Results

We all know social media has become such a huge part of the work environment as well as how some potential employers and clients notice you that you must have a full and sharp profile in order to attract the ... Read more

Navigating the Job Search for Recent College Grads

  Graduation Day for the college student is a myriad of emotions that begins with relief from the pressures of school and a true sense of accomplishment to sheer panic about the future. ... Read more

Negotiating an Executive Level Salary

negotiating an executive salaryYou got your foot in the door of that executive level position you were eyeing, you nailed the interview, and you’ve been told that you’re at the top of the list of qualifying candidates. Congrats!

Then, the interviewer asks that dreaded question,

... Read more

Networking, Resumes and Job Offers; All Need Work and Take Careful Consideration

You may find that networking via e-mail or phone calls is much easier than networking face-to-face however if you network with mentors, career experts, or leaders in a face-to-face meeting format you will find each meeting has more value than... ... Read more

Your Working Life – Dr Lois Frankel

Dr. Lois Frankel, renowned author of “Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office – 10th Anniversary Edition” joins me to discuss leadership and career empowerment for women. ... Read more

Two Ways to Do Your Resume: DIY & HAE

Boiled down to its simplest level, you have two ways to create or revamp your resume: Do It Yourself (DIY) or Hire An Expert (HAE). Since my profession is resume writing, you might guess I’m not going to tell you you should always do your own resume, but I will say that sometimes “it depends.” Having made my disclosure about possibly not being 100% impartial, I’ll still do my best to give an unbiased view of the two ways you can choose to do your resume. ... Read more

Understand Narcissists and other Personalities You Have to Work With (or, “I am being bullied”)

I am being bullied. I have been for about a year. I’m not in elementary school anymore, I’m forty years old.  I own my own company.  But I have a bully. Having a bully sucks.  I’ve been the minor victim of bad behavior over the years, but this is different.  This is constant, over time, in-your-face bullying. My bully is probably a narcissist.  Unfortunately, I’ve got the opportunity to learn a lot more about narcissism (or, narcissistic personality disorder) than I ever wanted to know.     ... Read more

How to Develop Great Managers

As I read “Why Good Managers Are So Rare,” I thought, “This has to be written by someone from Gallup.” It’s presenting the same outdated view of talent management that Gallup has been espousing for quite awhile now. While it’s true that there are currently relatively few good managers and that there’s a strong link between management abilities, employee engagement, and organizational success, it’s not true that you can or even should hire yourself into better management. There simply isn’t enough turnover in the management ranks. In addition, management talent (which this post argues is essentially genetic) isn’t abundant enough to meet all of the requirements for effective managers.   ... Read more

3 Things An Interviewer Wants to Know

Bright Idea! Job Search Tip

When you are invited to an interview, make sure you know what the interviewer really wants to know.
  • What evidence do you have to show them that you will be able to do the job for which they are hiring?
  • Are you going to fit in with the company culture...
... Read more