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Your Job Search is Alive

A few days ago, whilst talking to a friend, I was trying to create a comparison between a job search and a living, breathing creature. I don’t know whether I succeeded or not; whether my friend was just nodding politely in order to encourage me to stop talking. It has been known…
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You Need Both a Resume and LinkedIn Profile in your Job Search

LinkedIn profile and resume are two different documents that start from the same basis but are used in two different ways.

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Text and Driving? Stop Doing That. For Real.

Share This weekend I participated in a workshop in Soft Addictions. I expected to focus most of my energy on my sugar addiction, which has been a struggle for me for as long as I can remember. While I did spend some time and energy examining that habit, a different addiction came to the foreground as the weekend progressed: Texting While Driving       ... Read more

Ho-Hum Resumes: Is Yours One of Them?

Sometimes it feels as if I’m playing a broken record on this, but experience shows that too many job seekers still don’t get the difference between a resume that showcases their unique value to employers and one that looks basically like a job description. The latter is what I’ve decided to call a ho-hum resume. In other words, the response to it is likely to be something along the lines of “who cares?” or “So…?” or even “OK (round-file that one). Next.”

What Makes a Resume Stand Out?

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Communication is the Key to a Great Career

Regardless of the type of business you are in, having great communication skills cannot be overvalued or overlooked. Many people don’t fully understand how to communicate and follow up whether it’s for a job interview, following up on a request,... ... Read more

Working on Group Projects: E and I

10-part series by Patrick Kerwin, MBTI® Master Practitioner, with some great tips on how students can manage conflict. Working on Group Projects: E and I The group projects you work on in school are great preparation for what you’ll likely experience when you start your career: working on teams. Each of the four MBTI® preference pairs can have an impact on how successfully or unsuccessfully group projects go. In this blog we’ll get started by looking at how the Extraversion (E) and Introversion (I) preferences influence group projects—and how you can get the best out of both.RICK KERWIN: December 4, 2014 ASK AN EXPERT: From Preferences to Successes: Using MBTI® Type for Student & Employee Success One of the most valuable and useful lessons that MBTI® type teaches people is this: One size does not fit all. And yet many of the traditional techniques and strategies designed to help students and employees succeed use the exact opposite approach—and as a result, they often have the exact opposite effect! In this webinar you’ll learn type-specific tips and techniques for counseling, coaching, and supporting students and employees on topics including: Student with copybook
  • Getting the best from your communication style in a class or on a team
  • Using type to handle relationships with instructors or colleagues
  • Capitalizing on your type to write papers and documents
  • Using your type to manage your time
  Register now About the expert: Patrick Kerwin, MBA, NCC, is the owner of Kerwin & Associates in San Diego, California, and an MBTI® Master Practitioner. For over 20 years he has used the MBTI instrument to develop individuals, teams, and organizations. He conducts MBTI workshops on a variety of topics, including stress, team building, career development, leadership, change, and conflict. Patrick also conducts the MBTI® Certification Program, and is the author of the just-released online edition of the Kerwin Values Survey® career values assessment...       ... Read more

Students & Conflict | Blog Directory

10-part series by Patrick Kerwin, MBTI® Master Practitioner, with some great tips on how students can manage conflict. As we continue posting this series over the the next few months, you can check back here to find them all in one central place.  
  1. Dealing with Difficult Professors, Part I
  2. Dealing with Difficult Professors, Part II
  3. Dealing with Difficult Professors, Part III
  4. Working on Group Projects: E and I

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Brain-Based Techniques for Success: Which paradigm is your client operating from?

November has been a very exciting time here at The Academies with our 5th Annual Virtual Bootcamp! In case you missed it, here’s a sample of the buzz from social media: Michelle Carroll shared this quote of John Assaraf’s: “You have all the intelligence you need to be successful.” Stacy Harshman chimed in with this […] ... Read more

Are you employed but should be looking for a job?

Many people employed should be looking for a job. They should be proactive in their career. The reason I say this is because it happened again late last week. Another friend contacted me because she got suspended from work. She should have looked before that. You see, my friend Bella was suspended because she had ... Read more

How to Craft a Salary Negotiation Story

Never bargain or job hunt from a position of weakness. Soar like an eagle, even when you are feeling like a wounded pigeon. –George C. Fraser, Chairman and CEO, FraserNet Inc.

Every job seeker should learn how to craft a salary negotiation story long before there is a job offer. It allows them to weigh their options before saying “Yes!” This salary negotiation article, while not written along gender lines, was prompted by the recent comment by Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella, who said that women should not ask for a raise, but have faith that the system will reward them well. (He has since issued a retraction)... ... Read more