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What are you NOT telling a future employer that could be damaging to you?

This may seem obvious, but it bears repeating – honesty is the best policy. The executive job search process is difficult enough – you don’t want to get inches away from an offer, only to miss out on the role of a lifetime. Below are some of the factors you should consider when deciding what should and shouldn’t be disclosed to a potential employer.     ... Read more

7 Logical Reasons Why You Have Zero Results From Your Job Hunt

It’s the most frustrating scenario an executive can experience. You’ve spruced up your resume, sent it off to open jobs and after a few weeks you are still hearing crickets. Nothing seems to work and trying to get a hold of HR has been useless. You scratch your head wondering what could possibly be wrong. After all, you’ve got great experience! Could you be overqualified? Did you format your resume incorrectly? Did you not use enough keywords? It’s probably none of the above. In fact, if you’re still getting zero results from your job hunting efforts it’s because you may be making one of these all too common mistakes.  

... Read more

How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile Raffle Drawing!

Share How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile Raffle Drawing! Did you know that last week (February 9-15, 2015) was International Random Acts of Kindness Week? Neither did I, until a woman named Ann Terry Gilman from Germany purchased my LinkedIn e-book—3 times! I wrote to Terry to find out whether she intended to purchase the book in triplicate, and she responded that no she did not, but would I please give away the two extra books to an organization in need—in honor of RAK week!  
... Read more

Resources for Your Encore Career

Getting ready to explore a post-retirement career? Here are some resources that might help.      


... Read more

Always Lead with Your Value

I saw some really bad advice given this morning, and it was sent to a very large audience of Senior Finance Executives. In good conscience, I cannot let this flawed advice stand unchallenged. I strongly believe in putting the academic background at the top of the resume with graduation date(s), especially if it is impressive. Here’s what I believe to be very bad advice for Chief Finance Officers or other Senior Executives … Don’t do it. Unless you graduated five or less years ago, your academic background does not matter [nearly as much] as your career impacts. And let’s face it, CFOs and Finance Leaders weren’t born yesterday, nor did they graduate yesterday... ... Read more

Job Searching Advice to Help You Advance Your Career

When you are out of work, making your job search a full-time job is actually very important to your success, but if you spend forty hours a week conducting the wrong type of job search you are going to feel... ... Read more

Apps that Every Professional Should Know About

Have you been wondering what you can do to make your professional life a lot easier? One thing that can help? Apps.  The hardest thing about finding applications you actually want to use is that there are thousands of them to choose from.  How do you know you’re getting the best of what’s out there? Good news!  One of my Best and Brightest, Lily Herman, who works with The Muse and the Huffington Post has been searching the web far and wide to bring you 70 apps that can make your work life easier. From organization tools to productivity, networking and job search apps to fun little games when you need a break, we’ve got you covered. Go to:     ... Read more

Mid Century Classic – You Are What You Say You Are

(This post was originally published in the Career Pivot Blog.) “Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance.” David Mamet I first heard the term “mid –century classic” from a realtor on a home design program on television. She was referring to – of all things – a ranch house built in about 1957. Instead of describing it as low, cramped, and plain (as I saw it), she raved about its “clean lines, sleek styling and accessible décor.” You are what you say you are... ... Read more

So You Want to Write a One Page CV

Easy – just reduce everything on your two page CV to 4 point font. Yes, that was both flippant and unhelpful. We live in an age where we want everything now – we seem to see quick and steady internet access not so much as a luxury, but as more of a human right – and brevity is a virtue. You need look no further than the well-trodden statistic that the average employer looks at a CV for between six and seven seconds in order to determine whether it’s worth continuing with or consigning to the ‘not interested’ pile. And if that is the case, every single square centimetre of your CV matters.     ... Read more

Don’t Miss the Promotion Train

There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to the promotion process. Candidates, because these are internal moves, tend to look at the promotion much differently than their leadership does. As a result, there is often a disconnect that occurs along the way that ultimately hurts all parties in the process.   ... Read more