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Monday BigLaw Merry-Go-Round

Recent reports on lateral hires, financial data, salaries, and hiring trends in BigLaw. “The American Lawyer Names 2015 Global Legal Award Winners,” The American Lawyer  […] ... Read more

Challenges for Your Career that Could be the Next Step for You

What is your work life full of? Are you bogged down by deadlines, stuck in a cubicle that never sees the sunshine to be left wondering if this is really the right fit for you? If so these three article... ... Read more

Are You Stuck? Maybe a Holistic Coach is the Right Solution for You

Your job is what you do, not who you are, right? The two may be aligned more closely than you think – and you can add in how you feel as well. That’s according to Nancy Scott, M.A., a holistic career coach based in Minneapolis. Scott believes that true change – career or other kinds – happens best when approached holistically.   ... Read more

How to Use Twitter Chats in Your Career Management

Although I am an avid tweeter (twit? Twitterer?) there are several useful tools attached to this platform that I’m not familiar with but need to be. Many of my peers – human resource professionals and executive recruiters – have told me how I can benefit from Twitter chats. And you can, too!For an expert perspective on how Twitter chats can advance your career, I asked Pam Ross, who is a sought after speaker about social technology and the future of work. She is the producer of the Reinvent Work Summit and the co-author of the Blueprint for Workplace Reinvention...   ... Read more

Interviews You Don’t Want

If you’re in or contemplating a serious job search, you might find it hard to imagine that you could have an opportunity for interviews you don’t want–or interviews for jobs you realize you don’t want. However, stranger things have happened.

... Read more

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Giving Away Trade Secrets?

Last week, a behemoth Silicon Valley darling required one of my clients to upload his LinkedIn profile instead of submitting a résumé for an open position. The problem with this method of recruiting is that LinkedIn is a public document. As such, the smartest and most successful candidates won’t list certain confidential content on their ... Read more

The single best advice for the job search and 9 steps to follow in one day

You’re probably thinking this post is about networking. Nah, I’m actually tired of talking about networking. Or you might think this is about writing a résumé recruiters are dying to read. Nope. Maybe you think this post is about the ... Read more

Managing Your Job Hunt

When you enter the job market, whether or not voluntarily, you may be overwhelmed by advice, options, and technologies. You may be panicked by the need to find a job—any job—quickly. You may experience difficulty matching your qualifications and goals with the positions available in the marketplace. Here are four steps you can take to bring a chaotic job search under control. ... Read more

Sleep is Good for Your Career

Give your body the ability to rejuvenate daily with adequate sleep. You will perform better at work and live a healthier lifer. Get to bed! ... Read more

Self-Sabotage No More – Part II: 7 Strategies For Allowing Success

Self-sabotage is when your actions are working against your own best interests, according to Adam Sicinski, creator of the Overcoming Self-Sabotage Mind Map at – so the more you can bring self-sabotaging behaviors into conscious awareness, the better.   ... Read more