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Making the Most of Business Cards

What do you do with those business cards you pick up at networking meetings?
You are missing a big opportunity if you just stick them in your drawer. In this video, Katherine Burik shares how she uses business cards to build relationships in social media. ... Read more

Frustrated in Your Role at Work? Understanding Your Personality Type Can Help

If you’re frustrated with your current work situation, your initial impulse may be to look for another job. This may or may not be the best decision, depending on the root causes of your frustration. To discover why you feel this way, and what you should do about it, a good place to start is by learning more about ... Read more

Managing Law School Debt

We all have our own financial realities, and the truth is that law school (and college) debt can push attorneys away from public interest work and into the private sector. If you’d rather pursue public service, but find your student loans may be pushing you into law firms or the corporate world, then check out Equal ... Read more

Working Together: Conflict—ENFP

People who prefer ENFP tend to “inspire and enthuse those around them to want to make a difference” (Introduction to Type® and Conflict, p. 34). This can work well for them during conflict when they need to connect with how others are feeling. However, it could backfire when they internalize the feelings of others and don’t consider their own concerns enough. The FP conflict style from people who prefer ENFP works when they need to quickly get a ... Read more

A Checklist for Better Decision Making

Whether you are a franchise business owner or an entrepreneur, the choices you make each day will have a huge impact on yourself and others. Make sure the choices you make are the right ones with this quick checklist.  Your weakest link needs to go Yes, you need to have sound judgment and lead with ... Read more

From a Life of Suits to Custom T-Shirts — Local Entrepreneur Keeps Community Smiling with Big Frog Franchise

After 27 years of running from plane to plane, moving through five different major corporations and six different cities in roles including Vice President Human Resources, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Region Vice President, Executive Vice President, President and CEO, Tim Campbell decided he had enough of the corporate world. Today, he is the owner ... Read more

How are lawyers perceived by potential clients?

The DC Bar Association’s Washington Lawyer recently interviewed Laurie Chamberlin, the brand president of Special Counsel, about the legal staffing and recruiting firm’s recent “Legal Professionals Perceptions Survey” (see “How should lawyers market themselves to clients? Find out from potential clients.”):

Lawyers were most likely to be described as “smart” and “tough” by respondents, but nearly half of those surveyed also believe lawyers are “overpaid” and
... Read more

Remarkable Leaders Rarely Have Jobs

There’s a difference between doing a job and having a brand. A job is mechanical, generic. With a job, a person is a cog in a system run by others. Someone else brings the employee the opportunity. It’s generally work that anyone with some basic training can do and leaves ... Read more

What’s holding you back in your job search? 4 revealing strategies

Job search has changed over the years almost as much as technology. We’re no longer lugging around a cell phone the size of a large sub sandwich or using an electric typewriter. So why are executives relying on ancient techniques to conduct job search?
  1. Social media. So many executives are reluctant to embrace social media, especially during
... Read more

The 12 types of job-search networkers; the good and the bad

When you work at an urban career center, you come into contact with many different personalities. The customers that stick in your mind are the ones who not only help themselves, but also look out for others. In other words, they help their peers without being asked. One gentleman who I speak of often in my workshops is ... Read more