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Acing the Informational Interview

When I speak with technical professionals, many of them will tell me all about their job board skills, all the alerts they have set up, and how many resumes they've dropped into the proverbial HR black hole. They will tell me that they either love or hate recruiters, and they will tell me ... Read more

Job Search Advice: Friend Version, Tip 4

I’m out of town this week (Liz will take care of you if you need help, just go to the Contact form)…. here’s a series of five things I’d tell a friend if he/she just started a job search.
Tip 4, Day 4: Learn what networking is, why to do it, and how to do it. I was too good to network.  If you would just read my resume, you would know I was the right person to hire, and we really wouldn’t have to waste time with all that networking crap. WRONG. ... Read more

Growing Relationships and Understanding Decision Making to Improve Your Career

As the real introduction of our professional career paths to a potential employer, our resumes need to contain all the information any employer will want to see in order to make the decision to offer an interview. Unfortunately employment gaps... ... Read more

How much do you love your boss?

Many people hate their bosses. It’s not uncommon for people to dread going to work every day because of their boss. I had a few jobs like that. I quit all of them. One was so bad; I had to listen to a particular song all the way to work. There is a group of […] ... Read more

Job Search Pitfall Cures

This is follow-up to previous  article, “10 Job Search Pitfalls: #4 Is a No-Brainer!” Pitfall Cure #1: Today’s job search requires a strategy, that’s undeniable. To drive that strategy towards success you must develop a propulsive plan of: (1) identifying your options; (2) managing your Brand; (3) leveraging relationships. These steps comprise the skill-set necessary for today’s informed job-seeker. To neglect any one of these components sets in motion the foiling of a promising job search. To simply apply for jobs has become the least effective way to get a job today. ... Read more

Using Social Media to Get Your Next Job

Finding a job on the Internet can be tough. With so many job sites available, a limited number of vacancies and an ever-increasing number of people applying, you need to make sure you stand out at every opportunity. In today’s job market, vacancies can be found in a number of ways: an ad in the paper, a job posting on a company website, or through friends and family. Increasingly, people are also using social media, not only to apply for roles, but to make themselves more attractive to potential employers as well. But can you really leverage your social graph and pick up your next job through a site like Facebook? How about Twitter? This helpful guide will take you through each of the major social networks and show how you can use social media to secure your next job.   ... Read more

Job Search Advice: Friend Version, Tip 3

I’m out of town this week (Liz will take care of you if you need help, just go to the Contact form)…. here’s a series of five things I’d tell a friend if he/she just started a job search.
Tip 3, Day 3: Use technology as a too, but don’t let it become your excuse. There is no doubt that I, as the founder of JibberJobber, will encourage you to get an account on JibberJobber.  I’ll also encourage you to get on LinkedIn, and use other technology as a tool. ... Read more

8 Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views

Do you rank in the Top 1% for LinkedIn Profile Views – I do. Here are 8 ways I increase LinkedIn profile views for myself and for clients. When you go to your “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” section on your LinkedIn profile, there is an option called “How you rank for profile views.” Click on it to get your basis point. Here is what mine says:     ... Read more

Job Search and Life Challenges

As the Scottish poet Robert Burns once wrote, “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men Gang aft agley” or, in other words, “sometimes our plans go really wrong.” One situation where that can have repercussions is when your job search collides with a major life event that you couldn’t foresee and might have little or no direct control over. ... Read more

How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Summary

  The hardest part of the LinkedIn profile for most people to write is their summary. This makes sense because there are no subsections or text boxes to fill in – just 2000 characters’ worth of space to fill and millions of profiles to use an examples. Where do you begin? With your UVP, or Unique Value Proposition, of course. In other words, begin with Brand You™. What makes you stand out in your profession? Why should an employer hire you over another equally experienced candidate? What kinds of results have you achieved throughout your career to date? When you examine your background for evidence of your brand, you’re bound to discover brand assets – those nuggets of experience, pedigree, credentials, skills, and achievements that when strung together like a string of pearls help prove your UVP. Once you’ve done that, though, how do you showcase your brand assets in your summary? There are endless ways to do so, but here are a few summary mini-templates to consider in your own quest for a stronger LinkedIn profile:   ... Read more