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Maintaining High Energy in a Job Search

Don’t let anyone criticize job seekers for being lazy or dependent on handouts. That is simply not true. Finding a job is hard work, a long road full of twists, turns and disappointments. It is a numbers game. The more people you know or meet the closer you are to finding that connection that leads to an interview and then a job offer.

      ... Read more

Technology & Your Job Search–Some “Gotchas”

No one is likely to deny that we live an an age suffused with technology. Unless you live on a deserted island, you’ll probably encounter some aspects of technology every day. Your job search is no exception to that “rule.” These days, even not-too-savvy job seekers are probably using some form of technology in their job search, such as a basic computer or maybe a smart phone. That’s not to say that use of technology in a job search couldn’t have some “gotchas” to trip you up and keep you from achieving your goal of landing a new job... ... Read more

Courage Along Your Career Path Can be Very Scary

Knowing you are not really giving your job all you should because you truly aren’t aligned with your work due to structure, beliefs, or other issues makes working very difficult. Having an employer you are fully aligned with, confident in, ... Read more

What Will Your Former Employer Really Say About You?

So you’ve completed the first round of interviews – and perhaps the second – with flying colors towards that cherished new job. At this point, ... Read more

Worry is a Total Waste of Time! [Monday Rx]

  “Worry is a total waste of time. It doesn’t change anything. All it does is steal your joy and keeps you busy doing nothing.” ~Unknown Ouch! Seems like a callous way to look at a serious matter! But, it’s the truth. Worrying about a situation doesn’t change anything. This edition of the Monday Rx is not an attempt to trivialize a genuine concern, but to put things into perspective. After all, we can’t be productive at work or in our personal lives if we are constantly worried. Here are three questions to ask yourself right now about your worries... ... Read more

Tweeting Your Franchise to Prominence

The phenomenon of social media continues to creep into our daily lives. Whether you’re looking at a business advertisement, a television show or your favorite website, the social media widget is omniscient. By this time, everyone is quite used to seeing website addresses as part of the conversation. For instance, if you watch Dateline NBC, ... Read more

How to Update Your Resume: 5 Easy Steps

Last month was Update Your Resume Month, and with my 20/20 hindsight…I realized that many of you don’t know how to update your resumes.

1. Assess your career goals – it’s possible that your career goals have changed, so look at your resume through the lens of your future self. Does it clearly show how you’re qualified for your new objective?

2. Review your skills – Along the lines of your new goals…it’s essential to understand the key skills required in that new space. Remove outdated software and skills that you’re no longer comfortable emphasizing; make sure you’re using today’s buzzwords in your skills area...

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7 Must-Haves You Need to Manage Your Career Proactively

Are you guilty of managing your career only when you’re in or anticipating an active career search? Unfortunately, the “I’ll wait until I really need it” approach doesn’t work effectively. If you want to minimize your current or future unemployment or protect your work life from long gaps between jobs, you will need these 7 tools... ... Read more

Day 28 of 100 Days to Career Clarity

If you were giving advice to someone else in your exact career situation, what would you tell them?
This question comes from the book Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath. They studied decision making processes and their irrationalities. Bottom line: we generally make up our minds despite claiming uncertainty and then search for evidence to support that point of view. It’s a fascinating book, and one of the key techniques that the authors suggest is to imagine giving advice to a friend... ... Read more

Utilizing Facebook Groups for Networking

Although LinkedIn is the primary social network for job seekers, remember not to discount other social networks while on the job hunt. Recently, Facebook groups based on professional affiliations and industries have been popping up. These groups can be highly beneficial for your job search if you utilize them correctly. Here are 4 ways to ... Read more