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Welcome to Career Thought Leaders Consortium

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10 Must Haves in a Great Work History

  1. Give the name, location, and dates when you worked at each company in reverse chronological order. That is, list your most recent job first.
  2. Give your title. If you held several positions over the years at the same company, list each title and the years (or months and years)  you held that position.
  3. Use a paragraph to describe
... Read more

What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?

Expand your comfort zone and try news things. By stating your fears out loud you can create strategies to overcome them and move towards your goals. ... Read more

Habits for Success: How To Work Smarter

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing over 400 women from around the world about work and career for my book: ‘This Is Not The Career I Ordered’ and my forthcoming book: ‘Thrive Where You Are’. Whether entrepreneurial in spirit or working in more corporate environments, many of the women I spoke with had ... Read more

Got Game?

In recruitment, that is. While I’m reasonably sure that most of my C-suite clients aren’t delighted with this news (if they’ve even heard about it), late Gen Xers and definitely Gen Yers are likely to embrace this trend. What am I talking about? In the May 2014 issue of Human Resource Executive, the special focus ... Read more

Half of all workers regret their career path

Are you one of them? A recent survey (of 2,000 workers) has found that half of all Britons are unhappy at work and believe they made a mistake over their career choice. This sounds like a lot, but as a psychologist I want to ask questions about the questions and the survey methodology. It’s like asking us if we are happy with ... Read more

Expanded Must-Do LinkedIn Updates: Part 2

In this two-part series, you will learn how to customize in-depth, the 10 DIY Steps to Customize Your LinkedIn Profile. This is for intermediate and advanced LinkedIn users. Check out Part 1 here. As you know, your LinkedIn profile is one of the most important resources you have to reinforce your personal brand and candidate appeal. Now that you have the working elements in place, it’s time to ... Read more

Seven Ways to Keep in Touch with Your Contacts

Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone recommends that you build your network before you need it and keep in touch with your network on an ongoing basis. He also recommends that you periodically connect with each of your contacts to keep abreast of their initiatives and to share yours. To do this efficiently and effortlessly, you want to ... Read more

Using an EB-5 or E-2 Visa to Establish a Business in the U.S.

In this week’s blog edition, FranNet tackles a subject that has been in the news quite a bit lately. The focus? How can you invest or own a franchise if you are not a U.S. citizen? Fortunately for our industry, entrepreneurship and small business ownership is open to foreign investment and there are two different ... Read more

My Personal Outlook on MBTI® Type & Relationships: Sensing/Intuition

Meet Priscilla Gardea as she goes along her own journey of self-discovery and assessment! As an avid MBTI user (and lover), she will be exploring how our line-up of CPP tools can help her reach her professional and career goals, while sharing insights with you on the “whats” and “hows”. This is one of several installments written by her.  In my last post, I talked a little about Extraversion and Intuition preferences. The Sensing and Intuitive preferences are sometimes harder for me to recognize in people. Two relationships where I definitely see these tendencies ... Read more

Time Management The Good Leadership Quality You Need

Good leadership qualities such as time management skills could give you a boost in finding a career of your dreams.
Are you:
  •   A person who enjoys interacting and building social networks; but has difficulty managing interruptions (like FB updates, instant messages and email)
  •   A perfectionist, where if you aren't able to do things perfectly you tend to avoid them all together? 
  •  A naturally busy person who enjoys using your project management skills to juggle multiple things at once; but seldom complete those tasks on time?  
If this describes you, keep reading
... Read more