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Let’s Stop Debating Leader vs. Manager

In the Harvard Business Review group on LinkedIn, a member posted this question: “What are the key differentiators that separate a Leader from a Manager?” Really? Are we still asking this meaningless question? Hasn’t this been debated enough and completely settled? The answer is obvious: Leaders lead and managers manage. Just check the dictionary for the definition. The bigger question is: Why do we keep asking this question? Digging deeper into why this question persists, it’s clear that all leaders must also be great managers because execution (for example, management) is part of being a great leader.     ... Read more

Yes, You Need to Pick a LinkedIn Industry

I understand. Your industry isn’t on the list of available industries on LinkedIn. Mine isn’t either.

The problem is that this little tid-bit of data you’re leaving off makes it hard for your audience to figure out what you do.

In fact, my eye often goes to a profile’s Industry before I decide to accept a connection request or reply to an InMail.


The Industry provides the context needed for someone to relate to you.

The problem is that, very often, the exact name of the industry isn’t available. Here’s where it pays off to have a clear career direction.

Step into the shoes of the companies you want to work for. Even better, consider the industries more likely to hire people. Base your Industry decision on the perspective of your audience.   ... Read more

Interviewing – Preparation or Madness?

When job seekers prepare for interviewing, the focus is often on the wrong area. Yes, you should know everything you can about the people you’ll be meeting and the company. You should also be prepared to answer why you’d want to work there. What is it about your background that is a great fit for the company? What expertise and value are you bringing? But what you should NOT do is have canned answers. Knowing what you want to communicate about yourself is different from repeating an obviously memorized monologue in response to common interview questions. So what can you do differently? Let’s analyze a frequent interview question asked of entry to executive level candidates:       ... Read more

Are You Building And Nurturing A Network? Or Falling Victim To Strategic Errors? Part 4

I often talk with clients about networking, both in person and online through social media sites like LinkedIn. In this series, I’ll write about some of the most common errors I see. Strategic Error: Flattery. There is a big difference between compliments and flattery: one is genuine; the other is not. Compliments are sincere expressions […] ... Read more

Leverage the Power and Reach of Your LinkedIn Profile for Executive Advancement

Just as few businesses had websites at the dawning of the Internet age, few executives were savvy about LinkedIn when THE social media site for business took to the Web. This was in the spring of 2003, and just 4500 members had signed-up at that point to promulgate their skills and expertise to other companies and recruiters. Now of course, all businesses have websites and work hard to keep their digital presence updated. In the same way, most connected men and women know the reach and value of LinkedIn, which is why the membership on the site has grown to a whopping 277 million as of February, 2014. That’s a tremendous amount of growth – and 554 million eyes scouring the site, looking for executives and professionals with skills and acumen needed to help take their companies to the next level of success and development. The question then is simple – is your LinkedIn profile all it should be to get the attention you deserve for your years of hard work and experience? Here are a few specific questions to ponder:   ... Read more

What to put on your LinkedIn Profile when you are in transition

This question comes up all the time when I do presentations on LinkedIn.  There are a few different options, depending on the message you want to give (“I need your help…!” OR “I have expertise in this, and oh yeah, I might be open to looking at other opportunities” and everything in-between).               ... Read more

Have the Courage of your Convictions

Susan called today. She is applying for a director level position in radiology. She has previously been a radiology technician. She is finishing her MBA and now wants a management position. She has earned this promotion. But there is a little voice in the back of her head whispering doubt.
Have you ever heard that voice? The doubt voice?
I have. Sometimes in coaching we call them “gremlins”. These little gremlins sit on our shoulders whispering doubt and negative thoughts into our ears. My gremlins whisper about looking stupid and not having the credentials to move forward. My gremlin is about competence.   ... Read more

Are Federal Employment Opportunities Declining?

Are Federal Employment Opportunities Declining? According to, the answer is yes. The website says federal jobs are minus 10,000 positions just in March ’14. This is somewhat contributed to the hiring freeze, as some agencies were not able to replace employees that might have left while the freeze, sequestration, and government shutdown were occurring. The Bureau for Labor Statistics says federal employment has fallen by 85,000 over the past year. How will this information impact your federal job search? ... Read more

Help Your Career Move Forward by Standing Out, Standing Up, and Going PlacesWhy did you get hired for the last job you had? Was it because you had the best education, most awards for great performance, or was it because you were most like your boss in pe

Why did you get hired for the last job you had? Was it because you had the best education, most awards for great performance, or was it because you were most like your boss in personality and they saw something... ... Read more

What Do Passover’s 4 Questions Have to Do with Our Modern Lives?

Passover started last Monday night and I was fortunate enough to attend a lovely seder (traditional Passover meal) with a family here in Madison. What especially impressed me was that they were open to discussing the contemporary implications of the traditional “four questions” (which are actually one question followed by four answers). The Four Questions Why is this night different from all other nights?... The Four Questions in Our Modern Lives... ... Read more