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Interview with Predag Lesic, CEO of

Owning your own domain is one of the bedrocks of building a strong personal brand and securing your ... Read more

Reconnecting to Loved Ones: Strengthening Personal Commitments

Part 12 of the “Managing Your Transition Home“ blog series. By Elizabeth and Katherine Hirsh This is the third of four posts in which we discuss quick tips that are useful to all personality types during the transition from service to civilian life. In our previous posts in this series we examined self-care and the return to work. In this post we cover reconnecting to loved ones. ... Read more

BLOG DIRECTORY: Managing Your Transition Home

The “Managing Your Transition Home” blog series will explore how returning soldiers often feel different from colleagues or fellow job seekers from the civilian world, and how many wonder how they will find work that will give them the sense of adventure, excitement, meaning, and purpose that they had while serving. As we continue this journey and continue to post the blogs from this series, you can check back to ... Read more

ESTJ: Words or phrases that best describe each MBTI® type

16-part blog series by Catherine Rains, M.S., CPP Professional Services Solutions Consultant. Most people would agree that the most comprehensive and accurate definition of each the 16 types is published in the Introduction to Type® booklet. But suppose you didn’t have time to read a full-page description of someone’s type, or wanted the “CliffsNotes” list of ... Read more

On the mind of a recruiter

It is Casino Night for my kids’ school. I don’t expect much from this event, but it turns out to be more fun than I would have thought. It’s surprising how PTA volunteers can really let loose when alcohol is consumed at great quantities. I talk with two stupid-drunk people at length, and another person ... Read more

Tenacity is a Major Key to Having the Career You Desire

Whether you have been told you are too old to be hired (illegal, but it does happen), or you have been focused on the 10% and not the other 90%, or you are having a hard time balancing your work ... Read more

Seeking New Opportunities: The Email You Write

I recently got an email from a friend who just got laid off… and thought I would share how I would coach this person to write it differently. I know this person, trust this person, and would help this person as much as I can… which is a little different than those out-of-the-blue, cold-contact from strangers emails you get from LinkedIn. I’m sure you’ve either sent something similar, or you’ve gotten something like this. First, the email: ... Read more

How to Be a Better Listener in a Busy Room

A networking event is a busy and bustling environment. Yet letting yourself get distracted can throw off a conversation entirely. It’s vital to remain focused on the person or persons in the group you are with, so your conversations can be enriched and furthered. While it might be tempting, it’s not a good idea to ... Read more

Hiring Trends in 2015: What will it be like?

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one”― Brad Paisley The Job market in 2015 seems high on growth with opportunities blooming in every corner of the globe. With 60% of the employers predicting an increase in employee acquisition in the year 2015, you may find a modicum of luck in your court, if searching for a job. In spite of ... Read more

New job titles are meaningless if your organization’s culture doesn’t really support them

These days someone’s job title says little about what the person actually does, especially in roles where their responsibilities are multifaceted. For instance, a CEO could be the organization’s operations manager, a spokesperson for an industry or a market analyst and a manager at a fast food chain will, at times, be a cook, accountant or even a cleaner. An Entrepreneur article titled “Give your employees an identity worthy of ownership” says that giving people the right job title can “serve as profound sources of motivation.”   ... Read more