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Don’t Count Your Job Offers Before They Hatch

I was sitting at my computer wondering when I would start my new job. I was really excited, and the night before I even dreamed about my first day on the job. I was going to be a project manager at a really cool, bleeding edge high tech company that was recently funded. My new boss had worked managing project managers at Microsoft. I think he left there relatively wealthy, but he couldn’t not work. He would be the perfect mentor: ... Read more

Creating Your Personal Brand; Leading Appropriately; Going for the New Career Move

Today’s post is chock full of great information for a few different perspectives. The first article helps you to understand how important and what can affect your personal brand. Ensuring you protect how others view you and you don’t have ... Read more

Networking Tools to Manage Your Job Search

How would you like to easily manage your job search, especially after you lazed through the summer months, and suspended your job search activities? It’s about time! The kids are heading back to school in a few days, and the lazy, and somewhat hazy days of summer have come and gone. Now you won’t have any excuses for not ramping up your job search. It’s time to get back to ... Read more

Your Career and the Search for Talent

You might have heard the term “talent wars” or something similar, which generally refers to companies competing for top talent even when a lot of job seekers are unemployed (and some have been for an extended period). If you’ve been looking for a new job or trying to move out/up from your current job for a while, this whole concept of a talent shortage might seem almost laughable–except that no job seeker I know is laughing about it. ... Read more

Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, and Targeting Jobs

I’ve tailored my resume for a job, now what about my LinkedIn profile? Common advice for applying to jobs in today’s market is to tailor your resume carefully to each position in order to maximize your chances of landing an interview. At the very least this involves keyword modifications, but could also affect what you include, what you omit, what you highlight, and what ... Read more

Update Your Resume Month

Is your resume ready for that next great opportunity? If a recruiter or prospective employer called with an interesting opening, would you be poised to seize the moment?

You can answer “yes” to these questions ONLY if your resume is already in great shape and simply needs a quick update with your latest achievements.

In other words, the time to get a resume update is

... Read more

How to Avoid a Toxic Workplace

So much of worker satisfaction falls on the people we work with and the environment of the company we work for. Being happy and fulfilled at work is so much more than just the position we work in. That’s why it’s critical to thoroughly evaluate a company and its employees right at the start, during the interview process. “The behaviors exhibited during interviews and at the workplace are often reflective of the ... Read more

Type and Careers

I am often asked how the MBTI® tool might be used to help someone during career exploration. I like the Myers-Briggs® tool as part of the career exploration process, but it should not be used just by itself. A tool that I like to use with the MBTI tool is the Strong Interest Inventory® instrument. To learn more ... Read more

Learning, Growing and Being Noticed to Advance Your Career

It’s your career you have to be in charge of, not someone else’s and it’s very important that you are doing everything you can to ensure your career and its path are on a track you want them to be... ... Read more

L-o-n-g-e-r Interview Cycles

It is of no surprise that companies are weighing carefully their decisions to bring on new hires — cautiously vetting prospective candidates, testing rigorously, and drilling deeply into the backgrounds of those who escalate through the rounds of interviews to finalist. The wrong hiring decision can be agonizing and costly (both in human costs and [...] ... Read more