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Your Working Life Podcast with Connie Kadansky

Connie Kadansky is a Professional Certified Coach and Owner of Exceptional Sales Performance talks about the power of sales and the value of coaching in every career. ... Read more

Leadership Action Steps

Whether you are an emerging or experienced leader, everyone can use a refresher about how to keep your leadership skills sharp. Check out these action steps for leadership success. ... Read more

Your Working Life Podcast with Julia Tang Peters

Julia Tang Peters in her book: PIVOT POINTS identifies the five pivotal decisions every leader must make, pinpointing decision-making styles that can advance or stall careers and organizations. ... Read more

Confidence On Tap – Part 3 Keep On Learning!

In my previous blog posts ‘Confidence On Tap’, Parts 1 and 2, I discussed how practicing bold body language and taking continuous action steps towards goals can have a positive affect on your confidence level. Since it’s ‘Back-to-School’ season, I thought it would be apropos to continue ... Read more

Day 5 of 100 Days to Career Clarity

I notice that I’m hesitant to bring up the topic of money. There are 8 categories for topics that we cover together over the 100 days that we focus on your next career move, and money and underlying beliefs are likely to bring up the most triggers and insight.   ... Read more

How confident are you?

Too many people I meet give an outward appearance of confidence but underneath they lack confidence and this holds them back. Lacking confidence can affect us in many ways, ... Read more

Becoming Memorable and Developing Leadership Qualities to Improve Your Career

By developing your own unique brand style helps you to stand out from the crowd and showcase your talents and unique accomplishments. Taking part in volunteer work, changing your look, and having a positive outlook daily will help improve your ... Read more

Key Job Search Requirements You Might Not Think Of

You might know–or think you know–what’s important in conducting a successful job search. BUT…are you overlooking or unaware of job search trends that could ... Read more

Should Leaders Whistle While They Work? Absolutely!!

  In the 1937 Disney movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” the dwarfs sang the tune “Whistle While You Work. Is it possible that Walt Disney under...
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The Brain and How Leaders Learn

  Neuroscience has made big leaps to help leaders understand how we learn. When designing learning events, research points to four must-haves to embed new ideas. First, attention has to be ... Read more