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Tempted to Take ANY Job: 4 Strategies To Help You Think Twice

Have you ever been at a point where you’re ready to take any job out of desperation – regardless whether it’s the right fit? There’s no doubt that job-hunting in this economy can be challenging and bills must be paid, however conducting a job search from a place of fear rather than strength doesn’t always ... Read more

Fail Forward, Fast and Often in Your Career

Learn the art of failure and how it can help you move forward in your career. ... Read more

Your Working Life with Miranda Nash

Miranda Nash of Jobscience has developed a deep appreciation for the art of recruiting. ... Read more

The Renaissance Soul: How To Make Your Passions Your Life

The Renaissance Soul: How To Make Your Passions Your Life – A Creative and Practical Guide is a wonderful book for all the people in the world who feel frustrated by the expectation that they should pick just ONE career focus. If it sounds much better to you to follow many (and frequently changing) interests ... Read more

Resume Dilemma: You Have Too Much to Offer

An IT professional responded to one of my blog posts by stating that he contributes so much to his company that his experience bursts the bounds of a resume. He was not overqualified so much as over-experienced. He offered too much value to an employer. Someone who brings too much value to a company usually falls into one or more of the following categories. ... Read more

Professional Associations help with Networking

Because I am an author of a well known Career Development textbook that has been published in China, The Career Fitness Program, Exercising Your Options, I was invited to speak as a “cultural lecturer” at Shenzhen Polytechnic University in January.

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Don’t clutter your resume with all of your stuff. You may love your stuff, but it will overwhelm the reader. You’ve heard it before––less is better––but there it is––all your stuff. Everything is too important to take off.
Imagine the last time you went on a vacation or camping trip to get away from it all. You didn’t take all of your stuff with you. You chose the things that you would need for your trip. If you packed everything from home that you really like, you would

... Read more

Recruiting, Gamification, and Your Resume

On Wednesday, Yuki Noguchi’s story “Recruiting Better Talent With Brain Games And Big Data” aired on NPR’s Morning Edition. Aside from reviewing resumes and conducting a series of interviews, some companies are now trying out behavioral science-based games to evaluate the cognitive and emotional traits of potential candidates. In short, how people play a game gives employers further insight into how they ... Read more

New Year – New Job!

If your goal is to get a new job in the New Year, here are eight “prep steps” to get you started: Update your resume. While your resume should be customized for a specific job, having an up-to-date resume targeted for a specific type of position is the next best thing. ... Read more

Mind the Gap! Bridging the Gap Between Grads and Employers

College students and recent grads, you do not have it easy. The job market is competitive and some potential employers can give off that “you’re lucky to be considered for a job right out of school” attitude. Chances are everyone is asking what makes you different or what sets you apart from your competitors. The reality is, you’ve only just begun to accrue experiences beyond your education and that may leave you feeling unsure about what it is you can really showcase. I’m here to tell you, do not despair.   ... Read more