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The Cost of Conflict: ENFJ

For each category below is one of the many examples presented in the Introduction to Type® and Conflict booklet. Contribution during conflict: tend to show warmth and interest in the welfare of others What they need from others: a positive frame of mind and a belief that things will improve How others may see them: eager to accommodate the needs of others Under stress may: insist that everything is going well and patronize others Conflict generator: harsh criticism, unwillingness to try to improve the situation Did you know that understanding our conflict pair preferences can help us understand what blind spots we might bring to conflict situations? Click here to learn more about the FJ conflict pair. ... Read more

The Real Hidden Job Market Exists: Valerie Gonyea’s Experience

Valerie Gonyea is one of my favorite people… she recently posted this on Facebook:
So, lemme tell ya a little story about the hidden job market. It does, in fact, exist. You just have to believe…and not in that airy fairy kinda way…more like in the clap-your-hands kinda way. Because it does take action on your part…you do have to reach out and network and ask and offer in return, etc.I can’t get into why (it doesn’t really matter), but I have chosen to move on from one of my clients. But before I did that, I wanted to be able to make up for the loss of billable hours. I reached out to only and exactly TWO people in my network.  
    ... Read more

Your Social Media Accounts: Clean Them Up Before Job Hunting or Leave Them As-Is?

If you post a lot of compromising photos or inflammatory material in your social media feed, then you might be passed over for job opportunities. According to a survey by the Chartered Institute of Professional Development (CIPD), two out of every five employers looks at candidates’ Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles before recruiting them. At the same time, a profile that’s too squeaky clean might actually turn off recruiters in certain industries. It’s crucial to know when to sanitize your social media presence and when to leave it as-is.

When to Polish Your Profile

      ... Read more

Why Recruiters Ignore Your Resume

A recruiter has asked you to submit your resume for a search assignment they are trying to fill. Then silence. You may think your resume landed in the black hole, but actually, these factors may have negatively influenced the recruiter.       ... Read more

Questions Jobseekers SHOULD Ask in an Interview

As we established last week, one of the most important components of the interview is the part where YOU ask questions. The interview is a conversation, not a one-sided interrogation. Your questions should be dispersed throughout the interview. You are both assessing each other. As the candidate, you need to do all you can to uncover the truth about the role, your future employer, and whether or not you are the right fit. Often times our own questions are pretty basic and quite frankly, unimpressive. Consider some does and don’ts when it comes to developing your own questions:     ... Read more

Adzuna Job Market Report – July 2014

Salary Stagnation Shows Signs of Improvement

Click here to download the full Job Market Report for July 2014

The pace of recovery of the UK job market is picking up as both the number of advertised vacancies and average advertised salaries are increasing. While the rise in the number of job openings in June builds on a trend of rising numbers of available roles over the past year, the increase in advertised salaries is a more recent change. It appears that UK wages are finally turning a corner, having risen month-on-month for the past three months, though they still fall shy of average earnings this time last year.

The sense of positivity is further heightened by the fact that competition for vacancies is falling: in July 2014 there were only 1.21 jobseekers to every available position in the UK, compared to 2.10 in July 2013.

    ... Read more

A Great voice will take you far: Tips for Removing Vocal Fry and other Vocal Affectations

In our July Interview Doctor newsletter article, “What does your voice say about you?” we explored my experience listening to the playback of my own voice after recording the audio version of The Job Search Marketing Plan. The recording engineer said my voice sounded just great for audio books but I felt awkward hearing my recorded voice. We never sound like we think we do. How we sound has almost as great an impact on our career as the way we dress or what we say. Imagine squeaky nasal voices like Fran Dreshler or high pitched shrill like my Aunt Gertrude or adult men with soft voices like Michael Jackson. Each of these voices are memorable but are not effective in the business world.     ... Read more

Is It Time to Subscribe to LinkedIn® Premium?

Share You may have noticed some changes in the look and feel of many LinkedIn® profiles lately. Some members have a simple blue background, while others have a true profile background complete with images representing them or their company. Here’s what the blue background looks like:     ... Read more

Why do so many people hate their jobs?

It’s a well-known fact that many people hate their jobs. In fact, you may be one of them or know someone who does. But the real question is why and why do they stay. For the purpose of this post, I will only address why. Another post will address why they stay. Basically, there are […] ... Read more

The Power of Volunteering in Your Community

42% of hiring managers believe that volunteer experience is just as important as formal work experience. While we’ve always known it looks good on a resume, does community involvement lead directly to work? ... Read more