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Why Our Writing Skills Need an Upgrade Revisited

  by Sheree Van Vreede (@rezlady)   Since I first published the following post almost 2 years ago now, I've received lots of feedback, mostly from people who are seeing a serious lack of written communication skills on their jobs and a general lack of concern company-wide about it. So I thought I would revisit this issue again. ------------- It's funny. I hear a lot of people talking about the importance of strong verbal communication skills these days, but I rarely hear much about written communication skills. I find that odd considering how much written communication the average person now does, from remote work, to documentation, to social media. Not surprisingly, this same issue translates into our education system. When most people talk about curriculum reform, they talk about the need for more math, science, and technology in the classroom (and for good reason). Usually, though, the last thing they are thinking about is grammar and the importance of written communication. In fact, by and large, many efforts have been made to downgrade these skills as a side issue to something "larger" (big picture thinking). Sure, our kids still practice writing in their daybooks and journals, producing responses to endless essay questions, and so on. But often they are graded more on their critical thought process than they are on their actual writing ability... ... Read more

Hot Cognition and the Crocodile Brain

This post isn’t about interviewing skills, but if you get this right, you can get any job. The techniques used to turn on “hot cognition” are the key to pitching – and winning  – million dollar deals. Master these techniques, and you can sell yourself to anyone. Promise me before we go on that you will only use these powers for good. I’ll wait... ... Read more

[DARE #4] Let’s Get Rid of Your Sunday Blues

Last week I asked you to “ask for more.” The rationale behind that dare was three-fold, to get you to: Think through what you might need more of to live a more manageable life Identify... Continue reading The post [DARE #4] Let’s Get Rid of Your Sunday Blues appeared first on Career Coaching for Career Transitions. ... Read more

Your Working Life Podcast with Geri Stengel

Geri Stengel, authored Forget the Glass Ceiling: Building Your Business Without One. She is President of Ventureneer a content marketing and research company that helps companies generate visibility, thought leadership and loyalty. ... Read more

The Art of Failure and Why It’s Good for You

Years ago I was in an interview for a big freelance opportunity and my almost future boss asked me – “What was your biggest professional failure?” The question really freaked me out since   ... Read more

Day 27 of 100 Days to Career Clarity

Today’s question comes from Morgana Rae, who is a money relationship coach. I’ve adapted it, but I want to credit her with the concept.
If your life were going to be made into a movie and you were the casting director, who would you hire to play the role of money in your life? Would it be Heath Ledger when he was the joker in Batman?  Would it be Robert Redford in the The Sting?  Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct?  Name the actor/actress and the character they played that clinched the decision for you. Describe your relationship with money and how the character shows up in your life...
... Read more

Job Searching Tools and Tricks to help Improve Your Career

Does your cover letter say “I” a lot? Are you a new mother who needs to go back to work but aren’t sure you are ready? Do you feel like you are stuck in an underemployment trap? All of these ... Read more

Applicant Tracking Systems, Part III: How to Help Your Resume through the System

In last week’s blog, I explained some of the myths and realities of Applicant Tracking Systems. Now it’s time to discuss how to raise the chances that your resume will be ... Read more

Understanding Different Challenges to Advancing Your Career

For some people the thought of keeping the job they currently have is a direct comparison to extensive dental surgery. For others the challenge can be heading back to work after years away to raise children. On the other hand ... Read more

Avoid Burnout & Advance Career – Get in the zone!

Flow−the experience we have when we’re “in the zone”−has been studied for decades by psychologist Csikszentmihalyi. During a flow state, people are fully ... Read more