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Day 85 of 100 Days to Career Clarity

Here’s an excerpt from Tara Mohr‘s book Playing Big:
So many of us get stuck looking for our one big calling or life purpose…We receive many callings over our lifetime. They begin and end. Often, we’ll be pursuing more than one calling at a given time…If the old (not so helpful) question was “What is my purpose?” or “What’s my calling?” the new question is “What calling or callings are showing up in my life right now?”
How will you express your calling today?     ... Read more

Goldfish Bowl

A goldfish will grow as big as its surroundings allow it to. Put it in a confined space and it will be stifled. Give it a bigger bowl and it will develop. I’d like you to think for a moment about how we define ourselves. ... Read more

[Infographic] LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Linkedin is essentially your online shop […] ... Read more

The Magic Formula of How to Give and Get LinkedIn Recommendations: Part 1 of 3

LinkedIn recommendations are a natural evolution of references and letters of recommendation. However, they often are more credible than these traditional documents, because it is harder to fake a recommendation on LinkedIn than it is to forge a letter. Since many companies are restricting reference checks to verification of title and dates of employment, a LinkedIn recommendation from a boss, coworkers, or people you manage carries weight. LinkedIn has been described as a “reputation engine.” That’s an apt description, because your reputation does precede you online — not just in your work history, but also in your LinkedIn recommendations.         ... Read more

11 Personal Branding Tips – Stand Out

With more career mobility, career change and competition for jobs and promotions than ever before, personal branding is becoming increasingly important. The rise of social media has also contributed to the idea that we must create a personal brand. Here are 11 pointers that we can all benefit from, by applying them to our personal brand, whether we are just starting to develop one or are looking to refresh and refocus our existing brand. Before you do, reflect on who you are and what it is that you wish to project. You have a voice, you want to amplify it, and you want to be confident, high in self-esteem and clear about what you want to say and do.     ... Read more

The Importance of Keywords in your Job Search

Keywords are words the employer uses to describe the position you want to hold.

You need to do some research to figure out the correct keywords for the position you want. This is important whether you want to find another job or just want to use the Internet and social media to learn and grow within your current position.     ... Read more

Cover Letter Bloopers & Lessons Learned

Happy holidays! A friend of mine recently shared a funny post about some strange statements found in cover letters, and I thought I’d pass them along – in the spirit of learning.         ... Read more

Leading Your Passion Makes for an Even Better Career

If we all knew what moved us to passion and were able to turn that into a career, almost everyone would be extremely happy. Most of us are still in search of that passion and aren’t sure how or where... ... Read more

Introducing: LinkedIn’s New Home and Profile Pages

Share On Thursday, December 11th, LinkedIn® started rolling out its latest Home and Profile page design changes. For those of you who aren’t yet seeing the redesign when you log in, you can email LinkedIn® to get a sneak peak at   ... Read more

10 Gifts Job Searchers Need But Won’t Ask For

Ask a job searcher what they want for Christmas.  From my experience, the answer is “a job.”  The last thing a job searcher needs is a scented candle or a box of chocolates.  While these gifts are delightful, they don’t give the job searcher what he/she really needs—meaningful employment and a paycheck.  You can be assured […] ... Read more