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3 Ways to Make 2015 Great for Your Executive Career

Although you can decide to make a turning point in your career any day of the year, January presents a good opportunity for us to create a new direction. Perhaps it’s because January seems like an extremely optimistic time. Or maybe it’s because we want to jump on New Year’s Resolutions. Whatever the case may be, there’s no time like January to plan your best year ever.  

Reconnect with people.

In the January 2015 issue of Money Magazine there’s an article about how to shift from buddy to boss. The article lays out how to preserve friendships but still garner the respect you deserve... ... Read more

Out There Interview Tips – Get Noticed

  Years ago, fresh out of drama school, I went for a job to at the Royal Opera House. The production was Berlioz’s La Damnation de Faust, but that’s incidental. Me and a crowd of other actors were herded into a room for the dubious honour of being 1st Spear Carrier and, as we waited, I commented to one of my fellow wannabes, by way of an aside, that it was just like a cattle market. Then, as a diminutive, German director lined us up and scrutinised the motley crew, the chap stood next to me whispered, “You were right – it is a cattle market.” Don’t ask me why but, by way of a response, I mooed. And then I laughed. ... Read more

Deflategate and Your Job Search

I admit it. I live right in the heart of Patriot Land. So while, I might be biased about what did or didn’t happen, I do see how it relates to a job search. I bet you are scratching your head wondering where I’m going. It is said that the Patriots were using whatever they ... Read more

Not sure which skills to endorse your LinkedIn connections for; just ask

By now the raging debate over endorsements and recommendations is subsiding; at least I hope so. I know on which side I stand. To me recommendations have more merit. They require more knowledge of the person being recommended. It also take a bit of courage to ask for them. Endorsements, on the other hand, can require very ... Read more

How to Secure a Great Letter of Recommendation

When searching for a new job, be sure to have all your documents ready to go before hitting the “send” button on your application. If the employer asks for references or a letter of recommendation, you should be able to provide it immediately. If it is your first time asking for a letter of recommendation, ... Read more

Why Technical People Need Nontechnical Skills on Their Resumes

Having worked for many years as a senior chemical engineer and computer simulation applications engineer, with a degree from MIT, I know employers want potential hires with advanced technical skills and a demonstrated ability to increase those skills. However, employers today are not only interested in technical skills; they are also interested in ... Read more

Job Seekers: Believe In Yourself!

This last week I had some interesting experiences with people who communicated in a poor way. In both situations, they had communicated “this is me,” and the way they did it did not justice to who they really were. We have been trained in our culture and out society to play ourselves down.  We joke about our selves, ... Read more

Improving Your Career can be done in Many Ways

Having a plan to improve your career is one important step to moving up the ladder in your company or finding your next great step along your career path. Once you have a plan you need to take advantage of ... Read more

Interview Insights | Key Question: Tell us about your leadership style.

Interview Question:  “Tell us about your leadership style and how you inspire teams to perform at their best.” This question comes from one of my top clients who went through my rigorous interview preparation boot-camp ... Read more

How To Qualify and Apply Free Job Search Advice To Your Situation

There is a lot of job search advice online. Unfortunately, not all of it is created equal. In fact, if you don’t learn how to qualify job search advice you find online you could be shooting yourself in the foot. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all job search advice online is bad. Chances are whoever wrote it ... Read more