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How to Prevent Your Resume from Looking Like Your Obituary

You have read obituaries.  They list every job the deceased held.  Sometimes you see a single career path, other times you see a career path that winds all over the place.  Resumes are the same.  You can see a theme of success or a laundry list of everything done in every job held. Creating a ... Read more

Job Interviews: What to Say at the End?

How do you “wrap it all up and tie it with a bow” at the end of an interview? We all tend to remember what we hear first and what we hear last. In the past I’ve written about that crucial first question, but now let’s look at how a good closing statement can ... Read more

Myers-Briggs® and the FIRO-B® Tools—Affection

Of all my interpersonal needs Affection (or Connection on the FIRO Business® tool) is the one that is most important for me. While still relatively low, Affection is the need that when met keeps me most satisfied. Affection is one of the biggest reasons I have been ... Read more

Day 29 of 100 Days to Career Clarity

What’s different about the way you show up at work and the way you show up at home? ... Read more

Tory Johnson on Success, Motherhood, and Creating Your Dream Job

As the founder of two multi-million dollar career-focused businesses—Women For Hire and Spark & Hustle—Tory Johnson serves as an inspiration to women all over the world. It’s almost hard to believe that she was inspired to begin her entrepreneurial journey following a painful firing. Today, Tory makes regular appearances on Good Morning America, she’s a contributing editor for Success magazine, and her recently released book The Shift is a New York Times bestseller. Tory recently took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to chat about her career path and how she created her own dream job.         ... Read more

Little known Secret to Getting Your Resume Read by a Recruiter

In a scientific technique study called “eye tracking,” professional recruiters were studied over a 10-week period of time. This study tracked their eye movements when reading resumes, “to record and analyze where and how long someone focused when digesting a piece of information.” The results of this study is no surprise, especially to professional resume writers who ... Read more

What Recruiters Won’t Tell You About Non-Traditional Interview Questions

What seasoned recruiters have learned: Most standard interview questions are simply not designed to allow an executive to show off their capabilities, ideas, and innovation. Recruiters are bored with cookie cutter interview questions and the answers people give, which ... Read more

Job Search Strategies That May Be INSANE!

Job search strategies that are successful start with knowledge of the market. Jobseekers, did you know that you have a 1.2% chance of gaining employment from an online application? I came across this statistic this past week and was in shock, double-checking it a couple of times to make sure it was true.             ... Read more

Why Track Jobs That You Wouldn’t Apply To?

Stephen is a very smart user who has emailed my team with a number of ideas enhancement requests.  Stephen said that he uses JibberJobber to track jobs that he applies to, but also to track jobs he doesn’t apply to.  I thought this was interesting. Why would you track jobs that you aren’t going to apply to?         ... Read more

4 Trade Secrets on How to Write an Achievement-Based Executive Resume Bullet

Achievement-based resumes are those that focus on what you accomplished while at your previous jobs. Ideally, this type of resume gives concrete examples of what you can do for your potential employer. Writing achievement-based bullets are a sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of being called in for an interview. Use our tips below to make the most of your achievement-based executive resume bullets.

          ... Read more