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How to Develop Great Managers

As I read “Why Good Managers Are So Rare,” I thought, “This has to be written by someone from Gallup.” It’s presenting the same outdated view of talent management that Gallup has been espousing for quite awhile now. While it’s true that there are currently relatively few good managers and that there’s a strong link between management abilities, employee engagement, and organizational success, it’s not true that you can or even should hire yourself into better management. There simply isn’t enough turnover in the management ranks. In addition, management talent (which this post argues is essentially genetic) isn’t abundant enough to meet all of the requirements for effective managers.   ... Read more

3 Things An Interviewer Wants to Know

Bright Idea! Job Search Tip

When you are invited to an interview, make sure you know what the interviewer really wants to know.
  • What evidence do you have to show them that you will be able to do the job for which they are hiring?
  • Are you going to fit in with the company culture...
... Read more

Want a Raise? 8 Tips to Succeed

It is a common fact that many employees feel undervalued in the salary they receive. Some are low-balled when they start a new job and promised a raise within a short time which never materializes. Asking for a raise should be handled tactfully. A few tips…. 1.  What’s your job worth? Know the market value of your job... ... Read more

Job Search Mistakes 101

Whether we like it or not, a job search entails the selling of a product, which happens to be you. Now, I know that ruffles some feathers even among career strategists because they don't like the idea of "sales" and "pitch," so they come up with other terms. But at the end of the day, there's simply nothing wrong with sales and with marketing you as the product. In fact, a true, successful salesperson understands one basic principle: What you are "selling" benefits the buyer more than you the seller. (If you don't believe that, then you probably won't last long in sales!)     ... Read more

Why Should I Update My Resume Now?

I love my job! Why should I update my résumé now? Summary of article posted on Brazen life by Jo Casey. Click HERE for the full article. When everything is going as you expected! With the upturn of the economy and job markets looking stronger, why should you continue to update your résumé?     ... Read more

Happy Tax Day!

It is TAX DAY!!! Yipee!!! Has she gone crazy? What is up with the exclamation points? These are taxes after all. Everyone has a different perspective about taxes. My husband views taxes as some sort of theft but I do not agree. As with most things I have a contrary view! I don’t mind paying my taxes. Really, I don’t! Here are five reasons why I love tax day:   ... Read more

LinkedIn “Netiquette” Are You Asking for Too Much Too Soon?

I was recently interviewed by my hometown newspaper, the New York Post, about the do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn etiquette. One of the biggest problems I see with people’s approach to using LinkedIn for job search is that many have unrealistic expectations for the online relationship and ask for too much too soon... ... Read more

How Networking Got Me a Podcast … and Can Get You a Job

One of my new year’s “ressaylutions” was to investigate and choose a CRM (customer relationship management) system. This week I chose Infusionsoft; but this blog is not about CRM systems or new year’s resolutions. It’s about networking. The sales rep at Infusionsoft connected me with Wes Schaefer, a.k.a. The Sales Whisperer. The first thing Wes did after learning about my business was ask me if I would do a podcast for him on the topic of writing LinkedIn profiles. I was very happy to oblige. I felt grateful for his support and didn’t think twice before giving him a free LinkedIn profile review... ... Read more

Mark Hoven, Executive Leader in Melbourne, Australia, on JibberJobber and Empowerment

Mark Hoven is a sharp senior level executive based in Australia.  Here’s part of an email he recently sent me:
mark_hoven_small“JibberJobber has been a very helpful organisational tool for me over the past 3 years I have been using it. Your tool is a great reference, forces a discipline to my search and documentation efforts, and provides a small sense of control over proceedings which can make a big difference in those ‘dark’ moments when you wonder if anyone values your professional skills any longer.”
... ... Read more

Life is too short to do a job you hate.

Is Friday the longest day of the week and Sunday the shortest?  If are one the many Americans who hate their job, you answered yes.  Do you know anyone who actually loves their work?  I know just a few.  Most people I know hate their jobs.  Why do people hate their jobs?  Well I can […] ... Read more