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Leaving a Job on Good Terms

By definition, when you decide to resign from a position, there is a certain amount of discontent with the status quo – you might even be actually miserable.  It can be tempting to let your negative feelings show as you prepare to leave a company.  You think to yourself, “What difference does it make?  I’m out of here in a few days, anyway.”  But your attitude and conduct during the last weeks of employment are under closer scrutiny than you imagine... ... Read more

The Real Skinny on Ageism

Age discrimination is a delicate subject, but not talking about it won’t solve the problem. One of the lesser-known truths about it is that — yes — there is something you can do about it. Today the tech and IT worlds are more youth-obsessed than ever, largely because younger workers tend to be cheap, smart, and “fresh.” On the other hand, age discrimination also exists for people perceived as too young to work certain types of jobs. If being too young is problematic and being over 40 merits legal protection against ageism, does that mean there are only 15-odd years to have a career between college and middle age? Of course not... ... Read more

7 major job-search changes for older workers

One question I ask during my introductory workshops is, “When did you last have to look for work?” Invariably I’ll get answers like “25 years,” “35,” 40,” and so on. On the other hand, others haven’t had to look for work in the past five or ten years, some in the past two years or less. The ... Read more

Proofreading Resumes on Paper

I have often ranted about the complete uselessness of electronic grammar checkers and mentioned the need for manual proofreading, rather than relying on electronic spellcheckers, but I am also against proofreading a resume on the computer instead of printing it out. Here are my top five reasons for advocating manual proofreading, with paper in your hand. ... Read more

How Can I Help You?

Great leaders develop by helping others. The most important question you can ask is “How Can I Help You?” Join the movement to pay it forward and you will benefit in the process. ... Read more

How to Ace The Video Job Interview

More and more HR mangers use the Internet to interview job candidates nowadays. In fact, more than 63 percent, that’s 6 in 10 human resources managers say their company often conducts employment interviews via ... Read more

Your Working Life with Graeme Cowan

Graeme Cowan is the author of Back from the Brink: True Stories and Practical Help for Overcoming Depression and Bipolar Disorder. ... Read more

Why Create a Conflict Management Assessment?

In this video, TKI co-author Ralph Kilmann talks about the beginnings of the assessment and what need he and Ken Thomas saw in the world that spurred them to create the conflict management assessment in the first place. Watch the video here.   Want to learn more about the TKI assessment? Download the new eBook, The TKI Tool, here. ... Read more

Advice to Help Your Career Become Amazing

Knowing how to conduct a meeting is only one part of having a meeting, if you have too many people in that meeting you end up having a very unproductive meeting with little to no results. In addition to that ... Read more

The expert trick to hone your skills section on LinkedIn

The article first appeared on Mashable last February 22 ... Read more