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Calm, Confident and Organized are Great Attributes in Your Career

Do you see people who seem to have it all together? They seem confident talking to anyone, know how to answer every question and even seem to have found a way to put their lives ahead of their work. Deep... ... Read more

Monday BigLaw Merry-Go-Round

Recent reports on lateral hires, financial data, salaries, and hiring trends in BigLaw. “Citi Report: Despite Growth, Law Firm Forecast Dims for 2015,” The American […] ... Read more

So Exactly How Are Your Video Interviewing Skills?

If you're like most professionals today, regardless of where you fall on the corporate ladder, the answer to the title question is, "I don't really know." And why should you really? It's not like video interviewing has been around a long time or was taught in any college course you likely took. Yet, the use of video, be it via Skype or FaceTime or Google Hangout or web conferencing is increasingly be used throughout the global marketplace. And it has found its way into the interview process as well. Slowly but surely, the video interview is starting to replace the phone interview and even some face-to-face interviewing. ... Read more

3 Things You Need to Know About LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a wonderful resource for career-minded professionals. Here are three things to know as you use LinkedIn:     ... Read more

Resistance is Futile Part Two

I wrote recently about Daniel Pink’s Book To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth about Moving Others.  If you haven’t read that post, go back and take a look. I’ll wait. Pink writes that both in sales and ordinary human interactions, people aren’t likely to be persuaded by your reasons. No matter how compelling your argument, they essentially must persuade themselves to buy, change, or take action. So Pink has developed a 2-question technique that he says will move the needle for anyone when you use it. It’s the start of real persuasion if it’s used well. The technique consists of asking two questions. ... Read more

The Importance of Social Media For Your Executive Career

When you hear the words social media, what do you think? Some believe it’s nothing more than an intrusion on their privacy, others are intimidated by it, and there are those who don’t believe it is worth their time. Although social media still generates some negative thoughts, more and more senior executives are gaining the experience and understanding the positive impact social media can have on the success of their careers, replacing any reservations or negativity they may have previously had.   ... Read more

Asking For Career Help When You Need It: 5 Empowering Tips

I meet lots of self-directed, self-possessed women who struggle with asking for help – especially when it comes to their careers. Many coaching clients and women I’ve met during workshops and speaking engagements have shared how difficult it’s been to reach out – a lot of them feeling that asking for help is akin to ‘falling down on the job’. I know the feeling. When I was transitioning out of a career in ... Read more

It’s OK to Ask for Help in Your Career

Better to ask for help or clarification than to go rogue in your career. Nobody will fault you for asking a question. ... Read more

Your Working Life with Gina Folk

Gina Folk is a dynamic leader of people, process, and change who discusses how to use your power and to be authentically transparent. ... Read more

Your Working Life with Dr. Paul G. Stolz

Dr. Paul G. Stoltz discusses the difference between success and failure in his book “GRIT: The New Science Of What It Takes To Persevere, Flourish, Succeed” ... Read more