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Making a Difference—The NF Urge

Linda, my spiritual director, asked me to explore the question “Where do I think God is leading me?” It’s a question I haven’t asked myself in a long time. When I was younger I felt like ... Read more

LinkedIn Social Selling Index

I love LinkedIn and I love measurement. If we don’t understand where we are, how can we tell if we have improved? We’ve been able to look up our stats such as this         But there is now a new way, using the LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI)

  ... Read more

Simple Steps to Kick-start Your Job Search

  Willing to stay ahead of the competitive job market? Naukrigulf shares with its readers an infographic on simple tips to kick-start your job search. Some Do’s and Don’ts.   ... Read more

Layoffs – Not all Doom and Gloom: 7 Tips to Cushion the Blow

    Several questions starting with “Why…, What… and How…?”, raced through my mind, but I banished them very quickly, because it wasn’t the time to be self-righteous. She was in a serious crisis, and needed a listening ear. Conversely, I was recently contacted by two senior management professionals, one was a referral from a client, and the other found me online. In both cases, changes are taking place in their respective companies, ... Read more

15 reasons why companies should hire mature workers

I woke up this morning with the same neck pain that’s been plaguing me for two weeks. I developed the pain when I was toweling off after a shower and WHAM, it felt like someone stuck a knife in my ... Read more

Troubleshoot Your Executive Job Search

Are you having trouble getting traction in your job search? May I suggest a simple exercise that will demonstrate what you most need to fix in your search to turn it around? Try this simple but effective Job Search Traction Troubleshooter to identify the problems in your search. Use the same tool to create a job search makeover to-do list ... Read more

Preparing for Your Job Search During the Summer

Even though it’s summer, you can still have forward momentum in pursuing your job search. A proactive job search means investing several hours per week. With proper planning and execution, you can have a jump start on fellow job hunters that have taken the summer off. There are several things you can do to promote your job search activity and prepare you to energetically pursue your search. ... Read more

Are You Tough or Toxic?

Leadership skills are critical for lawyers, whether you’re a sole practitioner with a two-person staff or the managing partner of a Big Law firm. But ... Read more

How to perfect your accounting resume

With so many professionals in the world of accounting, what are some ways you can make your resume stand out from the rest? Here are some tips to help your resume command attention from the hiring team and have you crunching numbers in no time! Keywords are important in any resume and you should tailor your resume to the job description. If the job description calls for someone who prepares asset ... Read more

Inside In-House

Recent reports on the the ever-changing role of in-house counsel. “In Asia, Women Taking In-House Career Path,” Corporate Counsel “Survey Finds ‘Emerging Technologies’ Most Commonly ... Read more