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What Recruiters Say and Job Seekers Hear [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are job seekers and recruiters from different planets? With unemployed people outnumbering job openings three to one, you’d think recruiters could find

... Read more

Tips to answer the question: Why did you leave your last job?

Job interviews are a subtle balance between spontaneity and preparation. You always want to be prepared to answer the customary questions that are thrown at you. Yet, you don’t want to come across as stiff and edgy by delivering a rehearsed speech! There are certain questions that are inevitable and are most likely asked in ... Read more

Taking Stock of Yourself and Your Goals to Boost Your Career

Knowing yourself is extremely important in your personal and professional life. Depending on where you are in your career or job search, you might be ready for a different direction to make a serious change as to what you really... ... Read more

Day 37 of 100 Days to Career Clarity

Today would have been my mother-in-law’s 77th birthday. She died two years ago from lung cancer. She lived 27,189 days. ... Read more

Five Career Benefits of Attending Industry Conferences

Just being listed as a member of a professional association can help you be found by recruiters who go through these directories to source talent. But you’ll get far better results if you’re active in the group. When we discussed how to choose an executive networking group, I suggested you ... Read more

The Introverted Disney Experience

A few weeks back I found myself in southern California to deliver a workshop. I planned to arrive a day early to go to Disneyland with a colleague from CPP. Due to scheduling issues, my colleague was not able to go. My first thought was to not go myself ... Read more

Interview with the CEO? Questions to Ask

“I’ve got an interview with a senior executive at (company). What questions can I ask to get a sense of how their style and priorities will affect my day-to-day work?” ... Read more

Day 36 of 100 Days to Career Clarity

Most people don’t have career problems. They just wish they did because career problems are so much easier than life problems. That’s an intense idea, so today’s question is What’s your reaction to this idea? ... Read more

Bridging the Gap between HQ and the Field

  News flash: the people working in headquarters (HQ) and those working in the field don’t always see eye to eye. Ok, this isn’t a news flash, it’s business as usual in most companies. Unfortunately, it is crucial for the success of any organization that ... Read more

How Can You Have Too Much Experience?

A 40-something candidate walks into a job interview (no this isn’t a joke and there’s no punchline), which is a one-to-one with an interviewer in his mid to late twenties. The dialogue is followed or preceded by the subtext which is in brackets.   ... Read more