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The Importance of Career Management

People don’t think twice about engaging a financial planner to help manage their money, but hopelessly go it alone when it comes to their career. Then what happens when they get that inevitable pink slip and there is no more money to manage? ... Read more

Build Better Relationships to Land a Job

Great salespeople know that they key to making a sale is building a relationship with someone. When you’re looking for a job it’s the same thing because you’re essentially selling yourself. This is especially true at higher levels because ... Read more

Are You a Creative Employee?

If you think you aren’t a creative employee, you might want to think again. And if you aren’t being creative in some way, can you change that? The tendency is to think of creative employees in terms of fields such as graphic arts, marketing communications, and such–in other words, either visual or written creativity that’s an essential aspect of the individual’s job. Those of you who don’t work in such fields might ... Read more

Factors for a Successful Career Choice

When exploring career options, it's important to take several factors into consideration, including your skills, interests, work values, personality, and lifestyle. Skills - You're no doubt good at a lot of things, but what are you both good at AND enjoy doing? These are referred to as your motivated skills. Interests - Are you interested in animals, helping people, the outdoors, or leading? Or maybe you're creative and enjoy making everything ... Read more

The 10 Worst Resume Suggestions You Ever Received

Here are ten pieces of really bad resume advice that will definitely undermine your job search:
  1. If you have been a stay-at-home parent for several years, give yourself a promotion: Call yourself a “household engineer.” Then hope the hiring managers do not fall on the floor laughing.
  2. If you have changed jobs a lot
... Read more

Get Moving! 6 Tips to Help You Exercise at Work

Earlier this summer, CBS Sunday Morning did a story on a trend making a difference in offices across the country…instead of simply working at desks these days, employees are working out at their desks…on built-in treadmills. Since I’ve been doing my best to incorporate more exercise into my workday ... Read more

Career coaching advice for graduates

I’ve been reviewing some old articles, and read one I wrote back in 2010. I’m bringing it up to date for you. Lots in the media that 8 out of 10 graduate recruiters refuse to interview applicants who don’t have a 2:1. This is being written as if it is something new, but 20 years ago when I was involved in graduate recruitment, this was always the criteria ... Read more

A new job – good working practices

Whether you are approaching the first day of a new job or want to start making a stronger impression and want to check how you are doing, these 28 tips will help. It’s easy to slip in some areas, or forget how good you are so why not look at this list and praise yourself Maybe you have slipped on some of these areas, so let your first day in a new job be the day you start some good working practices

  ... Read more

Avoiding TMC (Too Much Contact) as Well as TMI When Using Social Media for Job Searches

Hiring managers want to bring in someone they’ll get along with, someone who seems a bit like them and someone with whom they’d want to spend time. Therefore, in addition to selling your background and your understanding of the company, you need to sell yourself as a ... Read more

JibberJobber and Long Term Career Management

On my Focus Friday call this morning, which was 10 minutes of focus and 20 minutes of awesome Q&A (thanks everyone!), Norm made this comment: ... Read more