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7 Cover Letter Rules for Executive Job Search

A cover letter is an important piece of marketing collateral for an executive job search. Here are seven ways to craft an effective document that will advance your career and increase your chances of an interview.    
... Read more

Linkedin Tips

Most of us are already aware that our Linkedin profile is just as important as our resume during the job search. Making sure to follow these ever important tips will help guide you to a better Linkedin profile and have recruiters falling at your Linkedin doorstep.   ... Read more

Don’t Be That Guy (or Girl) on Social Media

There’s little argument that LinkedIn and social media are a tremendous resource for jobseekers. Still, the amount of resistance I get from jobseekers on using social media is pretty amazing.     ... Read more

Decoding the Interviewer’s Body Language: What Do the Signs Say?

“Body language is a very powerful tool. We had body language before we had speech, and apparently, 80% of what you understand in a conversation is read through the body, not the words.”- Deborah Bull
It’s quite a renowned fact that a multitude of employers all across the globe gauge people by their body language and base their hiring decision on the personality the applicants present.       ... Read more

Infographic: Creating your Profile Photo

What is that one thing which a recruiter/employer might glance in your online profile? Yes, rightly guessed, that’s your profile photo or commonly known as ‘display pic’ (DP). This might be the most appropriate place to put your best face forward.     ... Read more

No Surprise To Hiring Attorneys: 3Ls Overestimate Their Readiness To Practice Law

BARBRI just released their “State of the Legal Field Survey: Insights from BARBRI’s first annual survey of law students, law school faculty and attorneys,” which – as its name suggests – is intended to be the first of a new series of tracking studies.     ... Read more

Cover Letter Do’s and Don’ts

Heard on the street: “Should I include a cover letter with my online application?” “Will you read my cover letter to be sure it is right?” “Is my cover letter holding me back?”

I get these questions a lot. The answer is… it depends. It is hard to give a straight answer because different people value different things. In a job search you will encounter people who like to be communicated with in different ways. Provide each audience with information in the way they prefer or you risk being ignored.       ... Read more

22 Top Career Marketing Communication Strategies for 2015

Share The long-awaited Findings of 2014 Global Career Brainstorming Day: Trends for the New & the Next in Careers has been released by the Career Thought Leaders Consortium! This report summarizes the findings of a November 14, 2014 meeting of 150 career professionals from six countries who brainstormed “best practices, innovations, trends, new programs, new processes, and other observations that are currently impacting, and are projected to impact, global employment, job search, and career management.” The section that most interests me in the report is “Career Marketing Communications,” which includes resumes, cover letters, social media profiles and other career marketing communications. Here are some of the findings and advice you’ll want to keep in mind:     ... Read more

More Tips to Bring About Career Success

How do you network? Does your cover letter need work? Could you benefit from earning a degree or professional certification? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you will have the opportunity to enjoy some advice in these... ... Read more

Execs Job Searching While Employed? Play It Safe

  So you are working on your resume while at work and doing a little job search now that the economy seems to be coming back. You may want to hit that boss button. Making a job switch requires balancing ambition and savvy. Follow these five steps to keep your reputation intact, your digital footprint clean and your career more secure. Ideally, senior executives have gotten where they are because of a combination of qualities... ... Read more