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Interview Insights | Interview Question: How did you hear about this position?

Interview Question: How did you hear about this position? This question is a great excuse for you to explain why you were drawn to the opportunity. In some instances, you heard about this job from ... Read more

How to Ask Your Network For Help

Without help from an engaged network, coupled with your own enthusiasm and ambition, your career strategy will flounder. Here are some tips for how to reach out to different segments of your network to tap into their experience, acquaintances, and ideas.   ... Read more

Willpower is valuable so learn how to preserve it

When people are behaving in ways that are inconsistent with their goals, it’s because they have run out of willpower rather than time, says a recent Business Insider article. The article went on to describe some fascinating research on willpower and how to preserve it. The article compares willpower to a computer: When you’re running too many programs at once, the system hangs and freezes. This is your willpower being depleted. Once this happens, you’re prone to mistakes.     ... Read more

Public Doubts about Company Lead to Revoked Job Offer

Yes, you should seek advice from people in the know before deciding among multiple job offers. No, you should not do so publicly. “Asking for career advice on the internet is great until your would-be boss gets involved. An engineer who was weighing job offers from Uber and Zenefits, both startups in San Francisco, mused about the pros and cons of each in a public post on Quora, the question-and-answer site. A few hours later, one of the offers was revoked,” writes Quartz.   ... Read more

How & Why You Need to Customize Your LinkedIn URL

If you have an excellent LinkedIn profile it’s generally a good idea to add the URL to your resume. But not a cumbersome link like this! “″ Those numbers and slashes at the end are random and distracting.

Show your LinkedIn savvy – and save space in your documents – by customizing your LinkedIn URL. It’s easy and quick. Here’s how:

  ... Read more

So you want to be General Counsel…

I’ve had many clients trying to make the leap from senior in-house counsel to general counsel. But that leap into your very first general counsel position isn’t always easy. InsideCounsel’s SuperConference offered some advice for lawyers aspiring to their first GC position in “Master Class: Becoming General Counsel and What to Expect in the First Year,” with panelists Mark Roellig, GC of MassMutual; Steve Bene, GC of Pandora; Maria Green, GC of Illinois Tool Works; and moderator Paul Williams, a partner at the legal recruiting firm Major, Lindsey & Africa (and also a former GC). Zach Warren reported on the panel. Some of their advice on making a successful transition, whether you’re promoted within the company or hired from outside included:   ... Read more

A World of Screens

In today’s world, the essentials that get you through the day are your smart phone, tablet and laptop complete with all the apps. The way we interact and communicate is changing, especially when it comes to the work place and franchising. Here’s how. Computers In 1991, a computer programmer named Tim Berners-Lee introduced the World Wide […] ... Read more

Self-Employed is the New Working

Although the economy is improving, many highly-skilled workers are still looking for a job that will provide the same level of income they had before the Great Recession. Baby Boomers are particularly concerned; they often have significant financial commitments such as mortgages and worries about funding retirement. Rather than wait for the perfect job, ... Read more

Your Job Interview Is Personal

I get a lot of requests to work with clients on their interview skills. They want to know the "secret" formula to performing well at them, and they are pretty sure, because they heard it from someone somewhere, that it rests on how well you present your credentials and on how savvy a negotiator you are. So they put a lot of effort into preparing factual responses and reading up on negotiating skills. It makes sense that they think this because, well, that is pretty much what every HR and corporate hiring guru says: Have these credentials and impress us with your "brand". Be prepared for every possible question we might throw your way. The truth is, though, that when you really dissect what makes for the best interview, it comes down to how well all the people in the room, not just you, the candidate, interact.     ... Read more

The Interview Doctor and Stark SHRM spiff up Canton OH candidates

Food… shelter… a job… education…

“Giving back is among the most important and valuable things an entrepreneur can do. Period.” Sometimes when we have all these things we take for granted how difficult life can be for other people who don’t. ... Read more