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Networking to find your ideal target connection

Recently I attended a presentation, “Pain-Free Prospecting”, by Dr. Lisa Van Allen, that sheds a new light on prospecting or networking for job seekers. Dr. Lisa offers a quiz to evaluate your prospecting skills. I have adjusted this quiz a little to apply to networking for job seekers. How well prepared on you to network today? Rate yourself ... Read more

Competence or Greatness?

Training Magazine recently published an article we wrote about the differences between competent and great employees. In the article, we discuss the latest research in neuroscience, what it means to be a performer striving for greatness vs. someone who is just average and, most importantly, how you can help all of your employees to achieve ... Read more

Yes, recruiters look at your social media

For all of you who still refuse to believe you need to be careful about your social media, UndercoverRecruiter made a fantastic infographic using data ... Read more

Why are lawyers so hard to manage?

Being a managing partner, a general counsel, or other supervisor is a tough job. Building business relationships with other attorneys can be equally difficult. What ... Read more

Challenge Your Career to Be Better for You

Even if you are on the career path of choice you want to challenge your career to be better. If you are still somewhere along the career path you want, but it’s time for the next step, the road ahead ... Read more

Finding – and Quantifying – Achievements for Your Resume

Quantifiable achievements make resumes shine: revenue growth, cost savings, waste reductions, customer satisfaction improvements, performance increases, etc. For many job seekers, one of the most challenging aspects of developing a resume is determining what their ... Read more

Do you have what it takes to be a rainmaker?

Title:  Image: Managing Partner Forum Dr. Larry Richard’s white paper for the Managing Partner Forum, “Herding Cats: The Lawyer Personality Revealed” examines how the personality ... Read more

Evolving Legal Profession

Recent reports on how the legal profession is changing and how to be successful in it. “How law firms are innovating when it comes to ... Read more

The 3 Worst Cover Letter Mistakes of 2015

A resume takes you from today backwards, while a cover letter takes you from today forwards. Both documents are crucial in marketing yourself to a career influencer and securing attention for an interview. Here are the top three cover letter mistakes to avoid: ... Read more

What things you should remove or change on your resume right now!

Maybe you haven’t refreshed your resume in a while; or maybe you have, but you’re still not getting the hiring managers attention. Here are a few quick ways to update your resume without having to do a complete overhaul: ... Read more