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Show Up and Be Remembered

The best job search revolves around networking. In Canada, in fact, a little less than 80% of jobs are hidden, found only through networking. In the U.S., the number is closer to 65%. For good career management, it’s important that you keep showing up for networking events, not just when you’re in disaster mode (i.e., in career transition), but also while you are employed. Depending on your location, there may be many or few networking events you can attend. Look for networking opportunities through your industry or profession.   ... Read more

2nd Edition of “This Is Not The Career I Ordered”

The 2nd edition of my book, “This Is Not The Career I Ordered” is available in print, Kindle and audio book (with me narrating!) on Amazon. Recharge reignite and reinvent your career! ... Read more

25 Habits Of A Successful Job Seeker

Many thanks to Victoria Vein for this guest blog post. She is a specialist at the Resume Writing Lab Company helping people with job application documents. No one is born successful. Every admirable individual has to spend years, if not decades, shaping his or her character and attaining personal objectives. However, when it comes to career growth, every job seeker wants to speed up this process. Surely, the key component of a successful job search is hard work, but there are some extra habits, and of course resume tailored by experts, that often help applicants land interviews and impress potential employers. You are better to know these habits and acquire at least some of them!   ... Read more

Your Working Life with Luvleen Sidhu

Luvleen Sidhu is Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at BankMobile and discusses the benefits of digital banking. ... Read more

Your Working Life with Wendy Wallbridge

Wendy Wallbridge authored “Spiraling Upward, the 5 Co-Creative Powers for Women on the Rise.” ... Read more

The introvert/extravert succeeds in 4 areas during the job search

Do you know an introvert who is an active listener and can also make small talk with the best of them; is enthusiastic about writing and also enjoys speaking in public; and thinks before he acts, yet takes well-timed risks? He’s ... Read more

Resume Tips V: Giving Yourself Credit

I have a friend who is conversational in three languages. That impresses me no end. But when she showed me her resume, I was surprised to find that she never mentioned her talent in languages. As a professional resume writer, one of my tasks is to help job seekers recognize hidden talents that actually have very ... Read more

Four steps to turn managers into great coaches

I recently posted a comment on the Harvard Business Review blog about an article titled, “6 Ways to turn managers into coaches again,” which discusses how to transform managers into great coaches. While, I agree with the premise that managers are not very effective at coaching, the suggestions made are neither new nor useful. Mostly the suggestions are ... Read more

How To: Allow Your Coach to See Your JibberJobber Data

Be default, your JibberJobber data is private.  No one can see it except you. This is not a social network… this is a private tracking and organizational tool. However, it might make sense that someone else sees (and interacts) with your data.  For example: ... Read more

Bolder Can Be Better In Your Career

Whether at work or heading for a job interview you need to be sure you put your best foot forward and make the most of your opportunity each and every day. In order to do this you sometimes have to ... Read more