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Factors for a Successful Career Choice

When exploring career options, it's important to take several factors into consideration, including your skills, interests, work values, personality, and lifestyle. Skills - You're no doubt good at a lot of things, but what are you both good at AND enjoy doing? These are referred to as your motivated skills. Interests - Are you interested in animals, helping people, the outdoors, or leading? Or maybe you're creative and enjoy making everything ... Read more

Climbing the Proverbial Career Ladder: Network Your Way to the Top

Want to advance to the next level? Networking can help you do just that!
How networking can help you….
1.     Be seen as an integral part of the company.
2.     Become well known within your industry.
3.     Be seen as a
... Read more

Network to Keep Your Work!

Increase your visibility up, down, and across your current organization.
Networking can help you….
... Read more

Jump Start Your Job Search through Networking

Networking can help you….
1.     Get the word out that you are in a job search.
2.     Gain advice about your job search techniques.
3.     Uncover job leads in the
... Read more

How to Respond to Salary Requirements

As a job-seeker, you may be asked salary requirements during the online application process, during a phone interview, at the first interview or anytime during the interview process. If asked, you could say, "I’d rather hold off salary talk until we’ve both decided this is a good fit.” The truth is you most likely haven't learned enough about the position in the early stages of the interview process. It's best to hold off salary talk until 
... Read more

Overcoming Social Media Stress

The job search has definitely changed drastically over the past few years. Gone are the days when you'd open the Sunday paper, find a job you like, mail in your resume, get an interview, and land the job! For folks that find themselves laid off after 20+ years with the same company, launching a job search today can feel scary and overwhelming. Today the use of social media and applying online is ... Read more

Research Tools for Your Job Search

Are you trying to uncover a contact within one of your target companies? Or perhaps you're trying to discern what the culture is like within your target company? Or maybe you've got a job interview next week and you're wondering what kinds of questions to expect?  
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Positive Self-Talk & the Job Search

Mindset can positively impact a job-seekers success in landing a job or not and how fast.  Negative self-talk is a form of self-sabotage. It’s important to notice what messages you may be saying to yourself about yourself. If it’s negative, it’s important for you to change your thoughts. Positive thoughts can change how you feel and respond to a particular situation. This in turn will increase the likelihood of bolstering your self-confidence and having a positive outcome. Take a look at the following examples of negative self-talk on the left and on the right
... Read more

Self-Sabotage & the Job Search

Job-seekers can unknowingly sabotage their job search. How does self-sabotage show up? 
  • Not having a job target.
  • Feeling desperate and going after every job that remotely matches your skills/experience.
  • Spending the majority of your time going after advertised jobs.
  • Isolating. Not getting out networking with others.
  • Not getting up-to-date with current job search trends.
  • Not customizing your resume and cover letter for each job target.
  • Not keeping your network apprised of your job search.
  • Not asking for introductions to contacts within your target companies.
Do you want to see more momentum in your job search? What negative behaviors do you need to shed?
... Read more

Resume Keywords are King

Many companies use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to manage the large influx of resumes when a job opening is posted. How can you be sure your resume eventually ends up being read by a human? The key is KEYWORDS. You  need to ensure you have ... Read more