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When Kevin and I signed up for the silent retreat, he expected to receive a detailed agenda of what each day of the retreat would cover. Kevin has preferences for ISFJ and really likes details and schedules. Instead, the email that arrived included only the most basic information: when we should arrive, when orientation would begin, when meals would happen, and when the retreat would end. He looked at me and said, “That’s all?” ... Read more

Is Holacracy confusing organizational structure with leadership?

There has recently been a lot of chatter about a new approach to organizational structure and management called “Holacracy” – a restructuring of an organization to reduce decision-making bottle necks caused by formal positions of authority. The big splash about Holacracy came from Zappos where the CEO announced that the company was going to Holacracy and if an employee didn’t like it he or she could leave. Holacracy is expensive and difficult to implement and the results are, at best uncertain. Ironically, implementing Holacracy is a top-down decision, and yet it’s a system that opposes top-down decisions. Additionally, there is still the unanswered question of salary administration, which is a core source of central authority. Putting all of that aside, Holacracy is really all about trying to improve productivity by creating greater autonomy in the organization.         ... Read more

Will you succeed or fail at networking?

Networking is critical to career success. Period. Yet many — including lawyers — fail to network or fail to network well. Networking is not contacting ... Read more

How My Facebook Addiction Got Me a Job

When I first graduated college and started looking for ... Read more

Franchisor Spotlight: Interviewing the Franchisor

After you have completed the initial qualifications, it’s now time for you to speak directly to the franchisor. As you prepare for this conversation, you need to keep in mind this is the time for you to really learn about the company and get a feel for if this is the right business for you. ... Read more

Constructive Criticism Does NOT Belong in a Performance Review

There’s no such thing as constructive criticism.

Accenture made news recently with its announcement to eliminate performance reviews. Companies are getting onboard with the idea that this cumbersome, rarely transparent, once-a-year process was a drain on all involved. Worse yet, the results of such reviews weren’t reaping the benefits employers sought and employees craved.

In place of the annual review, Accenture moved toward real-time feedback that happens at the conclusion of projects or other highlighted milestones. This adjustment provides employees with access to information about their performance in a way they can absorb and take into their next project right away. The feedback will also be fresh and relevant. Managers will no longer waste hours picking their brains trying to remember facts and circumstances around actions completed months ago. This got me thinking about HOW we give feedback as much as WHEN it is communicated. The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Performance Reviews ... Read more

5 Job Search Success Tips

Conventional wisdom holds that it can take one month of stealth job searching for every $10,000 in salary that you earn. (Top-level or highly specialized attorneys […] ... Read more

How prepared are you to network to find a job

The longer I work as an entrepreneur the more convinced I am that networking in job search is very similar to prospecting for new clients.

      ... Read more

How to Get a Salary Negotiation Crash Course

  I had someone tell me the other day that he was so far along in his career that he "didn't need to learn anything more about finding a job." His exact words were "if you don't know how to land a new job after 20 years of industry experience, then there's something wrong with you." Wow! That's an interesting perspective, especially considering how much hiring practices have changed over last 5-10 years (particularly with social media, HR integration, and recruiting on the rise). Plus, I'm not sure how 20 years of industry experience necessarily equates to being a job search expert (hopefully you're spending more of your career doing the job, not looking for it, right?)   ... Read more

Boom Times for Law Firm Mergers

In there first half of 2015, there have been 48 law firm mergers — a mid-year record, according to Altman Weil. The driving force behind […] ... Read more