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Day 31 of 100 Days to Career Clarity

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. ~Ghandi Whom do you want to serve?   ... Read more

Finding Your Voice at a Job Interview

Would you deliberately change, alter, or affect your accent at a job interview to secure a job? I was reading an interesting article in The Telegraph which reported on comments made by Employment Minister Esther McVey, herself a Scouser, who was urging people not to drop their regional accents in pursuit of a job. ... Read more

Four More Tricky Interview Questions… And How To Answer Them!

In Four Tricky Interview Questions… And How To Answer Them!, we looked at four common and tricky interview questions and, as the title probably tells you, how to answer them! So, as I said last time, research and practice can (and will) help you when it comes to answering tricky questions and, the more you research the role and the company is the better you can answer and, the more you practice what you want to say is the more confident you’ll become (in answering). ... Read more

Why’s My Executive Resume Not Working? 2 Words

    It's been a long time since anything's been simple about executive resumes. People ask questions such as: should my resume be two pages or one, can you have three or more pages, how should it look, can I have a functional resume? And, about the response to their resumes people ask: ... Read more

10 ways that test your courage in the job search

Although I understand my workshop attendee’s reluctance to speak in front of their peers, I also think when given the opportunity, they should take it. They should, for example, deliver their personal commercial/elevator pitch without warning. “Tell me about yourself” is a directive they will most likely get at an interview. They should also not pass ... Read more

Day 30 of 100 Days to Career Clarity

When you ask yourself about your career, where is your attention? On yourself, others, daydreams, vision, values, complaints, money, expectations, another spot?
... Read more

Networking Groups Are a Must When Job Searching

If you’re job searching, joining networking groups is a must! The simple fact is networking is much more effective than ... Read more

Talent Shortage vs. Candidate Pool [Infographic]

If there's one thing that we hear over and over again in the tech market, it is that the talent pool is lacking. Yet, when job postings come out, I come across candidates who ... Read more

Why You Need to Be a Detective in Your Job Search

Being a detective is a lot easier now than when I first became a Scotland Yard detective. Why? I didn’t have access to the Internet. That global resource would have provided me with a whole new array of tools to do my police work. Today it’s a lot easier to ... Read more

Golden Rules for Writing Cover Letters

A cover letter will, through your writing style, reveal more about your personality than your CV ever can, if for no other reason than your CV is series of bullet points whereas a cover letter should, by definition, be more prosaic. ... Read more