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Learning, Growing and Being Noticed to Advance Your Career

It’s your career you have to be in charge of, not someone else’s and it’s very important that you are doing everything you can to ensure your career and its path are on a track you want them to be... ... Read more

L-o-n-g-e-r Interview Cycles

It is of no surprise that companies are weighing carefully their decisions to bring on new hires — cautiously vetting prospective candidates, testing rigorously, and drilling deeply into the backgrounds of those who escalate through the rounds of interviews to finalist. The wrong hiring decision can be agonizing and costly (both in human costs and [...] ... Read more

Looking for your dream PR job? Five ways to become the right candidate today.

Everyone dreams of that PR job - The One. Just imagine taking an elevator to your office where you fully immerse yourself in the brands, products or services you personally believe in. It doesn’t get any better than that.  But how do you work on getting there? Not only will the right preparation help you land the right job, you’ll also discover what that dream job truly is. 
... Read more

Is Your IT Career Suddenly Off Track?

  Recently, I was interviewed by Rich Hein of regarding 8 ways to get your IT career back on track. One of the things that came out in the article was first how to identify when you might even be off track. For many tech professionals, that is often the hardest part to recognize. We typically struggle to see ourselves objectively, and we often think that the stresses and problems we face in our careers are short-term issues, not necessarily signs of long-term career issues. Thanks to Rich for including me, and I encourage you to read the article. As much as we might not want to face it, getting an accurate assessment of where we stand in our careers and of where to go from here is priceless: 8 Tips for Getting Your IT Career Back on Track ... Read more

Keeping in Touch With Your Key Networking Contacts

Key influencers like recruiters, career coaches, and peers don’t just want to know you when you’ve been terminated and you’re feeling desperate to pick up the pieces. They also want to know you when you’re having fun and delivering career successes. A cardinal sin of career management is failing to maintain frequent communication with the people you’ve networked and built relationships with during your career transition. In that stage, if you’re ... Read more

The Secret Ingredient of Job Search Success

There’s an abundance of information out there about how to find an ideal job. Multitudes of Twitter tips, blog posts and articles galore tell you how to create a targeted job search, tap the hidden job market, reach out to your network, build a great resume and LinkedIn profile, and ace the interview. Unfortunately, the KEY ingredient for a successful job search – one that brings you interviews leading to job offers – is often missing or easily overlooked. You might have noticed this yourself. For example, you may believe you’re doing everything RIGHT in your search, but you don’t seem to be getting much traction and you don’t know why. ... Read more

Great Advice From Recruiters to Help you in the Job Interview

I recently met with a group of recruiters to discuss recruitment trends, plus things that can turn a recruiter off a candidate and what really stands out. These are their dislikes and likes, so make sure to take note, so you don’t make a costly mistake ... Read more

Responding to Type Criticism—Is the MBTI® Tool Too Positive? (Continued)

I think the true value of personality type is recognizing that we each have a part of our personality that we externalize and a part that we internalize. I’m referring to something called type dynamics, which really does help me understand the true value of the Myers-Briggs® tool so much more. Instead of describing each of the preference pairs (E–I, S–N, T–F, J–P) separately, type dynamics describes how the preferences interact with each other to identify the ... Read more

Pre-Interview Jitters

10-part series by Patrick Kerwin, MBTI® Master Practitioner, with some great tips on how students can manage stress. Pre-Interview Jitters Picture this: You’ve lined up your interview for a job or internship and now you’re sitting in the lobby, waiting to be called in for the interview. You’re glad to have the interview and you’ve done your preparation, but you can feel yourself getting a little anxious. You’re trying to do some positive self-talk, but the things you’re coming up with aren’t helping. What else can you say to yourself? Well, that depends partly on—you guessed it—your MBTI® type.     ... Read more

Plan Now for the Boomer Brain Drain

As thousands of baby boomers—workers who are now between 50 and 68 years old—prepare to retire, they will take a significant amount of knowledge and expertise with them. Yet research shows that an overwhelming majority of companies are unprepared for this loss. According to Bruce Leon, CEO and founder of Tandem HR in Chicago, “Businesses aren’t ready for the exodus, particularly small businesses that don’t have sophisticated human resource departments. But organizations of all sizes are going to be affected, and we’re seeing that realization starting to accelerate now.” ... Read more