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LinkedIn Summary Domination

I was looking up a company the other day, a company that provides career training. Their president and CEO completely skipped his summary.

The first impression I had was, “Man, this company really doesn’t get it.”

By the time a hiring manager or potential customer or new contract opportunity gets to your LinkedIn summary, they’re already interested in you. According to a retina tracking study done by The Ladders, recruiters spend about 8 seconds per profile before moving on.

8 seconds!

Your summary starts kicking in on the 9th second.

It’s what people read when they are already interested in you and want to know more.

And you’re going

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Creative Company’s Culture and Attire

Most everyone who has applied for a job or interviewed is familiar with the basic office “uniform” – black suit, white button-down shirt, and dress shoes. Most offices have a business-casual dress code, which means dressing up Monday through Friday. But what do you do when your company is a little more casual or you work in a creative field? In these areas, you ... Read more

What You Can Do Now If a Layoff Is Coming

None of us like to think that we will be part of a company layoff. But if your company is experiencing problems, if the rumor mill is active, and if you think anyone at all may be discharged, now is the time to start thinking about your own job and career. The preparations below may not be needed now, but they will come in handy if they are ever needed in the future. First, collect facts and figures. Find out how large your company is, what earnings it produced, and where it ranks in the industry as a whole; find out where you rank next to other employees in the same job; estimate what your ... Read more

Accounting For Books In My Coaching Practice

It's been a busy month accounting for books on this year's taxes as well as preparing for next year. Keeping records and preparing taxes is fairly simple for my coaching practice since I was selling a service with no inventory. 
Last year I published my first book, Fire Up Your Profile For LifeWork Success to add value to my coaching practice. Well before April 15th rolled around I wished I had hired a tax accountant or bookkeeper. We got in the habit of doing the taxes ourselves using Turbo Tax and didn't realize the difference it made when we added inventory the need for Cost of Goods Sold--not as simple as it appeared. I had the idea I could just expense the books I purchased and add my book sales to income. Apparently this is a common misconception that
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I’m Tall Dark and Handsome, I Just Forgot to Upload My LinkedIn Photo

Ok, Cupid. Imagine you’re on a dating site looking for Mr. or Mrs. right. Answer me honestly, if the profile doesn’t have a picture, do you even bother looking at it?

Probably not.

Why? Because there’s an inherent lack of trust when someone withholds valuable information.

I’m sure you get where I’m going with this. On a network like LinkedIn, where most profile’s have pictures, and yours doesn’t, you’re not even playing the game.

I heard that profiles with pictures are seven-times more likely to be viewed. Recruiter friends have told

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Hiring Managers: Ask Job Interview Questions that relate to your real needs

We have been speaking to many groups lately about how companies can conduct a strategic job search. It is my big challenge to help companies organize job searches better so they can make a better match. As I look at it, I can help as many job seekers as I can, but we won’t make real progress making great employment matches until hiring managers conduct job searches aware of what they want and asking ... Read more

You Want an Edge in This Job Market? Create That LinkedIn Profile NOW!

Why? It’s simply a no brainer. The funny thing is, no matter how many times I read an article or a blog post touting the validity and importance of LinkedIn, I end up befuddled by the resistance of this networking and job search tool. Boomers hide their head in the sand. College students look the other way. And, forget about the people who are trying to transition in this job market. They just fast forward their way to the resume process and don’t want to hear one more word about LinkedIn. Say what? To tell you the truth, I have never seen such ... Read more

There Is a Better Way to Improve Performance

ID-100142253In “A Better Approach to Performance Reviews,” writer Souvik Choudhury contends that it’s time to revamp how we approach the process. Rather than pointing out the negative in employees, Choudhury suggests that managers try finding positions that better fit employees. While I agree that ... Read more

101 Best Sites To Use In Your Job Search

I saw another one… an article listing 99 sites that everyone should (1) know about and (2) use. So here’s my list of 100 Best Sites to Use in Your Job Search: 1.  Linke…………. Wait!  NO!   I don’t like ... Read more

Working in Bunny Slippers, Part 2

 Time Management for Entrepreneurs, 

Contractors and Freelancers

A Guide for Working in a Home Office

Your First Step

To help you understand how much you can get done during the course of a day and where your precious moments are going record all your thoughts, conversations and activities for at least a week. This will help you see how ... Read more