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How Introverts Can Show Passion During a Job Interview

The challenges of introverts in the work force have been well documented in research studies, articles and surveys. After all, it would seem that in order to succeed in your career you would need to be an extravert. One such challenge many introverts face is that of showing passion during a ... Read more

Meeting Magazine: The Digital Resume

Winter 2015 Issue: ——— The changes in technology have introduced us to things we never heard of or imagined but are now part of everyday life. As changes in the past five years have impacted planning meetings, they have also influenced the career industry. Technology has changed the way we search for jobs and the way resumes are written. ... Read more

ISTJ: Words or phrases that best describe each MBTI® type

16-part blog series by Catherine Rains, M.S., CPP Professional Services Solutions Consultant. Over the next 16 weeks, I’m going to share some of the descriptors the participants shared with me for their ... Read more

Top Search Strategies to Land a New Career


Create a schedule and divide your career search into short and long-term goals. Identify the actions you need to take in order to reach each of your goals, ultimately leading to a new career. Be as specific as ... Read more

How to Bridge an Employment Gap

Things have certainly changed a lot in terms of what is considered the norm with career paths: ... Read more

On The Job Hunt? Never Be Afraid to Tell Your Story

Today’s career musing is not only based on a quote by actress Angie Dickinson, but also contains elements from the Foreword of my new book, Tell Stories Get Hired. Credit for the Foreword goes to Sharon Graham, one of Canada’s foremost Career Strategists. While Dickinson’s quote may relate to life in general, this post is written from a job search context and targets mid-career professionals, managers and executives. It is also relevant to job seekers, people in career transition, and even those who are ... Read more

Your Career May Depend on How Well Prepared You Are for an Interview

Some may feel going for an interview is akin to heading off to the dentist, a necessary part of the process that nobody seems to enjoy. You don’t have to feel that way though. If you prepare correctly for an ... Read more

Love Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is not just a reflection of your work history; it is a source of information that may not be found on your resume. Many people make the mistake of duplicating their resumes on their profile. While your resume will be the foundation used to craft your LinkedIn profile, there is so much more you can do with LinkedIn that you cannot do with ... Read more


STRESS: anxiety – apprehension – pressure – strain- tension Whether work-related or personal, being stressed is not fun and is counter-productive. Rainy days and Mondays, the let down after the holidays, winter blues (known as SNOW), a difficult ... Read more

How to Get Yourself Headhunted

The key to attracting executive recruiters, sometimes called headhunters, is to be visible, visible, visible, and approachable, approachable, approachable. With the advent of social media and the static and active platforms readily available today, it is a lot easier for ... Read more